Feb 21 2012 8:27am

Speculate: What Should Happen in Downton Abbey Season 3?

“I haven’t forgiven you because...I don’t believe you need my forgiveness.”

And then Mary says what we’re all at least thinking:

“Please don’t take me there again unless you’re sure.”

And she makes him do the whole kneeling thing, out in the snow, and it’s the Most Romantic Thing ever.

The only question now, though, is what can they do for Downton Abbey Season 3? Because it’s hard to believe viewers will tolerate more obstacles in Mary and Matthew’s way, and couples can be...boring when they’re finally all Happily Ever After.

What do you think would be the best, most interesting developments for the third season?

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Tamara Morgan
1. Tamara Morgan
I'm so disappointed Anna and Mary aren't going to be hiding away in America together! I wanted that to happen, even at the expense of poor Bates' life. (Isn't that awful of me?)

My guess is that the Great American Grandmama will arrive and add some new obstacle to their love. At least for a few episodes.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
Oh, the Great American Grandmama! You're right, she is sure to throw a spanner in the works. And I too would have liked to see Anna and Mary in America, but at the expense of Mary and Matthew's HEA? Not too sure, but I'd like to see Mary in NYC.
Tamara Morgan
3. AshleyG
I am ready for them to let poor Edith have a little bit of romance. I'd like to see her pursued by 2 men at the same time. A little love triangle perhaps? She deserves the opportunity to be a bit smug ;)
Heather Massey
4. HeatherMassey
I'd like to see a new O'Brien and Thomas in the mix to shake things up a bit. Or have Thomas slide back to his old manipulations in a really down and dirty way.

And I second the vote for Edith to have more screen time. She's sweet, but her vindictive streak could make for some interesting drama.
Tamara Morgan
5. PamelaM
I am hoping the American Grandmama will not be traveling to Downton alone. I think a few well placed American cousins or friends could really stir things up a bit. Edith is definitely overdue for a good romance. Maybe that American cowboy Lord G. spoke of is not so far fetched. Can you imagine the conversations between the two Grandmamas?!
Tamara Morgan
6. Cara M
What if the survivor of the Titantic returns again to make a claim to the estate? That would certainly shake things up and test Lady Mary's true love ...
Tamara Morgan
7. Hannah B.P.
I think Edith's romance(s) will take up some of the plots in S3. She will probably still be hoping for something to happen with Strallan. And I'm thinking Cora and/or Violet as well as Grandma Martha (Shirley MacLaine's character) will have different ideas about Edith's prospects. Martha might bring some distant cousin from America to try to set her up with. He could turn her into a flapper and jazz music lover! I've actually thought that Strallan and Rosamund could end up together. They're the same age and Rosamund is lonely. It would be quite the stake through the heart for Edith if she were to still have feelings for him and stumble on them together.

Mary and Matthew and Sybil and Branson are together now but I know both couples will have challenges. I don't believe that once couple marry they become boring. There are all kinds of challenges married couples face. It will be somewhat like Anna and Bates for them. Sybil and Branson will be facing many challenges in Ireland (the revolution for independence, Sybil adjusting to a very diff life, having a child with possibly meager resources, Branson's family and friends not accepting Sybil). Mary and Matthew will have to deal with Mary's scandal together now. It does sound like we'll see their wedding. Immediately after the wedding, they may go to America to ride out the scandal (which would last more than a month). I bet we're not completely done with that yet. It could cause some tensions although Matthew and Robert seemed okay about it in the CS. Robert seemed okay about Sybil and Branson in the episode before, but he wasn't completely. Plus they can't take over Downton yet anyway because Robert's still alive. I'm very curious where they will live. There will probably be some in-law tensions btwn Isobel and Mary and Cora and Matthew.

I hope Daisy will have a new love interest. There will be a new footman, who is O'Brien's nephew! Maybe he will be her new love interest and that could cause some interesting drama with O'Brien. It would be nice to see her interact with more people than Mrs. Patmore, although I love them together. I wonder if Daisy will figure out that Thomas is gay. I am wondering what will happen with Thomas being Robert's valet. I wonder if his homosexuality will come out and Robert will be uncomfortable about it. He could end up firing him or worse, reporting him to the police. And I'm sure that Bates' trial will take up much of the season for his and Anna's plots. I think Matthew will probably take over Bates' defense, too. I would have loved to see Anna and Mary together in NYC, too. She probably will become Mary's lady's maid, so if Mary and Matthew go together she might go. But probably not while Bates' is still is on trial. I wonder what else we'll see with Anna actually. I'm thinking someone downstairs will be trying to get out of service with the changes in the 1920's. It's sounds crazy to think of it being Anna but it could be.
Tamara Morgan
8. Hannah B.P.
Well, I read in the PBS chat with Jessica Fellowes that DA will be staying in the UK for filming, no New York. So I guess we won't see Mary and Matthew in New York :( There will be a new kitchen maid (so Daisy got promoted-yay!) and a new lady's maid. I'm not sure who the new lady's maid will be for though. And I realized that since S3 only goes until 1921, there will be no flappers or short skirts. They didn't show up until the mid-1920's. The skirts will still be ankle length.
Tamara Morgan
9. Madeline Conn
Peter Gordon will return and be found to be really Patrick Crawley and he and Edit will marry and Mathew will think that Mary will be disappointed that he is not to be the Lord of Downton but she convinces him that she loves him what ever his status.
Tamara Morgan
10. Amiee
I'm sure Mary and Matthew will have a happy ever after, but I'm also pretty sure there will be some drama between them.. but not enough to pull them apart again. I think the writer is done with it.. I think he drew it out just long enough .. but now at least I'm hoping that they'll stay together. But, there's gotta be a little conflict on the way to the alter.. and maybe keep the viewers guessing -- but I think they'll make it!

I don't think that was the real Patrick Crawley.. but maybe Edith will marry Sir Anthony?!
Tamara Morgan
11. AnimeJune
I am really hoping for any sort of possible storyline that will involve more Thomas - particularly conflicted Thomas. He's a good villain but his few moments of decency are all the more potent because of that (I thought his very brief episode with the blinded soldier very poignant).

Which makes me wonder - wouldn't it be hilarious if O'Brien's nephew and Thomas got all warm and fuzzy? I'd love it!
Tamara Morgan
12. Hannah B.P.
Yeah, there's plenty of drama possible once Matthew and Mary are married, too. I doubt Gordon was Patrick, given things he said and his behavior at the end of the episode he was in. But I bet Strallan will have some competition for Edith. He might also take up with someone older (possibly someone like Rosamund) first since he's afraid he'd be holding Edith back. So she takes up with someone younger but then Strallan might regret that and try again with Edith. If O'Brien's nephew is gay, that could explain her fondness for Thomas. That has always been a mystery.
Tamara Morgan
13. Hannah B.P.
Has everyone seen the S3 filming photos that have been emerging?
Downtononline S3 Filming Photos

Facebook S3 Filming Photos
Tamara Morgan
14. Hannah B.P.
Mm, I can't seem to do links here. http://downtonline.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=317&pid=22458#top_display_media

Tamara Morgan
15. Taj
I'm wondering if things escalate in Dublin, maybe Sybil will come back home for a bit. Maybe have the baby at Downton? xD That would rock. As for Edith, meh. Not a fan. It would be fun, though, if she conspired with Sir Richard. *nods*

Tamara Morgan
16. LarissaS

1. they made a big point of saying Matthew would "always have a bruise on his spine" - somehting to do with that? I want them happy but clearly there must be more angst

2. yes I think Matthew taking on Bates' defense would be awesome

3. Hoping for some Thomas homoseuality plot and some Daisy new romance plot, yes!
Tamara Morgan
18. Hannah B.P.
There are a lot of spoilers out there. Edith will be focused on but I won't say how for those who don't want to know details. I'm loving the photos of the 20's costumes they're wearing! Only a few more months now! I agree it would be nice if Sybil has the baby at Downton. It's very possible they'll have to escape Ireland, if people find out who she is. There are photos that show she and Branson with the Crawley's for a picnic. So they will come back to Downton at least to visit. There are reports that someone pretty integral will die in S3. :( Based on who has already signed on past S3, I am afraid it will be either Sybil, Branson, Violet, Matthew, Mrs. Patmore or Carson. Obviously, the first 4 would be very major. If Matthew died, we'd have a big mess. Sybil/Branson could die in the fighting in Ireland. I hope not though. I don't think it will be Violet. The latter two are pretty old and have had health problems. Daisy could take over for Mrs. Patmore but I would miss her!! If Carson died, I'd be crushed, too! Obviously Thomas would try to become butler but they would probably make Bates be butler after being exonerated. It seems from the photos I've seent that Thomas will be bumped back to footman. I have yet to see him in valet livery. I hope Anna will become Mary's lady's maid when they set up house. There have been some photos come out that may be of Mary and Matthew's new place. The other possibility for the character to die would be Mr. Mason, William's dad. I hope not because I really love him with Daisy.
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