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Revenge Episode 15: Chaos Reigns (Spoilers!)

Emily and Daniel in RevengeCan’t get enough of ABC’s Revenge? Well, neither can we, which is why we’ve decided to start recapping the delicious nighttime soap, starting with last week’s Season 1, episode 14, entitled “Perception.”

And now, on to a recap of last night’s episode 15, “Chaos”...

“There comes a moment in each of our lives when the control that keeps us sane slips through our fingers”

BANG! <Daniel falls on the beach by the water> OMG IS HE DEAD?!

“Most of us aim to ease it back”


“The best way to fight chaos is with chaos…”

We see a gun go off, presumably pointed at Daniel…

—24 hours earlier—

**********EPISODE SPOILERS**********

Nolan and Emily are searching Fauxmanda’s hotel room. The phone is ringing and who answers it? OH, NO it’s freakin Tyler!!!!! He was put into a hospital for the criminally insane. He wants money, but wants vindication more. He has Fauxmanda! Aw, hell, I say we let him do her in. Why not? But wait! No, we can’t. He is the one who stole her box of photos and evidence, not Fauxmanda. Rats.

Charlotte is passed out in Declan’s bed. Jack is losing it over Fauxmanda, he gets a message from Father Rick and he receives a hefty grant to raise a grant school in Haiti and they want him to join them.

Stone Cold Victoria is looking at seating arrangements for the guests and tells Conrad that Daniel is gonna come back to her. He always does (yes, he sure does).

Emily gets home to find Daniel waiting for her in her living room.  He shows her his cell phone which reveals that his Grandfather has been repeatedly calling. Daniel is not interested at all in being groomed by him. He wants to cancel the damn engagement party altogether, but Emily insists they not cancel the party AND that he give time to his Grandfather to hear him out. Daniel pleads with Emily: “No secrets of any kind. you see what they’ve done to my family.” Emily never says shit and he just walks away. Hello, dummy, don’t you want her to say “YES I PROMISE?” Let me rephrase that, Daniel, you really want her to respond to this one!

Tyler has Fauxmanda kidnapped in some barn. He informs her that Victoria did not set her up, Emily did. He also shows her all the intercepted text messages from Jack that Emily had been keeping from her. He manages to convince her that Emily is evil.

“Emily is not your friend Amanda, she’s your competition. You need more proof?” He shows her a box filled with all of Emily’s secrets…


Declan is helping Charlotte through a hangover and she finds pills in his medicine cabinet for oxycontin… don’t do it, Charlotte! She takes the number of a therapist from him.

Emily and Victoria in RevengeStone Cold Victoria lets her know that blood will always be thicker than water, and that one day Emily will not be his wife, but she will always be his mother. Meowrrrarrrr! She then asks Emily if she will facilitate a conversation between her and Daniel.  Emily says that’s up to Daniel, and dismisses her. It’s Tyler calling. She is to bring a cashier’s check in exchange for her box of secrets with Fauxmanda thrown in there as well.

Daniel meets up with Grandpa for lunch. He shows him a list of investors “chirping the loudest about that rumored SEC investigation and his father’s marital orders.” He sends him after Satoshi Takeda, who is there for their engagement party and has requested a private meeting that afternoon. He is to convince him to keep his money put with Greyson Global. Smarmy smile. “Have a problem with that?” Smarmy smile. “You’re name is Greyson, that name makes the decision for you.” Smarmy smile.

Charlotte is lurking around her own mansion and runs into Grandpa. He tells her he knows about her therapist and that it’s popular to kick back on a couch and cure your problems. He then warns her that if she told a stranger her mother slept with a terrorist, and if that stranger shared that information, when the Greyson name loses value, so does that company. {AND SHE IS TO BLAME} She tells him to get bent, until he threatens Declan’s future. She gives him the therapist’s information. He makes off with it.

Emily surprises Tyler at gunpoint in a parking garage and cuffs him to a fence. He gives her the key to the trunk of the car to find the box…hey wait, this is WAY too easy…

Fauxmanda slams the trunk of the car and takes Emily by surprise with a gun. Fauxmanda is super pissed and feels super betrayed. She acts her typical Single White Female self, and lets Tyler go, gives him the money, and the two of them take off. Fauxmanda gives her “rot in hell, bitch” glare as she drives the two of them off.

Emily is working out with a new gun and Nolan wants her to cancel the party because he knows people are going to die. Oh, look there’s Jack joining them at the house. His Haitian benefactor has him leaving that night so he can’t make it to the engagement party. AWWWWWWWW He wants to leave Sammy with her!!!!!! Awwwwww, this is me going awwww. Yay! Reunited, back to where it all began. They hug, even Nolan gets a hug, and they watch him walk away.

Nolan: “Go with him! I’m serious, sail away! Fall in love. Go make little volunteer babies.” YES NOLAN! YES!

Instead, because she’s a ding-dong, she makes Nolan promise to make sure he gets on the boat safely tonight. Alone. He follows after Jack, against his best judgment.

Conrad approaches Stone Cold Victoria with the deed to Greyson Manor. She asks what about the shares to the company? He is not going to relinquish them to her or to his father. Daniel will head the company now. He tells her that if she settles now, she’ll get cash value from all her shares.  Money talks, people! She looks kinda convinced.

Daniel meets with Takeda that afternoon at a restaurant, and he says he is not staying. He explains if he cannot convince himself that the investment is wise and that he should stay, how can he convince him? He is asking “his fiancé” (whom Takeda knows well) Emily to run away with him and if she says yes, they will leave tomorrow. Takeda sees a call to his cell as Daniel walks away, and it is from Emily, but he sends that bitch to voicemail.

“How do I look?” “Under-medicated.” There’s no love lost between Tyler and Fauxmanda as they go toe to toe. She doesn’t understand why he’s going to all this trouble to destroy Emily. He says this was never about the money, he’s pissed that Emily killed the Greyson’s bodyguard Frank Stevens and framed Tyler for it to avert attention from herself.

He says Emily is going to kill Daniel—or at least that is how it will appear to the cops.  He presents her with a dress to wear to the party, saying “Daniel is about to find out just how bad his taste in women really is.”

Back to the mansion and party. Stone Cold V has agreed to Conrad’s terms and says she is ready to end this. They sign the divorce papers, but that’s quite a devious look on her face as he does….

She pulls out a business card that says John McGowen, Field Director, Securities and Exchange Commission on it…dun dun dunnnnnn

Back at the barn where Tyler and Fauxmanda are hanging out, she tells him she’s not going to the party and he pulls a gun on her. She hits him in the face with a barn tool and runs away.

Daniel and Victoria in RevengeConrad and Stone Cold V greet Daniel and Emily at their engagement party. Daniel pulls Victoria aside and she uses the old “I never said that!” argument when he says she led him to believe David Clarke had raped her. Now she is trying to convince him she loved him, but he’s not having any of it. He is done with her after tonight. He tells her they are leaving for Paris tomorrow. Oh, but she uncovers quickly he hasn’t told Emily yet and knows Emily will never want to leave, she is too ambitious and drive. She knows the type, she was once like her. He tells her that Emily is nothing like Stone Cold V but warns him not to be surprised if she doesn’t give his romantic delusions the warm reception he seems to believe they’ll receive.

DANIEL – THEY ARE THE SAME. Denial is not just a river in Egypt, son!

Jack is getting his boat ready to head to Haiti and he takes one last look at STOWAWAY but what’s that?! A camera?? Ohh yeah, Nolan is watching him on his iPad from the party, and also watching the party. He’s so techie.

Takeda approaches Emily and gives her a gift to get “her plan back on its righteous path.". It is her box of items and he tells her to bury her father’s box of secrets far away from here. She asks how he got it from Tyler and Fauxmanda. He explaines that when she returns, her questions will be answered.  Daniel notices the interaction.

She is out at the beach burying her box in the sand.

Fauxmanda shows up at Jack’s boat, says she is so sorry and tells him to take her with him. He says he has so many questions, and she says he deserves all the answers. If he takes her with him she’ll never leave him again. He reaches out her hand AND TAKES IT, NOOOOOOOO. They hug. Barf.

Daniel and Emily on the beach in ChaosBack to the beach where Emily buried that box, Daniel approaches her. He tells her to come to Paris with him, he’s already bought the tickets, let’s go. The further away from his family the better for both of them. She says she can’t! Their lives are here. Running away is not the answer. He said there’s nothing here but secrets and lies, and she responds with “I’m here” which prompts his “Why are you here, why do you want to marry me?”

She asks, “Where is this coming from? Did your mother say something?” He’s all like  “Yeah she did, and she was RIGHT” ohhh you messed up now, Emily.  Well, he had to find out some time that you’re Stone Cold just like Victoria.

Back to Jack, he tells Fauxmanda that Emily has always championed her and wanted them to be together. They hear a honking noise and she says she has to go pay her cab fare. He hands her cash for it, she kisses him and tells him she loves him as she leaves…but when Jack raises his hand, there is blood on his hand!! Is it Tyler’s? From when she busted his face with a barn tool? He shouts her name and runs after her while she jumps in the cab and takes off.

At the party, Nolan and Emily have a little chit chat and she tells him he shouldn’t be here. He tells her, it’s okay, Jack is gone. But if he was watching on that camera, wouldn’t he know…what is going on here?!?

Back to Daniel sitting on the beach. “She’s not worth it!” we hear in that annoying voice, and guess who? Tyler with a gun! Pointing it at his head!

Tyler hands Daniel a photo that he says was found under her living room floorboards, it has a bunch of people on it and some names with x’s. He explains to him that she’s been playing him, playing them all. He suggests a walk down the shore, by gun point of course. Daniel pulls out his phone to call Emily, but Tyler takes it from him and makes him walk the beach.

Nolan and Charlotte in Revenge episode 15, ChaosAnd back to stupid Charlotte taking oxycontin that isn’t hers with party punch. Of course she drops the pills and Emily picks them up. Der der derrr. Charlotte hauls ass when she hears Stone Cold’s voice, and Stone Cold says she’ll come around, her children always do. Stone Cold makes a dig about how she’s happy they’re not on a plane to Paris and she MUST have talked some sense in to Daniel. She asks that she stay there at the party for a toast.

She gets a text from Daniel saying come down to the beach, but can’t leave now.

Jack has been following the cab Fauxmana is in and hops out after her by the beach. As he is running towards the shore, he hears gun shots, he runs to the beach shouting her name—more gunshots—he sees Fauxmanda standing over Daniel’s shot body (we just see a body in a white suit at this point) He tells her to run and gives her his car keys. He starts dragging the body away but hides when Charlotte and Declan show up for a skinny dip.

Fauxmanda gets in his car and gets ready to leave.

The phone starts ringing on Daniel’s body and Jack finds it and sees it is Emily calling and he runs off as Charlotte and Declan have spotted his hooded self and are shouting at him, thinking he’s a peeping tom.

Madeleine Stowe and Emily Van CampAnd here we are at Stone Cold’s speech on fire and ice she does the introduction thing and says she approves of her. “In a word, I approve and as anyone can tell you, approval is not something I give away freely.” Then asks her where the HELL is her son.


Charlotte shows up in her bikini screaming “my brother!” and everyone goes running towards the beach.

Fauxmanda is still sitting in the truck and opens the door when a fancy Lexus sports car pulls up. Oh! It’s Takeda! She asks for a ride, explaining her truck is broke down.  He tells her it is an honor to be of service. And drives off with her.

The cast of RevengeStone Cold goes running to Daniel’s body, rolls him over BUT WAIT —  IT’S NOT DANIEL. It’s TYLER!!! “Mom?” She looks up and there is Daniel stumbling over up with blood on his suit and he looks like he has amnesia.

The outcome of chaos can never be predicted. The only certainty it brings...

Victoria whispers in his ear… “Don’t say a word.” the devastation it leaves in its wake.

Pamela Webb-Elliott writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance reviews for WickedLilPixie as Spaz. She also has a Twitter (@SpazP) problem, but is not ready to join a 12 Step Program for it yet.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
A friend and I were talking on Twitter last night about how disappointed we were that it wasn't Daniel. Not because of Daniel himself, necessarily, but because it's so predictable of a show like this to take the safe route and kill off an unimportant character rather than a major player who may be popular with the fans (though is Daniel, really?).

I think this episode would have been a million times more interesting if the writers had taken a risk and actually killed Daniel off as pretty much promised in the very first scene of the very first episode. That would have been a real game-changer, and you'd be wondering, Where will they (and Emily, especially) go from here? How will she deal with the fact that she got this guy that she really did care about killed?

Instead, the stakes don't seem any higher than they have all season. Yawn.

In other news, Nolan is officially my favorite character in this show. Loved that he told Emily just to sail away. I don't care about Emily/Jack at this point, but I think it's awesome that Nolan keeps trying to get Emily to walk away from this destructive path she's chosen.
Pamela Webb-Elliott
2. Spaz
@redline_ : I couldn't agree with you more. That was such a cheap trick for them to take, and you're right. Now it's like every other soap opera out there.
Nolan is DEFINITELY my favorite character on the show. I have always enjoyed his one-liners and banter, but I adored him after last night when he pleaded with Emily to leave all this behind and just go.
We have to wait two weeks for a new episode and I am definitely less enthusiastic knowing now that Daniel does not die and there really is no longer any conflict that isn't seemingly forced at this point.
Pamela Webb-Elliott
3. Spaz
Oh!! and Also!! What the hell was up with Fauxmanda showing up, wanting to leave with him, leaving blood on his hand, taking off and making him follow her to the beach??? And then leaving with Takeda? Anyone have any ideas on what that was all about? ?
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@Spaz -- Nolan's one-liners are THE BEST. He's great.

Agreed about Daniel. It'll be interesting to see how he wiggles his way out of a murder charge, I guess, but we know he will.

I assumed Fauxmanda was mortally wounded or something and was just saying good-bye to Jack before leaving the show permanently one way or another. But that hope was dashed too when she left with Takeda. Dunno what's up with that.

Why are there so many annoying people in this show, Pam? They could really do with cleaning house, because I still love the premise, I just want some fresh faces and material.
5. MH
Agree completely with being disappointed with Daniel not being killed and Nolan is my absolute favorite too! I really don't see any chemistry between Emily/Jack and he could have sailed away with Fauxmanda to Haiti..
Anyway, I think Nolan is the ultimate puppetmaster and in league with Takeda since way back.
I think Nolan's security team took Tyler out and the nod to Takeda was affirming that it had been dealt with. I think Nolan wants to take out Greyson Global, most likely since they did not want to invest in him when he started..Remember Granpa saying something about modern technology being death last episode. Takeda picking Fauxmanda up could be planned or just coincedence.

As for Daniel, he will most likely go the Greyson route and happily try to shift the blame on someone else and in some future episode hook up with Ashley while being with Emily.
6. Jennifer R
I disagree with y'all about Daniel. Think of the drama potential of (a) him possibly having killed Tyler, and (b) the supreme explosion that will happen when he finds out what the hell Emily is up to. Which he may know some of by now already.

Tyler is there to be evil and one-note, and that's all he does and could do. But imagine sweet little Daniel taking a turn to the dark side after these events. So much potential! I'm glad they saved him for that.

I also love Nolan. Jack really doesn't do anything for me though. He's also pretty sweet and naive. Which makes Emily's taste in men interesting when she wants these guys who have no idea what is going on.
7. Louise321
My husband and I discussed this. Thought it might be that at the beginning of the series they wanted an ending if the series didn't take. It took off like wildfire so they couldn't kill off the main tie of Emily to the Graysons. Me, I don't care. I'm not a big fan of soaps.
Pamela Webb-Elliott
8. Spaz
@ MH - ooooh, I really like your theory on Nolen being the puppetmaster, I hadn't even figured that, and I HAD wondered why he told Emily that Jack had sailed off alone, when he... hadn't. And yes, Grandpa said that to Charlotte! I believe, when he was talking about what would happen if she talked to a therapist about the identity of her real dad. O.O

@ Jennifer - very good point. We still have yet to see what he will do when he finds out who Emily really is. And it can't be much longer until he finds out, right? And it was time for Tyler to go, really.

@ Louise321 - this is what it felt like to many of us, the show took off so they decided not to off Daniel and killed Tyler instead, which feels disingenuine. Bah!
9. CindyS
The best part was Nolan nodding at Takeda and Emily noticing.

I figure Amanda got a bullet in her back as I was sure I heard a gunshot as she ran from the barn. She loves Emily like a sister and when Jack told her that Emily had always been on her side I think she went to save Emily. I have no idea what Takeda is going to do with Amanda.

At the end, Emily isn't looking at Daniel or Tyler but off over the dunes so she knows something is going on.

And both Jack and Daniel feel too young for Emily - she is stronger, brighter and cagier than either of them and needs a hero who equals her and damn if I didn't wish it was Nolan.

Pamela Webb-Elliott
10. Spaz
@CindyS - VERY GOOD connection!! I was pleased when Jack was telling her how much Emily continued to be supportive of them being together - and then she fled ... it never occurred to me she was fleeing to try to help Emily.
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