Feb 22 2012 8:04am

Michael Fassbender to Star as Mythological Irish Hero

Michael Fassbender

An incredibly handsome, virile warrior who changes in battle, becoming an unrecognizable creature whose warcry alone can literally destroy his enemies. A man whose destiny is to achieve everlasting fame—but whose life will be all too short. A hero who goes through innumerable tests to finally be with the love of his life.

The Alpha Male from your favorite paranormal romance? Sounds a lot like it, especially since he is so beautiful that all the men around him worry that he’ll seduce their wives and daughters.

But no, it’s Cúchulainn, the legendary mythological Irish folk hero whose story will be told on the big screen—portrayed by half-Irish Michael Fassbender, no less. 

Oh, yeah. Nice casting. Nice story. Just all the way around niiicccee.

Do you think Fassbender is overexposed yet (and not in a good way)? Or are you looking forward to seeing him rock the big screen, yet again, being furious while not wearing very much?

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Lege Artis
1. Lege Artis
"Warrior who changes in a battle"- I know the story of Cu Chulainn, warp spasm and all, but I choose to interpret this half-sentence in most female fassbander-obssesed way possible...:) Thank you, Hollywood Gods and Casting Ladies...
Megan, you always post his best pictures....:)
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@Lege Artis: I loved the translation of 'warp spasm,' btw. I didn't know the legend before seeing this news. Glad you like the pic, too--it took me way longer to find one I liked than it should've, given the subject matter.
Vanessa Ouadi
3. Lafka
Oh. My. God. Cuchulainn's legend is probably one my very favorite Irish legends ever. Michael Fassbender is one of my very favorite actors right now. It's going to be legendary, as would Barney say! I'm so looking forward to it, thanks Megan for sharing the news!

As to Michael Fassbender, I doubt I'll ever find him overexposed ! I hope he'll keep on choosing interesting movies, though.
Victoria Janssen
4. VictoriaJanssen
He's in a lot of movies right now, but he's playing a wide variety of characters, so I don't think I'd be bored.
Lege Artis
6. Annabel
I read about this on a Fassy fanboard yesterday. He's also rumored to be in The Counselor (Cormac Mccarthy screenplay) and Steve McQueen's Twelve Years a Slave in 2012. PLUS I heard that the next Xmen film is going to focus on Magneto.

If it's possible for someone to be overexposed, he's certainly in danger, but I think it depends a lot on his choices from here on out. If he continues to mix it up...makes some indie films, some popcorn films, some films for the women out there drooling on him, he'll be fine. If he makes all the same type of film it will get old quickly, even with his talent. JMO.

I just pray, PRAY that he does not start doing all testosterone/blockbuster movies. That would make me sad.
Lege Artis
7. Kelly Scott
I love Fassbender. There can be no oversaturation.
Lege Artis
9. Liz Schulte
This sounds so completely amazing. Cannot. Wait. Is there ever too much Fassbender?
Heather Rizzuti
10. heatherbartley
Fassbender is my favorite actor! This movie sounds cool, too. He is definitely not overexposed since he has a varied mix of movie genres. Last night, I just saw Fassbender in "Centurion" (2010). He sure is hot as a Roman soldier fighting the Picts, and the Scottish landscape in that movie is awesome! An overlooked Fassie classic that I recommend if you can handle some battle-related blood and gore (I didn't think it was gratuitous). I think "Centurion" is as good as "Last of the Mohicans".
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