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The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 15: Original Mama Drama

Damon SalvatorePreviously on The Vampire Diaries: The Original Witch, aka Esther, and her original spawn Klaus, Rebekah, et al. threw a grand party, and of course no one in Mystic Falls can resist one of those, least of all our faves. Elena assisted Esther in planning to kill all of her children (though she felt kinda bad about lying to Elijah about his mum’s intentions), Klaus continued to woo Caroline (with a drawing of her and...horses?), and Damon dealt with being rejected by Elena (again) by going home with Rebekah.

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This week in “All My Children”:


Esther moved ahead with her plans to do away with the vampires she herself created, explaining that she had no other choice: after all, she had to spend hundreds of years watching them hurt and murder people, knowing all the while she was responsible for it.

To complete the ritual Esther began at the ball, when she linked all the Originals together so that they’d all die as one, she needed to draw on the powers of the Bennett witches. Abby and Bonnie are all for this, of course, as am I.

Elijah and RebekahUnfortunately, for one reason or another (honestly, I have a hard time keeping this show’s logic straight anymore), it turns out that killing the Originals means killing Elena. And since this show is all about The Salvatore Brothers Saving Elena, Damon and Stefan once again come up with a plan to do just that (Esther needs both witches to kill her brood, so if they get rid of one...). Who cares if it means sacrificing either Abby or Bonnie? The important thing is that only one brother get on Elena’s bad side by murdering her BFF or her BFF’s mother. They actually flip a coin to decide.

Though Stefan, it turns out, lost the coin toss (I can’t get over that), Damon decides to protect his little brother (aww) and does the dirty deed himself, snapping Abby’s neck. Not before feeding her his blood, though, thus turning her into a vampire.

That’s little comfort to Bonnie, however, who refuses to see Elena when she comes by afterward. As Caroline tells Elena, Bonnie is always the one who ends up getting hurt by these schemes to save Elena. True, that.

Speaking of getting hurt, Alaric got killed in this episode again. And while that’s pretty business-as-usual by now, he was stabbed by Meredith (after he found a bloody knife among her things—is she the one who’s been killing council members?), and as far as we know, she is not supernatural. It’s hard to get worked about yet another death when Alaric’s always been fine before, but I guess I’m more than usually curious to see what the explanation for Alaric’s revival is this time? Mostly because I’m curious about what supernatural entity Meredith could be, if that’s the answer.

As for the Originals, well, it looks like most of them have fled town, though I believe Klaus and Rebekah are sticking around (oh, goody). I really question their judgment in this since the last reveal of the episode was that there is another white ash tree (the wood from which can kill original vampires) in town after all.

Stefan in The Vampire DiariesSome random observations:

—Tyler is still AWOL. Fail, show.

—Shirtlessness! Always welcome. Ditto on the Damon-Alaric exchange.

—It’s actually PAINFUL to me to watch Klaus moon over Caroline.

—Elena really had it tough in this episode! I loved it, not gonna lie. It’s refreshing to hear people tell her that the world doesn’t revolve around her, that it sucks that people have had to sacrifice so much for her, etc.

—Elijah’s comment about being able to tell Elena was lying because he could hear her heart beating—has anyone ever made reference to that before on the show? All the vampires should use that as method of lie detection.

—Stefan hasn’t had human blood in several episodes now, huh? Not really surprising, as he’s been acting much more like his Season 1 self than maybe he wants people to realize, but still interesting to hear.

Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, and Ian Somerhalder in Entertainment WeeklyThe relationship tracker:

—Stefan/Elena — The episode opened to Elena waking up and trying to call Stefan (he ignored her), making me think she wasn’t quite as ready to move on to Damon as I’d thought; however, turned out she’d called Damon many more times the night before. Stefan, on the other hand, confessed that he hasn’t had human blood since he threatened to drive Elena off the bridge and made participated in that coin flip with Damon over who had to be the bad guy and kill off a Bennett, so clearly he’s as in love with Elena as ever, just feeling more guilt/angst/unworthiness about it these days.

—Damon/Elena — Damon didn’t show much remorse at having slept with Rebekah when Elena found out, but he seemed to enjoy her jealousy. He turned Abby to shield Stefan from Elena’s anger and because he thinks he’s better at being the bad guy, but he clearly didn’t want to further damage his relationship with Elena either.

—Klaus/Caroline — Caroline used Klaus’s feelings for her to distract him as part of the Salvatore brothers’s plan, but it seems she does enjoy the attention. And Klaus explicitly said he wants to know everything there is to know about her. (I still feel sick.)

—Alaric/Meredith — What with the stabbing and all, methinks this could be the end for these two.

—Matt/Elena — My roommate wondered aloud if the writers might be moving back to this, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it turned out to be the case. These two have had more scenes together than usual lately, and both Salvatores have been on Elena’s bad side recently.

—Damon/Rebekah — Just a one-time, thing, I’m guessing.

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Miss D.
1. Miss D.
Felt like a bit of a letdown from last week's episode. Bit messy and I feel sad that I am losing Elijah all over again since I love his style. And folks like to talk about Klaus being messed up but how are all these other characters missing that Kol is playing with 47 cards in his deck? Rebecca's commentary on Elena was refreshing. I don't hate Elena but I felt that needed to be said by someone in Mystic Falls. Poor Bonnie. Even though I am still not really a fan, I wish the character would get more to do and more positive stuff. As much as I am enjoying Klaus/Caroline, I do wonder what it would have been like to have him and Bonnie mix it up romantically. Gets tiring to see Caroline & Elena as the only two women in town the men obsess over. It's like Lana Lang on "Smallville" all over again. Oy. And I knew that doctor was crazy.
Shannon Bastian
2. shannonB.
Alaric will live because Meredith is the maenad!!

Oh wait, wrong show. I get sick of Alaric being killed all the time...they really need to give that hot mess a break. I'm sad if Elijah is gone, I like him. Kol is hot but I don't like his character and Finn is just creepy. Rebekah needs to die in a similar manner to her dear father b/c I.can't.stand.her. Overall this episode was just kind of meh for me.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@Miss D. -- I know, Elijah's my favorite Original! Maybe he'll come back soon. I think the writers are fans of his too. Agreed about Elena; it needed to be said and it was, so I'm glad the show recognized that. Elena's human and she's going to make mistakes--it's not a horrible thing to call her on them once in a while. It'll actually make her *more* sympathetic. Also agreed on Bonnie. You're right, it's very much like Lana in Smallville. And that gets old.

@shannonB. -- Ha ha, that'd be awesome. Yeah, Alaric dying just hardly registers anymore because it happens way too often. I go back and forth on Rebekah; sometimes I like her (she's one of the few people who calls Elena on things) and sometimes I find her incredibly annoying (when she's doing anything other than calling Elena on things, pretty much).
4. ChelseaMueller
Elena really had it tough in this episode! I loved it, not gonna lie. It’s refreshing to hear people tell her that the world doesn’t revolve around her, that it sucks that people have had to sacrifice so much for her, etc.
This. So very much THIS.

So, I was pleased with Shirtless Salvatore, too.

Wondering if Meredith is supernatural in some way so as to not lose the human half of Team Handsome. Fingers crossed.

I guess their explanation that Stefan hasn't been drinking blood was supposed to assuage my WTH reaction to him suddenly showing emotions of a softer nature, but I still think everyone should have been more surprised.
Miss D.
5. Lucy D.
I'm with everyone on the Alaric thing. It's starting to feel like "hey we have 5 more minutes to fill in....umm, let's just kill Alaric again." I like Araric stop killing him already before it finally sticks. :(
Miss D.
6. Crzytxgirl23
Did everyone see the three covers of Entertainment Weekly??! The pics inside were seriously hot as well and the issue is now my favorite ever.
Nearly Naked Pics, gotta love it!
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