Feb 3 2012 9:36am

The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 13: Gone Daddy Gone

Damon and Elijah in The Vampire DiariesPreviously on The Vampire Diaries: Damon was The Good One, Stefan was The Bad One, Tyler attacked Caroline’s dad (oops), Klaus pouted over being outwitted by Stefan, Bonnie’s mom returned, and so did Elijah. Oh, and Elena was Elena.

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This week in “Bringing Out the Dead”:


Klaus and Elijah threw a dinner party for Damon and Stefan during which threats were made over a fine meal and deals were shot down by beautifully dressed people. All in all a typical Mystic Falls gathering (or was it a double date?) least until...

...the rest of the Original gang showed up. Yep, Klaus’s whole family (minus dear Dad, of course, since Klaus killed him dead) is awake, including Mama, the Original Witch. Who’s apparently in town with the sole intention of forgiving Klaus for killing her, btw. (Yeah, right.)

Meanwhile, Bonnie and her mom spent the episode engaged in the ultimate team-building exercise: trying to open the coffin from which the Original Witch eventually emerged.

Caroline and Mr. Forbes in The Vampire Diaries 3.13Caroline’s storyline was the most touching, as her dad was stabbed to death (in the hospital!!!!) hours after being saved from death by vampire blood in the previous episode, totally undoing Dr. Meredith Fell’s good deed. He woke up as a vampire in transition, of course, and immediately decided to die rather than drink human blood. Not even his beloved daughter, the best proof there is that vampires can retain their humanity, was able to change his mind, and after a teary convo (as in, they got teary and so did I), Mr. Forbes died for realz, Caroline by his side. D:

Elena and Matt both had individual Good Friend moments, but then blew them in their last scene when they clung together awaiting Alaric’s (poor, poooor Alaric, who just deserves to be happy, even though he’s totally into a murder suspect only a couple months after the death of his last serious girlfriend) return to the land of the living after explicitly stating that they knew Caroline’s dad had died, because ELENA (who just had her brother brainwashed into wanting to leave town) couldn’t bear to lose any more family. Great job, guys. (This is where Tyler should have shown up, but he was conspicuously absent from this ep.)


Some random observations:

Best line of the night goes, unsurprisingly, to Damon with: “Hey, Stef, remember when you killed Dad? Might want to dial down the judgment ’til dessert.”

Damon suggesting that he, Elena, and Stefan should be left alone was pretty epic. I have a theory that they’d be happiest as an Elena sandwich.

On the other hand...Damon and Stefan and Klaus discussing Elena like a piece of chattel made me feel like I had been transported to Victorian times or something. Not cool, dudes. Not. Cool.

The displays of brotherly love were definitely the best thing to come out of the dinner party. I do appreciate all that loyalty.

The Original Witch is just way too young, even for this show. Shouldn’t she at least look a dozen or so years older than her eldest child? Or should we assume this is a magic trick?

At one point, during one of Klaus’s emo moments, my roommate said: “What a petulant child.” I couldn’t agree more.

Shirtlessness watch: Stefan gave us an ab fix.


The relationship tracker:

Damon/Elena: Obviously continuing to grow closer (she called him rather than Stefan while waiting for Alaric to awaken), much to Stefan’s distress.

Stefan/Elena: Stefan confessed to Damon that he still loved Elena, aww. But methinks it’s too little, too late for the moment now that she has Damon.

Damon/Elena/Stefan: Going strong!

Tyler/Caroline: Probably not doing so hot (sob), considering Tyler’s (accidental) attack of Mr. Forbes is the reason he was in the hospital and full of vampire blood when he died. Also, he’s not returning Caroline’s calls. (Tyler, come baaaaack!)

Matt/Caroline: Matt was there for Caroline when she realized her dad wasn’t going to complete his transition, though then chose staying with Elena (despite the fact that she apparently spent most of their Alaric-less time together on the phone with the Salvatores) over being there for Caroline later in the ep.

Damon/Alaric: Not much (any?) interaction this week, sadly.

Alaric/Meredith: Gross. I can’t even talk about it.

Klaus/Caroline: Ditto.

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1. wsl0612
I'm sorry but I was soooo bored watching this ep! I dislike Caroline's fatehr and couldn't be excited about his death or her sorrow. And Klaus was just such a whiny douchebag, ugh! I can't help but wonder how the vamp who's been entombed for 900 years will adjust? I mean are we supposed to believe because he's a vampire cell phones/airplanes/internet, etc won't fluster him? And yes, "mother" was a disappointment at first meet, hopefully she'll be an interesting badass soon.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@wsl0612 -- Agreed, this was not the best episode. I liked the Caroline stuff because I'm a big fan of Caroline, but otherwise...yawn. I'm so over this Original stuff (and Klaus--whiny douchebag describes him perfectly). Like, did anyone really not know who was in that final coffin? The mystery was dragged out forever and there was a red herring in the middle of last night's episode, but as I told my friend while we watched last night, everyone BUT Klaus's mother had been accounted for, so why would it be anyone but her? It was a pretty anticlimactic reveal, in my opinion.
Melanie Thomas
3. missmelthomas
I liked the episode. Mostly I enjoyed Elijah coming back and putting
Klaus in his place as I loves me some Elijah and find Klaus very
irritating. Mama Original was a bit of a let down. I was hoping she'd
snap Klaus's neck or at least inflict some sort of pain on him but she
didn't so the ending was anticlimactic for me. I do look forward to
seeing how all of the Originals are going to come into play since
they've been dead for years. I still find it disappointing that Michael
was killed off so easily. Sebastian Roche is an amazing actor and
wasn't used to his full capacity on this show.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@missmelthomas -- Elijah is my favorite Original by a mile (is it because of his sense of honor? not exactly sure why), though I agree, Sebastian Roche's character was killed off far too early. He could've been really interesting.
5. ChelseaMueller
This episode just bummed me out. I'm not handling "let's talk about how much it sucks to lose your dad" stuff so well, and really that was the strongest part of last night's plot.

I was please with shirtless Salvatore moment, even if it wasn't the super dreamy Ian Somerhalder. I'll take Paul Wesley as a backup.

Still don't care about Bonnie and her mama drama.
Damon/Alaric: Not much (any?) interaction this week, sadly.
Always need a Team Handsome fix, don't we?
Shannon Bastian
6. shannonB.
I'm completely over this whole original thing too. The most interesting part of this episode for me was who is killing council members. I think its Matt....*snicker*, cuz you know how well I love him, about as much as watching paint dry.

Also every episode should have some Team should be mandatory.
7. Velvetpi
I enjoyed this episode but it wasn't my favorite...but let's face it anything with Ian Somerhalder in it has my attention. Seeing Klaus' face when Elijah doublecrossed him was perfect. He looked like a bully who just got his stick taken away. He had nothing to hide behind. And finally the coffins were open. The family dynamics reminded me a bit of Thanksgiving...not always pleasant but still family. I have a strange feeling that they are going to be forming their own little mafia in MF. This should be interesting. Look out tax paying citizens...the Orginals are on the loose. Now to Mommy Dearest. She isn't quite believable for me...something doesn't ring true in her "forgiveness" statement. Here is a woman/witch that was using Vicki to kill Elena so that Klaus couldn't build a hybrid army, and now she is saying "it's okay, let's be a family." WHAT? Klaus watch your back. Damon and Stefan's brotherly banter bring a bit more excitment to the screen. The best moment of the night were their declarations of love for Elena. I think my heart stopped for a second. My biggest issue with this episode were Matt and Elena after finding out that Caroline's dad died they just stayed with Alaric. Don't get me wrong, love Alaric, but this should almost be an old hat now. He might be family but your almost certain that he is coming back and they will be back to to cleaning up the blood. I understand the ring might be defective but, maybe I'm heartless, shouldn't Elena have sent Matt to be with Caroline, a friend who has actually lost someone? Does she want to be BtVS or not? Elena's unselfishness/selfishness really confuses me and leaves me cold. Another great episode for Caroline. She is one of my favorite characters...she has developed the most out of any of the MF characters. Bonnie, who? Was she in this episode?
Heather Waters
8. HeatherWaters
@ChelseaMueller -- I'm sorry, Chelsea. Yeah, those were some intense scenes.

Team Handsome, now more than ever!

@shannonB. -- I love that we're on the same page about the originals and Matt? How GREAT would it be if he were the one behind it? Ha. *high fives you*

@Velvetpi -- Klaus does make some pretty hilarious faces, doesn't he? My favorite was the one he made when he saw Mummy. He was terrified! And you're SO RIGHT! I had totally forgotten about how she was using Vicki. Yeah, no way is she as innocent as she's pretending.

Totally agree that Matt should have gone to Caroline rather than stay with Elena, especially since Elena just called Damon anyway, leaving Matt to hover over Alaric.

Elena...I think the writers focus so much on making her look like a saint that when she does mess up/act human (because she IS human and IS going to make mistakes), it's glaring. Whereas if they wrote her as being human and flawed all the time, we wouldn't think anything of it. Like you, I think Caroline's done the most growing of anyone in the show, and I believe that's because the writers have let her act the most like a normal teenager (despite the fact that she's, you know, undead!).
9. Amdo86
I really hope that at the end of this season that klaus dosen't get to gallop off into the sunset with his family and all is forgiven! He is such a douche and should get some punishment. Does anyone remeber Jenna? he killed her I feel like Elena should be more pissed about this! someone should avenge her alaric? elena? hello?....She was one of my favorite female characters on the show. I am also sad that Rebekah? wants to kill elena they were almost friends I was so mad when elena staked her:(
Oh yes and i agree mama witch was a huge dissapointment and not a suprise at all that it was her in the coffin, i would at least make him suffer for killing me, but i guess that's just me. I was really excited that elijah was back that was cool my second to Damon of course! I felt like carolines dad's death was rushed so I really didn't have time for any emotion. the two interesting things i did take away from this ep was: the story of klaus and elijah and the original dopollanger? and who the heck is killing council members and framing elena? someone who has acess to her parents cabin or i guess they could have broken in?
well thanks for letting me rant. hope mysteries are solved in the nxt episode:)
Heather Waters
10. HeatherWaters
@Amdo86 -- Oh, please, rant away! Like you, I am so so so unhappy with the writers for the way they've handled Alaric's storyline this season. In TVD world, especially, Jenna JUST DIED!

Yeah, I'm very interested to find out who's been killing the council members. I actually hope it's a human just because that would be a refreshing change from all the paranormal psychos running around town.
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