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Hidden Treasures of a SF Kind: 10 Sci-Fi Romance Authors You Should Be Reading

Starlander’s Myth by Melisse AiresOne thing I love about being a science fiction romance fan is that there are times when it seems as though I have certain books all to myself. This is because the majority of readers have likely never heard of them. There’s a special feeling—a niche badge of honor, if you will—that comes with being among the few who know about little-known authors or types of stories. Call it the “I knew them when” or the “I found a secret treasure” mentality.

But gee, isn’t that kind of selfish of me? Is it right for me to virtually hoard interesting authors and books the way a mouse hoards cheese? (Hmm, I really love cheese, though).

The answer to that last question is, of course, no. Stories are meant to be shared, no matter how fun it may be to have singular knowledge of them. Therefore, I decided to present you with a list of 10 science fiction romance authors you should be reading. The authors below have written entertaining science fiction romances using a wide variety of settings, characters, and plots.

Jaq’s Harp by Ella DrakeTo give you a sense of their unique styles, I’ve labeled specific elements of their books in the form of tags. That way, you can easily decide which ones will interest you most. (The list is in alphabetical order by author.)

And we have lift off in 3…2…1

1) Melisse Aires: family-centric plots; alternate worlds; quirky characters (start with Starlander’s Myth)

2) KS Augustin: multi-cultural characters; hard SF elements; political storylines; repressive regimes along the lines of Farscape (start with In Enemy Hands)

3) Marcella Burnard: Complex yet accessible worldbuilding; smart, kick-butt heroines; creepy villains; multi-faceted alien characters; supportive heroes (start with Enemy Within)

Thief by Anitra Lynn McLeod4) Ella Drake: twisted futuristic fairytales; angst-ridden heroes and heroines; sizzling love scenes; sociopolitical themes (start with Jaq’s Harp)

5) Nathalie Gray: high-octane action-adventure; gritty settings; tough heroes and heroines; intense love scenes (start with Gridlock)

6) Pauline B. Jones: military space opera; sweet heat levels; SF-steampunk mashups; strong heroines (start with The Key)

7) Kim Knox: kick-butt heroines; sizzling love scenes; inventive worldbuilding; high-octane adventure (start with Synthetic Dreams)

Taken to the Limit by Nico Rosso8) Anitra Lynn McLeod: Firefly-esque adventures; space opera & steampunk genres; humor; erotic m/m and ménage romances (start with Thief (m/f) or Far Too Human (m/m steampunk)

9) Angelia Sparrow: spicy GLBT; dystopian settings; unique characters (start with Cherry Tart (m/f) or For Love of Etarin (m/m))

10) Nico Rosso: uber-Alpha heroes; space wars; fast-paced, video-game style action; cool mecha (start with Taken to the Limit)

That’s my list, and thanks for checking it out. Which relatively unknown authors would you put on yours, regardless of subgenre?


Heather Massey is a lifelong fan of science fiction romance. She searches for sci-fi romance adventures aboard her blog, The Galaxy Express.

She’s also an author: Her latest sci-fi romance is Queenie’s Brigade from Red Sage Publishing. To learn more about her published work, visit

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Melisse Aires
1. Melisse_Aires
How exciting to see my book up there. These are authors I'm reading, too, thanks to Heather Massey!
2. KateNagy
To my very great shame, I had never heard of any of these authors. Well, I have now, and they are all going on my TBR list. Thank you, Heather!
3. Laurie A. Green
Wonderful list, great summaries, and (even though I'm a SFR fanatic) there were a couple of new-to-me authors in there.
4. Kaye Manro
Great list, Heather. I hope this helps to open the way for many new to SFR readers!
6. Liz_F
This article is so timely because I have recently been discovering and reading a lot of sci fi romance. I am excited to check out your list and happy to see Marcella Burnard, since I just read Enemy Within! I would add Sara Creasy, who wrote the amazing Scarabaeus duology and Linnea Sinclair, whose book, Games Of Command, I just recently enjoyed.
7. Bec McMaster
I have to second the Sara Creasey rec for Song of Scarabaeus. Pure awesomeness. Its been a great reading year for me so far, and I have to share some of my faves; Kristen Callihan's Firelight. Hot, hot, hot sexual tension, a gothic undertone and a majorly sexy scarred hero (kinda gothic historical-paranormal romance?). Also, Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Lainey Taylor (YA fantasy-para, but like nothing I've ever read). Man, her sentences make me embarrassed by mine. Her writing is simply beautiful. Also, Kylie Griffin's Vengeance Born (fantasy romance - though keep an eye on her, she likes her some sci-fi). She's a debut author who won the 2009 Golden Heart and it shows. Great world-building and heroine I cried for so many times. Thanks for the rec's. I am definitely putting some of these on my list. Anitra Lynn is awesome and I have had my eye on Nico Rosso for a while.
8. Saranna DeWylde
I love Ella Drake and Nico Rosso! I'll be checking out everyone else as well.

Would it be tacky to pimp my crit partner Jenna McCormick here since she's a new scifi erotica author? Her book No Limits just came out from Kensington Aphrodisia. I have a crush on her space pirate... *insert dreamy sigh*
Heather Massey
9. HeatherMassey
@Melisse Thanks for stopping by!

@KateNagy Glad to be of service!

@Laurie & Kaye Happy reading!

@nenssa Hope you enjoy!

Liz_F Oh yes, Sara Creasy is a good one to add. Thanks for your recs!

Bec said "I have had my eye on Nico Rosso for a while."

I have only one thing to say to that: Behold the power of Morrow! (You'll get it when you read the first book!)

@Saranna Not at all! Every day is a great day to talk space pirates.
10. Pauline Baird Jones
I've been immersed in an online conference all weekend and almost missed this! Many thanks for the wonderful mention! And such great company, too! SFR is so fun and diverse. There really is something for almost everyone. :-)
11. Jennifer Leeland
Kim Knox is an auto buy for me. As is Ella Drake. Of course, now I get to add a few more to my list. Thanks Heather.
12. Mrs. Mechanic
Thanks! Always on the lookout for new authors. My first romance was a mild sci-fi. Been hooked ever since.
13. Anitra Lynn McLeod
Just a quick thank you! for the shout out and to let readers know that Thief is free until 4/14/12 so get a copy at Amazon, B&N, or Sony. :)
14. Donna McDonald
Just learned about term "science fiction romances" this year and that it applies to a kind of story I love. Thanks for your list. It is different from other lists of science fiction romances. I appreciate the descriptions you added of the "type" of story written by each author. I have a series myself and wondering now where mine fit. LOL.

Thanks for great post.
15. Samantha Mclain
Sweet, more books to read between my own writing obsession.

Join me!
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