Mar 26 2012 2:21pm

E. L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy Sold for Film

Matt BomerSold! The film rights for E. L. James’s Fifty Shades trilogy have sold to Universal Pictures and Focus Features, Deadline reports. The bidding included up to ten different film studios, all of them vying for the chance to bring the “mommy porn” (ugh!) books to screen.

He’s tall, dressed in a fine gray suit, white shirt, and black tied with unruly dark-copper-colored hair and intense, bright gray eyes that regard me shrewdly.

So now the fun begins! Who do you see as a possible choice to play Christian Grey (and Anastasia Steele)?

He’s not merely good-looking—he’s the epitome of male beauty, breathtaking, and he’s here.

Christian is a twenty-seven year-old billionaire, a man who makes every woman who sees him stop dead in her tracks.

[H]e’s tall, broad-shouldered, and slim, and the way those pants hang from his hips...Oh my.

Hayden Christensen, Rupert Friend, and Ian Somerhalder:

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Christy Black
1. ChristyRae2012
I really wouldn't plan to see this movie unless they cast Ian Somerhalder. I'd happily watch him read the IRS Code for 2 hours. He is beyond gorgeous and he does sinister, snarky, sexy and vulnerable very well as you can see if you watch him in The Vampire Diaries.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@ChristyRae2012--I'm with you. I have no clue how they're going to make this film interesting--so much of what goes on is in Ana's head. Other than that, it's long fingers, smirks, and sex. Which is fine, but watching for two hours? No thanks. Unless it's Ian.
Lege Artis
3. Lege Artis
@MFrampton - I'm with you. I'm happy for James, but I don't know how will they make movie... Ian would be great Christian. And then...I would watch anything is Ian is in it. :)
Lege Artis
4. Acole
Um, while I enjoyed these books to an extent I can not imagine watching them. Ana was friggen annoying on paper, I can not imagine her in person, and her inner goddess will make me gag.
Rakisha Kearns-White
5. BrooklynShoeBabe
With all this press, my eyebrow continues to arch higher and higher. Do I dare buy or borrow this book? (It is one the of newest acquisitions at my public library's eBook shelf.) If the source material is true, I certainly don't want to get into. (Do I really need more Edward/Bella in my life?) Is this book really good? I mean in a literary way. Is it well edited, are the characters developed (to degree), is the writing unique?

Now, onto a more a serious issue: Matt Bomer does look good in a damn suit. Or, in a more of a typcasted way, Ed Westwick (a.k.a. Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl).
Kelly Adkins
6. damngoodagent
I can't even type Ian's name without drool dripping onto my keyboard. I'm impressed that any book gets made into a film and I wouldn't miss seeing it, but I can't imagine it's an easy process. Ana's character could use some backbone but we aren't going to see "her" are we? I didn't mind the likeness to Edward/Bella/Jacob because honestly that series was too "vanilla" for me so this was fun to read. I look forward to the end result. Especially if he's wearing low cut jeans and a 5 o'clock shadow.
Lege Artis
7. mamamia
Chace crawford as Christian!!!!
Nicole Leapheart
8. BoxyFrown
FASSBENDER. That is all.
I can't picture Ana. I don't think I care that much as long as it isnt an actress that annoys me.
Lege Artis
9. Shark with Lasers
Put me on the Somerhalder bandwagon. He meets that description in the paragraph referenced above, and he can do that wounded jackass character that you simultaneously want to mother and murder so very, very well.

Although there is a part of me that would find it hilariously awesome if they managed to snag Pattinson and Stewart for this. I'd watch that too.
Lege Artis
11. Lori Clark
Ian Smolderhotter all the way... Taylor Kitsch would work for me too. I can't picture an Ana.
Christiana Pontier
13. jewelofthedarkx3
Why can't Matt Bomer play the part? He is absolutely perfect for the part. I only hope they do it justice the books deserve and don't make it some sex fest. These books need to be portrayed in the same light they were meant to be written in. I love this series and hope the movies are half as good as the books.
Amanda Calton
14. mandeejt
I think that Henry Cavill would make the PERFECT fifty shades. Even his mean face is sexy as hell.
Lege Artis
16. 1cosmo2go
I think Matt Bomer (yes please!) IS Christian Grey. If not, I would take Henry Cavill or Ian Somerhalder (gladly) . . . Am very curious as to who the author would cast???
Lege Artis
17. 1cosmo2go
Analeigh Tipton would be the perfect Ana. She was in Crazy,Stupid, Love. Long brown hair & large blue eyes. Very innocent looking but with an edge. (and her middle name is Christian!).
Lege Artis
18. Odapis
Am I alone here in thinking that Taylor Kitsch would be the PERFECT Christian? He's so smoldering and beautiful, but also a very good actor (you must watch him on Friday Night Lights to get this).
Lege Artis
19. Rosalyn Aplaon
Ian Somerhalder as Grey, without a doubt. it has to happen, because i cant/dont see anyone else being Grey!!
Nikki Weiss
20. NikkiWeiss
My book club is having a huge debate about who should play Christian. What about Armie Hammer? I know he's hard to imagine after Mirror Mirror. But if you look at other pictures of him he can be serious and smoldering. He has also never played a vampire! Matt Bomer doesn't do it for me anymore. We also think Henry Cavill also has those Greek g-d looks. Wait, didn't he play a demi g-d?
Lege Artis
21. rdsangel127117
OMG! Most definitely Ian Somerhalder!

@Rosalyn Aplaon you said it "I can't/don't see anyone else being Grey!!

Lege Artis
22. Star
Taylor Kitsch hands down as Christian!!!! Goggle pics of him so many look like "scenes" from the books! I agree with previous posts whoever they cast for Christian and Ana will totally make or break the flick! I also lean on the side of unknowns for Christian and Ana....
Lege Artis
23. sricke
Christian Bale as Christian Grey??
Lege Artis
24. Dala
Definitely Ian Somerhalder!!!!! He´s perfect!
Lege Artis
25. av
Taylor Kitsch. He has it all. He has the eyes and the body. His acting is great. I can see him in the role.
Lege Artis
26. Mhill
It is me, or did everyone that has posted a comment, skipped over page 7 of the first book? It clearly identifies Christian Grey as an African American.
Peggy Walgren
27. Debasement
While I do think that all the mentioned names are very note worthy, I think that whoever plays Christian has to be tall. But, then again my husband is 6'2 so I kind of have a thing for tall men. The thought of a hot new unknown is appealing too...
Lege Artis
28. Allyt
To, mhill, I think if you read back over page seven, it clearly states that the african american man exits christians office and leaves via the lift, leaving christian in the office......
Lege Artis
29. JennyJenny
I'm sorry but I think Hayden Christensen was born to play this part. Ian Somerhalder's looks are WAY too old for a 27 year old. Sure he has the eyes, but watching him do erotic things with a naive Anastasia would just make me uncomfortable. Hayden is beyond gorgeous and completely perfect.
Yvonne De La Cruz
30. ymdlc1
My picks for Christian Grey & Anastasia Stelle are: Gabriel Macht (exactly the way he is portrayed in Suits) & Missy Peregrym. When I think of this trilogy and the main characters these are the actors I picture in my mind. No matter what happens, these are roles (especially Christian's) that will be VERY HARD TO PICK AND SATISFY the majority of the population.
Lege Artis
31. BTP
As I'm reading the book, I'm imagining Hayden as Christian and Alexis Bledel as Anastasia!
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