Mar 15 2012 1:52pm

Exclusive Cover Reveal!: Shiloh Walker’s Stolen

Stolen by Shiloh WalkerThe cover for Shiloh Walker’s newest romantic suspense book—Stolen—is being seen for the very first time here at H&H. YEAH! Stolen, which releases October 30, 2012, doesn’t even have a back cover blurb as of yet, but Ms. Walker was nice enough to share an excerpt she posted on her blog.

Stolen excerpt:

Coming in here had been a BFM. Big fucking mistake.  She should have just waited in the car…

“I miss you.”

Closing her eyes, she whispered, “Don’t.”

His lips brushed across her brow.  “Don’t want?  Tell you that I miss you?  Miss us?”

“Us?” She laughed hollowly as she turned to face him. “There is no us, remember?  You said that.  There’s me…and there’s you…and sometimes we’re together, but there’s no us.”

His gaze held hers. “I never wanted it to be that way.  And maybe there was more of an us than I realized.  Seeing you…” he paused, took a deep breath.  “Seeing you just drives that home.”

Those intense, hypnotic eyes held hers.  Her heart kicked up a few beats, stealing her breath away.  As he started to dip his head, Shay stood there, frozen.  Shit.  What now…

His mouth, so warm, brushed against hers.  She gasped and then almost wished she hadn’t as he used that opportunity to tease the inside of her lips with his tongue, moving deeper and deeper.  His hands came around her waist, tugging her closer.

This is a bad idea…

The warning was already screaming in her head.  She couldn’t give him what he needed.  And he couldn’t accept what she had to give.  They would just hurt each other again—

Tearing her mouth away, Shay ducked to the side. “We…we can’t do this.” She pressed a hand to her buzzing lips.  “I’m just getting to where I’m used to going through the days without you calling.  I’m just getting to where I can pass a few nights without dreaming about you.”


Well, she did manage to go a few nights, she told herself.  Usually, on those nights, she had nightmares, but so what?  She wasn’t dreaming of Elliot and that was all that counted, right?

“Shay…”  He reached up and touched her shoulder.

But she didn’t want to hear what he had to say. She wasn’t going through this again.  He needed things she couldn’t give him…and it hurt.  She wasn’t whole inside and she had to accept that and stop pretending otherwise, and it fucking hurt.

And hello? The cover is all kinds of hot with the hint of mystery in the shattered glass at the bottom. With the success of her fabulous Ash Trilogy, Stolen will be a must buy for me in October. How about you?

Tori Benson, Smexybooks and at Twitter.

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Lege Artis
1. LegeArtis
Shiloh Walker made me her hard-core fan with Ash trilogy, so this will be in my preordered pile for sure. Love the cover!
Tori Benson
Lege Artis-OMG yes. I can't wait for this to release.
Shiloh Walker
4. shiloh_walker
:) Thank you H&H for posting it and thanks Lege, Tori & Catwoman... :)

I have to admit, I was very much pleased with the cover. Verra verra much.
5. MaryC
Love Shiloh's books - definitely on my preorder list.
Cathy Beckett
6. catsplawn
Here's another book to add to my ever growing wish list. Hope I don't go broke this month.
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