Mar 31 2012 2:21pm

Breaking News: Next Book in J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Series Is Qhuinn and Blaylock’s, aka Qhuay!

Today, moments ago, in fact, J.R. Ward announced at a signing in Cincinnati, OH, that the next book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series would be Qhuinn and Blaylock’s, with a full-length hardcover book coming out in 2013.

Twitter exploded with the news (#BDBTohr), and there are no other details as of yet.

ETA 9/4/12: More Qhuay coverage:

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1. Brandystapf
I am so excited and glad she was able to ignore the stigma and give the characters the room to grow where they are supposed to go. I for one will be buying this book the day it releases!! Life is messy and these two are going to be the messiest yet, I can just tell!

2. CatW

Man, I was gonna be so dissapointed if it was Xcor. I don't like him well enough yet to want to read his book. Qhuay is a long time coming, and I'm so glad they get their own book!
Nicole Leapheart
3. BoxyFrown
I am so very excited! The way it ended in Tohr's book (no spoilers here) I was panting with anticipation, hoping it would be them next. Xcor has a long way to go, but he's getting there slowly (I hope). He and Throe got my heart in that hotel room in Payne's book. hehe.
4. Lege Artis
Woohoo! This are great news! Qhuey deserved full novel.:)
Aly O'Hare
5. wingZER0angel
I am so super excited! This is definitely a long time coming, and it is very awesome that it's a full length book. Ahhh! It's going to be torture to wait that long!
6. JennB
One of the best things about the BDB books is you may get the main story but you also still get to know about what is going on will all the other characters too.
Elizabeth Rodriguez
7. rainie72
I am sooo happy they are getting their own book!! They so deserve it, and I for one of many im sure, can not wait to get my hands on it!! It has been a long time coming, and I was unsure if they woukld get a book for themselves. The idea makes my heart fly!! Just finished "Lover Reborn" and I already miss the "Brothers"
8. pfugate
Jennb, I went to the signing and that was one of the comments that she made. She basically said she enjoys that too because she thinks it helps to keep reader interest up enough to keep the series going instead of writing just book after book about new characters.
9. BWhuggebear
Yay!!!! I didn't think they'd end up getting their own book, but I'm so glad they are. It's the right decision for the story. I actually liked Xcor in the last book, and I liked him even more after Lover Reborn, but Qhuinn and Blay have been a long time coming. (Plus, given how things progressed in Reborn, I think there's a lot of opportunity to develop Xcor in a side plot in the next book, which will make us want his book more.)
Carrie Strickler
10. DyslexicSquirrel
So excited! I'm singing that, by the way. That's how excited I am. I was not expecting a full length novel. Go, J.R. Ward.
11. carmenlire
I have been waiting years for this book. I cannot wait until next year!
12. Wickedfan
Happy dance while screaming like a loony, can't wait just finished reading Lover Reborn have to read them all again now.
13. zilziggy
IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! I'm joining in Wickedfan's Happy Dance moment.
Lindsay Beeson
14. lindsayb
I can't wait! I was hoping after the ending of Lover Reborn, Qhuinn and Blay would get their own book. I am also looking forward to Xcor's.. so hopefully that is in the works!
15. cosima
LOL - am I the only one who is almost dreading their book??? A week before I read LR I would have been running around the house screaming like a crazy person with the awesome news - but after the turn of events with Qhuinn and Layla I am feereaking out that their HEA won't be at all what I was expecting. (i.e - just the two of them - no other attachments???)

Still....bring it on :)
16. ASfandancer
Still another year before a full story of Qhuinn and Blaylock!!! I was really hoping for their story in this years book they are such interesting characters. My absolute least favorate characters in this series are John Matthew and Xhex so I am a little dissapointed in Lover Reborn since it seems they are once again major players. I'm all for Tohr's reemergence and hopefully a new love, and I enjoy Lassiter. I'm even enjoying the bad vampires ( Xcor, Zypher, etc.), but I find myself just skimming through the parts with John Matthew and Xhex. Love this series, but so far I can tell Lover Reborn will not be one of my favorites. Holding my breath for the Qhuinn and Blaylock book.
17. Amazing Amanda
OMG! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this. I almost cried when I heard. Seriously. Of all the characters in the BDB series, these two have been pulling my heart strings the hardest.

I am proud and overjoyed that Ward has decided to do a full length novel about a homosexual couple. While there are those out there that would oppose, I believe there will be more people cheering her and her amazing characters on! I know I will be.

I can't wait!
18. Terriznh
OMG - I can't wait a year. I love Qhuinn and Blay. We have seen them grow into exceptional men. It's time that Qhuinn got his head out of his *ss. Bravo on the full lenth novel. I'm looking forward to the next installment. JR your books are amazing thank you
19. MarciL
I'm so glad JR is giving Blay and Qhuinn their own book. I've been waiting a long time for their story, but didn't know if she (or her publisher) would have the nerve to go there. No doubt it will not be an easy road for them and her HEA's tend to be messy, i.e. the ongoing issues with Jane and V in Lover Unleashed and John and Xhex in Lover Reborn. For the next book, I'm actually more interested in reading more about Throe than Xcor.
20. jax1341
Cautiously excited....I agree with Cosima about Layla mucking up Qhuay. Still I can't wait for their full story. LR was good - not my favorite (always Z ) - but I loved the strengthening of the Brotherhoods' bond before Wellsie's Fade ceremony. I also love even the brief mentions of all our favorites from the past! I'd rather see Throe's story before Xcor but neither of them really sparked my interest yet!
21. Tiesha
I love the idea of finally being able to read Quay's book! However I love
Saxton too!!! And I don't want to see him hurt. This book is a long time coming.
I would like to see what happens with Throe more than Xcor. Anyway it will
be sheer torture waiting :-( I can re read but so many times......
22. JennZ
Completely in LOVE with all the books. I am so excited for Quays book to come out. Excuse the pun lol. GAY PRIDE. I want the books to go on forever!!! I am so happy too about the way she ends her books. Lover Reborn was amazing. I want a phearsom Brother of my own. ;) Love all the characters. They have depth and are just wonderful. You never know where Ward is taking you. Love love love it.
Caitlyn Wilson
23. armywife
OMG!!! Super excited, god I've been waiting for this book for so long and I'm so happy she's doing a full novel!! I love me some Qhuay!! I loved LR and I thought she might do Xcor next but super stoked that its my two favorite men!! I'm curious to see how this will play out with Blay, Qhuinn and Layla, should be very interesting. Thank you JR Ward for being bad a** and brave enough to do a full novel about two men!! Can't wait will 2013!!!!
Jennifer Yarbrough
24. armywifewith2
OMG I'm so EXCITED!!!! This is a long time coming and I cannot wait to see how things turn out.
25. tendersondra
qhuay are the best i cant wait a year i will have to read all the books again and i hope some day soon she will do the blackdager brotherhood in to movies wouldnt that be great and lover reborn was great jr ward your the best
26. wsl0612
This just occurred to me, will they both be the traditional "bonded male"? How will this affect their fighting for the BDB? Are they going to have dominance issues? I can see Qhuinn trying to be the dominant partner but I like the idea of Blay being the main man, so to speak :-)
27. Unwritten
OMG OMG OMG I think I am gonna die.... 2013 is so far away, I can't wait that long!
28. rdsangel127117
Well it's about time! Even though I'm more a Blay fan than a Qhuinn one, I'll be glad to see their story come to fruition. They both needed time to grow up and Ms. Ward gave them that, most especially Qhuinn who was so undecisive. His whinning was killing me!

Saxton and Layla are two of my favorite characters and I hope she doesn't just ditch them. They both deserve some happiness. She's basically "used" Layla for the benefit of the Brotherhood. So, when is her HEA coming? As for John Matthew & Xhex, I've long since been sick of them. I didn't like their book and I think that's one of the worst pairings , beside V & Jane.

I really like Xcor and am looking foward to his book, but what about Lassister's story after Qhuay? We know quite a bit about him. His book should be next as we've waited forever for that one too. Then maybe Murhder? By that time we should know more about this elusive and mysterious character.
29. gabrieka
OMG! I love all the books but I will say "Z" will always have a soft spot in my heart. I think JR Ward needs to try to do a HBO Series on these books would be 100% better than the TrueBlood as long as they stick to the story. All of the brothers are awesome. As for waiting for another year to get Blays and Quinns book is is sheer torture! I want to hear Lassisters book and Murhders book before Xcor and Throe's books.
30. kav13
I've recently discovered the BDB (none of them read in order) and have totally fallen in love with them!!! Super stoked Qhuinn and Blay are having their story told!!! So looking forward to next year!! Huge fan of John's however Xhex is annoying, but there is always one. Lol. As for Lassiter, I'm intrigued.
Thank you for the amazing stories, will be watching for the next one!!
31. OneLuv
I too have just discovered this series and....WOW!!!! I am all over it!! Haven't quite gotten through them (I'm reading in order and I'm halfway thru Phury's book). I am sooo happy that JR WARD will continue adding books. I look forward to Qhuay's story and I agree that this would make an awesome HBO series! (And I want Jason Mamoa as Wrath!!!) I loved all of the character so far...with the exception of Marissa who annoyed the hell out of me after Butch's transition. But yeah....I'm hooked on BDB!! HOOKED!!!
32. tasha cogan
i am so glad qhuinn amd blay get their story.i cant wait till it comes.they better be together to i love them and all
33. burdue
This is great news! Hopefully they can pair Layla with Xcor, he seems pretty interested, now what to do with the baby?
I was surprised to see the dislike for John Matthhew and Xsex, loved their story!
Hurry Ms. Ward, years are too long to wait!
34. Aruna
Oh my god this is great news Qhuinn book finally definately is an anticipated one ...I love the series so far and can't wait for the new ones I am not sure if I will be happy seeing Qhuinn and Bly togeather with Layla since he has an eye of the colour of theirs but I think I like the idea of her and Xcor they seem to be a bit more promising and I like Throe but either way I am sure this great author will give us all a good book. I am definately a fan of Paranornal... there are a few more persons that deserve their own book to example the fallen angel..My favourite caracter well thats hard since i love them all...this new decitative in book 10 has potential...anyway i am in the fan club Michele Hauf has some wonderful books too those are the first once i have ever red and I am hooked...
35. xSanaUx
like ist, like it like it!!!! Faster! I Can't wait anymore!!!
36. Rose In RoseBear
More breaking news on the J. R. Ward front --- she has finished Rapture, and will be working on the Rhage&Mary short story/novella until Tuesday, when the copy edits from Rapture come back. This from her FB page ... she's been dropping these tidbits on regular threads there, one on May 6th, and one on May 12th ... and Amazon now has a cover for Rapture.

Keeping an eye out ...!
Megan Frampton
37. MFrampton
@Rose in RoseBear: Oh, wow, thank you! I hadn't seen that, and I do troll check her FB pages regularly. Thanks for the heads up!
38. D Holl
So like everyone else, I'm super excited about Quinn and Blay's book (though I hope the sex scenes aren't nearly as detailed). I was introduced to this series last summer, became hooked, and read the first 9 in about 2.5 months. I just finished Lover Reborn, only to have fallen even more in love with the brothers and like another reader, I wish I had a brother of my own;)
39. LMariea
I cant wait!! I have only been reading them for about 2 weeks but am already on LR. I can't put them down and now I have to wait for a year!! I love this series. I am such a nut for this series. I can't believe that we read Payne's book before Qhuinn and blaylock, but I am so stoked that they are finally getting thier own story.
40. BBradley
I hope something great happens for Saxon I like him
41. Ammareadon
I'm already on the waiting list at my local book store. I have been waiting for this for sooooooooooo long. This is the BEST series EVER. I hope all the sex scences are in great detail. I don't want to miss a thing.
Qhuay forever!!!!!!!!!!!
42. Blonddeb
I am also in love with this series, can't wait for 2013....really hope these stories keep going for a LONG time!!!!!
Shery Hendricks
43. shendricks1015
OMG Hot hot hot!!!! Bring it on. Fell in love with the Brothers on board ship 2 years ago and the affair just keeps on going.
44. Chips girl
If I get hit by a truck and kick it before Quinn and Blay's book next year, SOMEBODY will be sorry...
45. Yolanda Martinez Weis
I am so happy. I have so missed your stories. I have read all of them.

I am excited about Quinn and Blay's book.

Thank you,

46. Frozenlove
I can not wait to read Quinn and Blay's book!! I am so excited! This is gonna be one heck of a book just like all the rest :D
47. Kitkat
Such a long wait still... All those times Blay and Qhuinn just miss each other are such horrible tease ; u ; Until then:
*stalks Barns and Nobles for the whole series so far*
Rowena Roberts
48. roroyrboat27
FIIIINALLY!!! Omg, I have been panting after these two since things started heating up between them in Lover Mine! I have a feeling this story will be my new favorite after Zsadist & Bella. Its most definitely time to finish things between these two. They have been a highlight in each of her most recent books and there is PLENTY of story line there to support a full novel. OMG I just cannot wait! Write J.R., write like the wind and I will be front and center to buy this book.
49. Loralina
I cannot wait for this book and please, please, please don't alter your usual 'front and centre' style of writing or in any way adapt it to manage the same sex HEA - everyone just wants the same treatment for your boys. More of JM & Xhex too - love that couple and Z & Bella - love them - actually a bit of an update on everyone please - love them all xxx
50. StephBeatle
OMG I am sooooo happy. Each time a new book was announced, I was hoping it was Qhuinn and Blay. I love them!!! L Reborn was very touching, but so far Z and Rhage's novels had me hooked the most. Love them all though... but I just adore Qhuinn and Blay -- this will be an epic love affair... But, don't let the Layla and Saxton involvements mess it up!
Sure Xcor will be next... and I'm good with that too. Oh, and a Lassiter book would also rawk.
51. MissMJ
I bought Dark Lover on the day it was released, not knowing what a literary adventure I was starting, and since then have spread the gospel of BDB to everyone I come into contact with. We have a pseudo book club at my work and the main topic every year is when is the next book, and when is the movie? This series is one of my top 5 of all time. Sure I have books I like more than others, but even if the main story is lacking for me, the side stories always make up for it! I have been keeping my fingers crossed for Qhuinn and Blay's story, but honestly didn't think Ms. Ward would ever be given the go ahead for a mainstream MM novel. It is SO about time! I saw an earlier post about hoping there isn't as much sexual detail. DON'T LISTEN TO THAT POSTER!!!!!! Believe me, people that buy this new installment will know what they're getting into, and keeping to the style of writing we are all used to will be perfect! I am so excited - Bravo to you J.R. Ward and all the people involved in publishing your books, for being brave enough to give these great characters the love and time they deserve!
52. littlems
I just finished LB, it was amazing!!!!! I was in suspense waiting for an epic fight between the BDB and BOB. I'm so happy that J.R. is writting another book and that it will be about Quinn and Blay. By the looks of these comments we've all been waiting for Quinn and Blay. Ty J.R. for these amazing books, couldn't ask for anything better. :)
57. Nicole LC
I guess I'm the only one not looking forward to this. I mean before Quinn and Layla I would have been fine with it...well more or less dealt with it but now...i'm dreading it since Layla is involved in this crap and because of her I'm not looking forward to this one bit. the poor girls been used enough.

Can't believe all the hate for JM and Xhex. Before Xhex I couldn't STAND JM now I tolerate him and I LOVE them. Xhex, Zsadist, Bella Quinn,and Rev are my fav in these series
58. Tina Watson
Am so so happy that my favorite author finally got with writting other books. Cant wait until 2013 for Qhuinn and Blay please don't leave out the sexy love scenes from them. I love all your books and have reread all of them over again
59. dutch girl
What I think is so incredible, impressive and makes me so proud is that NONE of these comments is negative because its about 2 gay characters. The compassion, kindness and open minded attitude of romance/urban fantasy readers, whatever you want to call us, is beyond progressive, its about kindness and hoping for the best in a tough, rough world.
Cheers to JR Ward and her readers.
60. Shirly Whirly
Qhuinn and Blay story never really interested me. I will be skimming over their story to glean bits of information on Xcor, Throe, Zypher and the restof the crew and how its going to lead into the next book. Now that she has tackled the somewhat controversial topic of gay romance, I hope she's brave enough to write an interracial romance with a strong African-American female as a heroine for maybe one of Xcor's men.
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