Feb 6 2012 10:39am

More Teases from J.R. Ward’s Lover Reborn

Lover Reborn by J.R. WardWe, as much as all of you, are so excited for the next book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Lover Reborn.

Lover Reborn’s hero is Tohrment, who lost his shellan (his mate) in earlier books, so you can bet Tohrment’s journey to finding another HEA will be...tormented. On her Facebook page, J.R. Ward is offering snippets of the book leading up to the March 23rd release date. Here’s today’s:

“I know why you’re here, Xcor.”

“Do you. Mind reader?”

“You’re going to get yourself killed.”

“Indeed. Or mayhap it shall be the other way around.”

Tohrment shook his head slowly. “Consider this a friendly warning. Go back where you came from before what you set in motion rolls you right into an early grave.”

“I like where I am. The air is bracing on this side of the ocean. How’s your shellan, by the way.”

Lover Reborn, pg. 23

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Jennifer Quinlan
1. jdquinlan
Oh, snap. I don't think Tohr's going to react well to that question.
3. Mare
Yeah! *nods a lot* Definitely Xcor is looking for to in a early grave asking that to Tohr!
4. stefraffel
My heart just sank down into my shoes, thank you very much . . . I'm wondering if Xcor ever met Wellisandra or if he just threw that out knowing it would throw Tohr off . . . .
5. Anghell
That was just.. such a low blow. I'm not particularly fond of Xcor.. so it suits him well enough at this point in his development. But it bugs me that V was written in the same way.. making a similarly low statement to Lassiter. Which.. I found to be unlike him. V and Xcor are not the same core individuals..
6. SH
I love Tor, but I think that Xcor has a great book in him
Elizabeth Rodriguez
7. rainie72
I wonder if he is speaking of the Shellan he lost, or possibly the Shellan he does not want to except....yet! God I LOVE these books... the WARDen rocks!!!!
Elizabeth Rodriguez
8. rainie72
I ment accept... time for bed, my brain is no longer functioning!!
9. True24
Maybe Xcor didn't know that Wellsie is dead. He knows of the king, but it's not like the Brothers are putting their business out there. Regicide aside, I kind of liked Xcor. He is a villain, to be sure, but he showed honor and respect for his soldiers and Payne in the last book. I wish we could get more back story on him. How do the Brothers know him, anyway?
11. romanceaddict2
Since all of the BDB I most care about have their mates, I can't wait for the Ward to start writing about Xcor and his crew! I needed a fan after reading about that threesome in Lover Unleashed. Now that she has ventured into bringing man-on-man romance, I am looking forward to her writing about a powerful,smart, kick-ass black female heroine.
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