Feb 20 2012 12:02pm

Once Upon a Time Season 1, Episode 13: Telling Lies

Prince Charming and the Siren*******SPOILERS*******

In the past, there is a beautiful horse drawn carriage that pulls up to the King (Charming’s “father”) and Princess Abigail steps out to speak with him before her wedding. What the King doesn’t want to tell her is that Charming is missing and he has sent his guards out to bring him back. But Charming outsmarts them by jumping over a fallen tree on his horse. Umm, why the hell can’t the guards jump the tree? Are their horses’ legs different from Charming’s horses’ legs? Anyway, Charming ends up getting captured by another set of guards.

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Present time, David is with Katherine having dinner when she tells him not only did she apply to law school in Boston, she was accepted and asks him to move with her to start a new life.

After that quick bit of info is dropped, we flip back to the past, where Charming finds out that the guards are Princess Abigail’s. She knows that he doesn’t want to marry her because he is in love with Snow. Abigail doesn’t want to marry him either, and offers to help him.

Present: David tells Mary Margaret about Katherine’s desire to move to Boston. Mary says he has to tell Katherine about them, that they can’t keep lying about their affair. He says that he doesn’t think he can, and Mary asks who he wants to be with. David finally says it’s Mary he wants and agrees to tell Katherine.

August Wayne BoothEmma goes to Granny’s Diner and runs into the stranger, who says he’s ready to cash in on their date. Em counters with “But I don’t date people whose names I don’t know” and walks away, but he calls her back with “It’s August Wayne Booth. Don’t bother googling to cheat—the name means nothing to google. I tried.

Inside, Em talks with Mary, who asks who the stranger was, but Em changes the subject. Mary confesses that she had been seeing David, but Em says she figured as much because of all the visual changes in Mary.

Meanwhile, Katherine is searching for apartments in Boston when David confesses that he can’t go with her. That “something” happened, no, not an affair, but that Katherine needs a fresh start without him.

Past: Charming and Abigail go to her father’s realm where it is safe and she confesses why she cannot marry him. She was engaged to be wed to Frederick, but when an attack on her father’s life played out, Frederick put himself in front of Midas and ended up being touched, so he was turned to gold. David says there should be a way to counter the curse and Abigail says there is, but no-one has ever survived it (not much of a counter then, is it?). They need to get water from a certain lake that is guarded, and David goes to try to get it.

Present: Booth is dunking pages of the Once Upon a Time book into a water-like solution and rebinding it.

At Regina’s, she gives Henry a present. He asks what the occasion is and she says it’s because she loves him. The gift is a handheld video game system. Henry asks if he can see Emma again when Katherine walks in crying. Katherine goes to tell Regina what happened with David, but Regina slips up and says its because of the homewrecker Mary Margaret, thus spilling the secret. Katherine flips out and asks how Regina knew and why she didn’t tell her. Regina tells her that Sidney had taken pictures but she thought Katherine and David were working things out so she hid them. Katherine demands to see the pictures, yells at Regina for not being a real friend and walks out.

The Lady of the Lake aka the siren in Once Upon a TimePast: Abigail takes Charming to the shrine of offerings to the Lake Guardian. She wants to come with him, but he says no and sets off on his own for the final leg of the journey. When he gets to the lake, the guardian of the lake comes out of the water—she’s a beautiful woman.

Present: David is at home and calls Mary on her cell and tells her that “it’s done.” Mary is all sorts of excited that they can finally be out in the open and makes plans to meet him after school is done. As she is hanging up, Mary sees Katherine coming towards her. Katherine hauls back and smacks the shit out of Mary and causes a huge scene in the crowded hallways of the school. Katherine says something and Mary realizes David didn’t even tell the truth.

Booth picks up Emma on his bike for their drink and ends up taking her to a well in the middle of the woods. He tells her that the well is magical, the water inside it is said to come from a lake that grants wishes, if an item is lost drinking the well water will return it. I had a Dave Matthews Moment and wanted to sing “Don’t Drink the Water.” Alas, Emma drinks the water. We all know what she’s going to find, and no, it isn’t a new leather jacket.

Meanwhile, Mary is walking through the town and people are whispering about her. She accidentally runs into an old lady who tells her off, and Mary starts to cry.

The siren takes Prince Charming downIn the past, David is confronting the Lake Guardian who is actually a Siren. He tells her she isn’t going to get to him, but then she turns into Snow and they play tonsil hockey a bit before he finally resists. She ends up dragging him to the bottom of the lake where he sees the skeletons of all the dumb ass men who thought with their libidos and died. As the Siren is dragging him around the bottom of the lake, his leg gets stuck on some seaweed and he is trapped. Until we see a dagger close by—so does he, and he kills her.

Back to the Present, David’s awesome 1980s wood-paneled minivan has been spray painted with the word TRAMP on it. Mary confronts him, tells him that she knows he lied and he says he was doing it to keep everyone from being hurt. Mary says its too late, that people are calling her names and they are too destructive for each other and they should stay away from each other.

At the diner, Emma is about to get in her car when she sees the Once Upon a Time book in the gutter. Across the street, Booth is sitting on his motorcycle watching.

Katherine visits Regina to apologize for yelling at her. She says that David looks at Mary a different way, that what they have is true love. David never looked at her that way, so she left both David and Mary a letter saying they should be together. And then she heads off to Boston to find her own love.

Pastback: Charming returns to Princess Abigail with the lake water, and she pours it on Frederick’s gold suit of armor. He comes to, and doesn’t remember what happened. Abigail tells Frederick that Charming saved him and Fred thanks him. Charming asks for a horse and some food, because he is going to go find Snow. But Abigail says he must hurry, when his father finds out they won’t be getting married he will be hunted.

Present: Regina lets herself into David’s home and steals the letter from Katherine. Emma visits Henry at school and gives him back the Once Upon a Time book.

Past: Charming is in a clearing hollering for Snow when Little Red Riding Hood comes out and tells him Snow hasn’t returned. Red also says that Snow went to Charming’s Kingdom to be with him, and Charming says Red is lying that Snow said it was over. Red says something must have happened, and Charming clues in that it was his father’s doing. Then his father’s guards come out of nowhere and try to kill them, but Charming once again is a ninja and escapes with Red.

Ginnifer Goodwin as Mary Margaret in Once Upon a TimePresent: Mary is in bed sobbing and Em climbs in with her so that she isn’t alone. Regina is spotted with a lighter and the letter. Katherine is seen leaving town. Regina sets the letter on fire and tosses it into her fireplace. Present time Frederick sees a car that has run off the road right at the Storybrook city limits, when he looks in the car (Katherine’s) the airbag has deployed but she is nowhere to be found.

Is it me or are they totally dragging out the Mary and David storyline for all its worth?


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EC Spurlock
1. EC Spurlock
I think the King's guards were not able to follow David because the fallen tree marked the boundary between his kingdom and Midas's, and they would have been out of their jurisdiction. Since things are already alittle dicey between the two apparently, I think they didn't want to take the chance of setting off an incident that would jeopardize the current treaty.

The old lady Mary Margaret ran into was Red's Granny, who owns the cafe and B&B. And I thought it was Mary Margaret's car that got spray painted and David was hoping to clean it off before she saw it, not realizing she'd already been getting flack all day. Clearly this was Regina's intention, as verified by the can of spray paint we see in her drawer when she reaches for the lighter. Now I'm thinking she's going to try and pin Katharine's disappearance/possible murder on Mary Margaret and/or David as well. She has to keep MM and David apart at any cost, since if they get together that will void her curse. But seriously, David's been such a disappointment; I think his backbone (and/or other relevant body parts, ahem) got left behind in transit from Fairy Tale Land to Storybrooke. And after this episode I REALLY want to know exactly who Booth is and what he is up to!!
EC Spurlock
2. adelle
Haven't watched this one yet, but I totally agree on the whole David thing in general. I mean come on buddy you're supposed to be prince charming and your more like prince milktoast! Get with Mary Margaret already idiot! It does seem like they are dragging it out a bit. I am also super curious about Booth something is up there. I also think it's high time someone wins besides Regina or her genie (who also sets a bad example for mankind).
Tori Benson
Im getingreally bored with this whole series. My only entertainment is the recaps. :) And David needs to grow a pair.
Natasha Carty
4. WickedLilPixie
@ EC - I am thinking Booth is Henry as an adult, but who knows!
@ Adelle - It's so irritating with David/Charming, he's not charming me anymore.
@ Tori - Me too, I just want SOMETHING to happen.
EC Spurlock
5. mandamayhem
I do feel like mary and david are getting a little much...actually to tell the truth the whole main story line is feeling a bit forced now. I've become more interested in the side stories (like belle and rumpell) and my curiousity regarding some of the characters (where's ruby's back story) than the whole mary margarett/david (*gasp* even more drama) and even the whole regina/emma hatefest (oh no emma's been tricked...again) I just hope they clean up the show as a whole a little bit.
Christopher Morgan
6. cmorgan
@Wicked I was just thinking that Booth is Henry as an Adult too. I think a lot of the folks behind OUaT were also behind Lost. And I know how those folks like their time travel paradox.

But The MM/David thing needs to get over already. There are some many other chracters that have more interesting arcs. Like Jimmeny being the son of con men and finally standing up to EQ. Rumple and his glorious cackkle and legitimate chemistry with Belle, unlike another couple making that gets the highlight... I'm with others in that I hope that the show cleans itself up more and tightens down their story a bit.
EC Spurlock
7. Arnie Perlstein
It’s not an accident, I believe, that August Wayne Booth flirts with
Ruby in Granny’s Diner, by encouraging her to get out and see the
world—in a way she is like Emma Woodhouse, who has never left Highbury,
and he is like Frank Churchill, who flirts with Emma.

But we can
also transpose this to Pride & Prejudice, and see him as Wickham,
the charming handsome stranger who rides (on a horse, not a motorcycle)
into Longbourn.

And there’s also a strong suggestion that Ruby’s
channeling her inner “wolf” and learning her own powers, is a veiled
motif pointing to a lesbian coming out of the closet.

And the Bible is hidden in there as well, with a veiled allusion to Jesus and the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well.

For all of the above, see these posts (in addition to my earlier ones about OUAT) for more details:

Cheers, ARNIE @JaneAustenCode on Twitter
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