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Lost Girl Episode 6: Succubus Soup

Bo and Lauren grow closer in Lost Girl

Can’t get enough of SyFy’s new show Lost Girl? Neither can we, so we’ve begun a weekly recap. Don’t miss Heather Waters’s thoughts on episodes 1-3 or Kiersten Krum’s recaps of episode 4 and episode 5.

And now, on to the recap of episode 6, “Food for Thought”...

Bo can’t decide what to wear. Oh, the horror. She holds up one slinky dress after the other, examining how they look in the floor length mirror every Hilton Hovel should have. Kenzi enters her bedroom and wonders if they have plans. Bo says that she has a doctor’s appointment tonight. Kenzi: “In a push-up bra and sexy boots at this hour?” Bo explains that the appointment is with Doctor Lauren, and as I roll my eyes, Bo wonders about the merits of her latest dress choice. “Needs more boobooly,” Kenzi decides. “Gotta let the girls breathe.” Boy. Howdy.

Kenzi wonders what kind of a test it is, like a sex test grading Bo’s luscious curves. It’s a succubus mid-term, Bo explains. Doctor Lauren is taking her out on the town tonight to see how Bo does controlling herself amongst the livestock. Kenzi wonders if that’s all it is, because she sensing date vibes and knowing how Bo likes the ladies…Bo insists it’s definitely, definitely not a date. She’s just hates tests and needs to chill a little. No disasters on the menu tonight, it’s just drinks and dinner. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Oh nos! She invoked the “what could go wrong?” rule guaranteeing that something will immediately go wrong!!

Cut to a woman dressed as a gypsy grandmother who is whacking away at meat with a cleaver whilst humming a jaunty tune. She dumps the meat into a boiling saucepot muttering “double, double, toil, and trouble” over said pot as she stirs it (actually, she only dumps the meat in). Reaching into the fridge or ice box as they call it in the northern realms (possibly), she pulls out a human foot on a platter and the music gets all fractured and crackly, as though we need an audible cue that a human foot is not good for the sauce. Pshaw. Everyone knows hands offer much better flavoring.

Adding the foot to her pot, Gypsy Granny stirs again muttering “fire burn and cauldron bubble” (no, she doesn’t, OK, she does add the foot). In bed later that night, Gypsy Granny has a serious case of indigestion (toldja she should’ve used a hand!) with noises that make me wonder if an adipose baby is about to pop loose. She struggles to sit up, flicks on a light and screams as she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror, blood streaming from her eyes.


Bo and Lauren in Lost Girl’s Food for Thought Bo and Doctor Lauren are at The Dal, doing tequila shots. This is bound to end well. Doctor Lauren commends Bo for learning to control her powers in a lab situation but now it’s time for a real-world test drive.  As they peruse The Dal’s options, Doctor Lauren wonders how Bo reads sexual libido in a room like this. Bo explains that she sees energy flow, like an aura. “The more aroused someone is, the hotter they burn.” She reads a couple with inverse proportions of attraction to one another “he’s a four; she’s a seven.” Doctor Lauren is amazed that Bo can tell all that by looking and I wonder how a doctor of her supposed skill managed to skip body language reading 101.

Doctor Lauren wonders what Bo sees in her right now and Bo says, she’s definitely curious, but she’s not so sure it’s entirely scientific and they get all up close and in each other’s business until Doctor Lauren calls for another drink.  A few shots later they’ve retired to a couch and Doctor Lauren is wondering if she’ll ever be able to feel her lips again. Sign of some good tequila, I’d say. Bo likes after hours Doctor Lauren and thinks she should loosen up more often. Doctor Lauren invites Bo to wield her wiles on her and the midterm commences as Bo takes Doctor Lauren’s hands and feeds pulses of succubus synergy up her arm. Bo asks if Lauren can feel it. “Yeah,” Doctor Lauren says bug-eyed and breathing heavy. She tells Bo to focus on what she’s feeling. “Hungry,” Bo answers. Slowly, they lean in to kiss, but Bo breaks off at the last minute and pulls away. “I can’t do this. Once I start feeding, I can’t stop.” Doctor Lauren insists that she can, that she’s ready for it just as soon as she starts believing in herself. “Some other time,” Bo says, not without regret. Doctor Lauren agrees that they’ll try again another time. “It might help if you stopped fighting your true nature. The fae aren’t monsters, Bo, and neither are you.”

It’s a new day and Bo and Kenzi are in Doctor Lauren’s lab, presumably for another “treatment,” and let me say that I am digging Kenzi’s short, red wig. Kenzi is complaining, both about the lab and Doctor Lauren. “This place gives the creeps. It’s so – Lauren.” Bo claims Doctor Lauren is more interesting than Kenzi thinks. Kenzi: “You’re only saying that because you want to see her naked bits.” Personally, I think Doctor Lauren is as limp and blah as her hair, but to be fair, that could just be a stylist issue. And also the fact that she’s not Dyson.

Bo tells Kenzi to dial it down; Doctor Lauren has really helped her. Kenzi says she’s glad these “treatments” are working for Bo, but nothing in this world is free: “Ever wonder what she’s getting out of this arrangement?”

BoThe doctor herself rushes in, apologizing that she has an emergency and must dash, “Official business.” Bo posits that she means it’s none of Bo’s business, and Doctor Lauren admits that Bo could tag along and learn more about her work by meeting one of the oldest fae orders. Bo says they’d love to and I love the fact that as cock-blocking as Kenzi is being at this moment, Bo doesn’t hesitate to include her.

At the house call, Doctor Lauren holds up her pendant which undoubtedly will mean something later and says “The Ash sent me.” Kenzi pauses on the threshold and decides she’ll pass on going any farther. “Fae cooties. I’m not big on sick peeps.” Exasperated, Doctor Lauren tells her to try not to break anything.

Doctor Lauren examines Gypsy Granny, who is as sweet as apple pie as she pooh poohs all the worry over little ole her as blood streaks from her eyes. Doctor Lauren muses that this is her first aswang patient and I spit wine across the room trying to figure out who named these people asswipe. Gypsy Granny isn’t surprised since they never need a doctor. “I’m sorry,” Bo interrupts. “Asswipe?” OK, fine, she repeats aswang, but her face totally said asswipe. Doctor Lauren explains that this order of fae enjoys a symbiotic relationship with humans. “We eat human corpses,” Granny Gypsy explains matter-of-fact. Dead human bodies are their nourishment.

Kenzi, meanwhile, is roaming the kitchen, poking into things and is psyched to find a biscuit to gnaw on. The girl never stops eating and only weighs about 80 lbs. I hate her. Turning around, she sees the big pot of foot soup simmering on the cooker and makes a beeline for it. Seriously, who wanders through a supernatural stranger’s house and helps themselves to dinner? Kenzi’s already admitted to feeling squeamish about being in a sick fae’s house, but she’s OK mooching their food? I know Kenzi’s off the street and a ballsy survivor and maybe I can buy that she constantly grazes because somewhere along the line she had no food at all, but come on!

Back in Gypsy Granny’s bedroom, Doctor Lauren explains that aswang eat humanity’s diseased dead and thus keep toxins out of the environment. Aw, how sweet of them. Or possibly sour. I suspect Ebola would leave a tart aftertaste. Doctor Lauren examines Gypsy Granny and is clearly not happy. Gypsy Granny fears that it’s bad and Lauren says she’s not sure, asking “Could it be due to someone you ate?”

Cut to the kitchen where Kenzi is spooning up herself some foot soup.

Gypsy Granny can’t understand how it could be food related as she’s eaten everything–cancer, Black Death, Ebola–with only occasional heartburn, but now she’s convinced she’s dying. Doctor Lauren says she needs to check what Gypsy Granny’s eaten in the last 24 hours.

Cut back again to the kitchen as Doctor Lauren and Bo walk in on Kenzi scooping up the last of the soup with her biscuit. She completely freaks. “Not only do these aswang have a very unfortunate name, but it also eats dead people?!” As she disinfects her mouth with everything and anything she can find, Doctor Lauren admits to Bo that they don’t even know if the soup is the problem. She sends Bo to the funeral home from where Gypsy Granny gets her bodies while she goes back to the lab and examines the soup and maybe come up with an antidote. Cue Kenzi: “Does anyone have a mint?!”

At The Dal, Trick is dealing in spices with an old friend and my ridiculous memory cache for faces immediately pegs him as Death from Supernatural. I love it when character actors pop in between genre shows. It’s like a brotherhood of the weird and wacky. “I’ve been craving a giant dish of colcannon,” Trick confesses. Oh dude, me too! They quote a ditty from the old country and raise their glasses. Trick asks what his friend wants in trade and Old Friend points out the gleipnir, which Trick immediately refuses. Old Friend begs a peek and Trick presents it reverently. Old Friend reminisces about how the gleipnir once held the Fenris wolf “Forged by dwarves,” Trick quotes with pride. “Stronger than any other chain. The more the Fenris struggled, the stronger it became.” It’s so poetic the way these fae talk about torture.  Old Friend slyly suggests that if Trick ever wants to trade it… Trick swears that will never happen, so we know it’s gonna happen damn soon.

Bo and Kenzi have arrived at the funeral home that doubles as Gypsy Granny’s grocery store. The director bemoans Gypsy Granny’s condition and explains how they tightly regulated their food appropriation stream with an extensive check list that helps identify the appropriate outlet.  She flips through her card catalog and provides Bo with the address of the last–er–meal plan she sent to Gypsy Granny, a victim of a hit and run marked for aswang only as the director didn’t like the look of him and aswang can eat anything.

Bo and Kenzi go to the victim’s apartment and find it thoroughly tossed. “Somebody was definitely looking for something,” Kenzi opines, right before that somebody jumps out and puts a gun to Bo’s. There’s a struggle, natch, and as Bo backs kicks the bad guy, the gun goes off. Bad guy runs off and Kenzi collapses. “Are you hit?!” Bo asks in a panic. “No,” Kenzi says and her eyes are dripping blood. “But suddenly, I don’t feel so good.”

Bo takes Kenzi back to Doctor Lauren’s lab, Kenzi protesting all the way. “Seriously, I think I just sneezed too hard. It’s just a little eye blood and who hasn’t had a little eye blood before?” Doctor Lauren says she’s developed a rudimentary treatment but privately tells Bo that a treatment isn’t a cure. She’s discovered that the disease is a hemorrhagic fever that Doctor Lauren has never seen before, definitely from the foot soup, but a chemical in the tissue that she still can’t identify. Gypsy Granny, meanwhile, is getting worse. If they can find original source of the infection, Doctor Lauren could make an antitoxin. Bo goes off to dig into foot guy’s life, promising Kenzi that she’s in good hands.

DysonAt the cop shop, Dyson (FINALLY!!! That was a long, damn-ass 17:25 people!) is digging into foot guy’s life, which isn’t much. Bo describes the bad guy tossing the apartment and details his tattoo. Dyson identifies it as the symbol of the Iron Chain, a local biker gang. Dyson: “Come on, I know where they hang out.” Of course you do.

Bo and Dyson stride into the Iron Chain’s lot, all bad ass alphas, and I refill my wineglass to properly enjoy what’s coming. Oddly enough, not one of the do-ragged, paunchy bikers looks remotely like Jax. The bikers grumble and glare as Bo points out her attacker who claims to have nothing to say to Bo just as his pal breaks the neck off a beer bottle. “Friendly place,” Dyson observes. Bo takes the first shot at her guy, grabbing him into a hold, and Dyson whacks away at a few others (hotly, natch) including beer bottle neck guy, before flashing his...badge (damn it!). “Anyone else want to be stupid?” he asks, which seems like a question that answers itself. “We’re just here for some information.”

Bo interrogates the biker who claims he got $500 to clean out foot soup’s apartment but followed the “client” back to a chemical company.

Dyson pinky swears KenziBo updates Kenzi and claims she can handle it solo. “Just hang in there until I get back, deal?” Kenzi agrees and Bo leaves, but not without a telling touch for Dyson, who’s hovering nearby (such a good boy!). “You’ll stay with me though, right?” Kenzi asks him. “You bet,” he promises in THAT VOICE. “I’m not going anywhere,” and they pinkie swear on it. Kenzi claims she’s not scared, just bored, and Dyson amuses her. Yeah, he’s not buying that either. I love the big bro/little sis vibe they have together and that it’s not only because Dyson is so into Bo that he takes Kenzi by default. Kenzi has him locked into her too, in a totally different, but entirely fabu way.

Doctor Lauren tells Bo none of the fae drugs the chemical company is working on would harm the fae. Bo is still convinced the answers lie there, so she’s going to break in and needs Doctor Lauren help to do it. Doctor Lauren balks. “Me? What can I do?” Oh, honey, if only I knew. Bo insists she needs Doctor Lauren’s help to identify what they’re looking for. “It’s crazy, it’s too dangerous,” Doctor Lauren bleats. Bo wonders if she should just let Kenzi die then, and to her credit, Doctor Lauren says no. She adds that she works for The Ash and can’t go off on an unsanctioned mission. Bo says the chemical is killing fae and that benefits The Ash.

Doctor Lauren finally agrees to go along and comes up with a quality control inspector she can impersonate if Dyson can detail the real inspector for 24 hours. Bo, meanwhile, signs up as assistant to the lecherous head of operations and with one short skirt and a tight sashay, has the entire chemical nerd squad panting in her wake.

At the cop shop, Dyson brings in the protesting quality controller who claims she has no idea how that stuff got in her bag. He meanders off with the bag to “take it into evidence” and passes her credentials off to Doctor Lauren who’s waiting in the hall. Doctor Lauren wonders what happens to the real QC and Dyson assures her that she’ll be released without charges in 24 hours. He’s actually surprised that The Ash condoned what Doctor Lauren and Bo are about to do and she admits she had to talk him into it. “Well, for Kenzi’s sake, I hope you know what you’re doing,” Dyson says. Doctor Lauren looks like she wishes she knew too.

Kenzi wakes up in the lab in a panic, and calls for Dyson, who isn’t there. She strips off the medical monitor wires and stumbles out of bed as Gypsy Granny is brought in on a stretcher in critical condition. Kenzi watches in horror as Gypsy Granny flat lines and dies. As Kenzi starts to totally lose her shit, screaming for the doctors to help Gypsy Granny, she gets restrained and stuck with a needle until she goes back under.

At Chem Central, Bo is cooling her heels in a lab when Doctor Lauren rushes in. Bo: “I have been waiting in rat city for the last half hour, I think they’re starting to judge me.” Doctor Lauren’s learned what they’re looking for is in Sector 6 but she doesn’t have clearance.  Bo wants to rush off and succubus anyone in her way, but Doctor Lauren insists they need a plan first. That’s how she works. How very Lauren of her. She sends Bo to get a key card and voice imprint from her lecherous new boss without succubusing him and drawing more attention to their presence. Doctor Lauren insists Bo has many other charms in her arsenal and promises to make a distraction after hours to give Bo enough time to deal with the guards.

Back at the lab, a trembling Kenzi turns the needle on the fae phlebotomist orderly and orders him to strip & help her “escape.”

Lauren is doing lab rat stuff, a nice call back to the boil, toil, and trouble of the cold open, only this time mixing in test tubes rather than a cauldron/stew pot.

Dyson returns to the lab to find Kenzi missing. Fae phlebotomist orderly tells him Kenzi doesn’t have a lot of time left. Dyson orders him not to tell anyone she’s gone. My heart skips a beat as his eyes go wolf gold and he breathes deeply to track Kenzi’s scent.

Bo is rifling through the letch’s briefcase when he walks in on her. She reigns in the succubus and sets free the ditz, getting the letch to pronounce his name for her as she palms his key card and quickly skedaddles.

Dyson Holds KenziNew recap feature: Scene of the Night

Dyson and his long-legged stride wander through a cemetery (as you do). He finds Kenzi huddling on a bench. She admits she used to come here often just to think. “You promised you wouldn’t leave me,” she accuses. He apologizes: “Bo needed me,” as though that’s an acceptable excuse and of course, for both of them, it is. Kenzi vows not to return to the lab. “Way too cuckoo’s nest. I’d rather die in a ditch.” Dyson puts his arm around her (sigh) assuring her she isn’t going to die, and promises to take her somewhere else that’s safe. She agrees, but wants to stay in the cemetery a little bit longer. “It’s nice. Unless you have somewhere you need to be.” Dyson: “No, I’m good,” and he wraps both arms around her as she snuggles against him in a futile effort to protect her from the thing neither of them can fight much less see. The camera pulls back framing them with tombstones and the moment is so poignant, so sweet. The big bad wolf boy and the Goth chick survivor alone no more. Sigh.

Why yes, I do write romance novels. What gave me away?

Back at Chem Central it’s distraction time and with some quick Chemistry 101 and a gas mask, Doctor Lauren knocks out the security guards and sends Bo on her way to Section 6.

Bo and KenziAt The Dal (where else?), Dyson carries Kenzi down into Trick’s inner sanctum, thanking him for closing early. Trick: “The fewer who know about this, the better.” He warns Dyson that they’re going to expect Kenzi back at the lab and The Ash could come down on Dyson for insubordination. Dyson: “I don’t always take my orders from The Ash.” Trick: “True, but he’s not supposed to know that.” Ooohhh. Mysterious back story allusion on aisle 12! So meaty.

Meanwhile, Bo hits a snag and runs into a guard. She tries to work him with natural wiles “I just love a man in uniform,” but he’s not buying, “Honey, that makes two of us.” Bo turns on the succubus and it’s pretty damn funny when she kisses him and Gay Guard doesn’t quite know what to do: “I really shouldn’t be enjoying this!” Bo goes back for seconds, taking him to the ground. She stops, scared that she’s killed him, but Gay Guard rallies, moaning “that was a treat!” Naturally, Bo is thrilled. This is her first human feeding where she didn’t kill her victim. Huzzah!

She starts on her merry way, but Gay Guard surprises her by surging to his feet and pulling his gun. “I don’t know what you’re playing at but–” he’s cut off as Doctor Lauren surges out from nowhere and plunges a needle in his neck. “I am officially out of my element,” she confesses. No duh, doc. “This time we play it your way.” They pause to high-five Bo’s first non-kill and then breach Section 6.

Trick is checking his watch and pacing as Old Friend returns to The Dal (I think his name is Arlo, but I don’t have closed captioning on this thing so I’m sticking to Old Friend). Old Friend has brought Trick’s request, a very rare commodity that wasn’t easy to obtain. Old Friend reveals an old horn and Trick eyes it gleefully. “It’s perfect.” Old Friend wonders if he can afford it, and without hesitation, Trick hands over the priceless gleipnir, only itnow sounds like he’s saying gletchner (no closed captions, people!). Trick goes off to make some horn tea, which I suppose is better than foot soup, but I’m still backing hand stew FTW.

Kenzi, being Kenzi, pokes around Trick’s sanctum (you really don’t want to spell that one wrong) and uncovers an unusual manicure kit. Trick stops her and saying it’s something he doesn’t use anymore. He serves her the abathorn tea and Kenzi thanks him for letting her crash there, insisting that she’s feeling better already it’s “just one of those 24-hour plagues.” Dyson returns from wherever and he and Kenzi and Trick all look at one another with great concern.

Doctor Lauren is still all agog that Bo’s treatment sessions have paid off. They get into Section 6 and as Doctor Lauren babbles on about core samples, Bo stops short at the sight of a big empty room with a fish tank at its center. “Think it’s whatever is in the big frickin’ tank?”

One quick look is enough for them to know it’s no fish. “It’s a basilisk,” Doctor Lauren informs Bo, a dark underfae creature with such toxic skin she can’t figure how Chem Central even managed to catch it. “Poor thing, they have it on life support.” Really, Doctor Lauren? It’s a Goauld! It’ll eat your soul! Oh wait, wrong genre show. Whoops. My bad.

At Trick’s, Kenzi is shivering with cold and Dyson layers her with blankets. He reassures her that Bo will come through for her. Kenzi wonders why they all look so worried then and this next bit is an awfully close second for scene of the night. “I see more than anyone thinks and that’s because no one’s watching me. Everyone’s always watching Bo. And what I see is you helping her, even though it hurts you. So how can you protect her if being with her makes you weak? If I’m not here someday, can I count on you to have her back? Even if it means cutting her loose?” Oh man, you’re killing me here, kid. Dyson looks like she’s killing him too.  Also, he doesn’t answer her.

Doctor Lauren is fussing with the poor widdle basilisk’s tank to get a tissue sample for her antitoxin. After some trial and error, they manage to pin the snake down and take a sample. But Doctor Lauren refuses to leave the basilisk there; it’s too dangerous, but no good to Chem Central if it’s dead. They literally pull the plug on the snake just as the alarm goes off and quickly run for it.

Bo and TrickDoctor Lauren administers the antitoxin to Kenzi, and she slowly starts to recover.  Relieved, Bo thanks Doctor Lauren for everything and in turn, Doctor Lauren puts her hands on Bo’s shoulders and thanks her for helping her get out of her shell for a little while. Bo flinches and inadvertently looks toward Dyson who doesn’t look happy to see the intimacy between the two women. She starts to backpedal, but Doctor Lauren assures her it’s all good; she knows they’re back in the real world and no longer undercover. Dyson looks faintly pleased at this display of preference though still wary, and Bo gazes after the departing Doctor Lauren as though she’s just lost her new toy and wasn’t done playing with it.

Hale and hearty, Kenzi digs into a burger and fries (yum!) while a content Bo sidles over to the watching Dyson and recaps it all for us. Kenzi on the mend, check. Score points with The Ash, check. Plus, her sex life is no longer on the critical list. She cheerfully tells Dyson that she could probably have sex with humans now, without casualties. He posits that they have the good doctor to thank for that and wonders all too casually if Doctor Lauren will be Bo’s first test subject. “Would that be a problem?” Bo asks. Dyson: “What you do with other people is your business.” Bo: “So you wouldn’t mind if I started seeing other people then. Hypothetically.” Dyson, so cool, so calm: “Not at all,” Frankly, I’m surprised his pants don’t catch on fire right then and there and am really quite disappointed about that they don’t. Dyson strides off as though they’re talking about coffee flavors and Bo looks surprised at his answer and not at all happy about it. Bo: “Good to know.” I really, really beg to differ.


New Fae Terms:

Aswang: n. Old fae species that feeds off diseased human dead. Good cooks. Hate to be a bother. Able to digest Black Death, cancers, and Ebola. Origin: Philippine

gleipnir : n. chain forged by dwarves (who else?) that once held the Fenris wolf, who appears to have been quite the lupus. The more its prey struggles, the tighter the gleipnir gets. Priceless, but tradable in a pinch. Origin: unknown

abathorn: n. a horn. A tea made from its shavings can slow hemorrhaging and infuse strength temporarily. Very expensive. Origin:  unknown.


Best Lines of Episode:

Bo: “I hate tests. I’m better at multiple orgasm than multiple choice.”

Kenzi: “What is it? Take a Fae to Work Day?”

Kenzi: “I’m always putting my foot in my mouth, but at least it’s always MY foot!”

Kenzi: “Worst case scenario, I just ate toxic soup. Best case scenario: I am a toe-sucking cannibal.”

Dyson: Is [Kenzi] contagious?” Fae phlebotomist orderly: “Not unless you plan on eating her, which would serve her right.”

Bo: “That’s so strange. I don’t usually have trouble wrapping my tongue around things.”

Kenzi: “Did I just wake up in Narnia?”

Kenzi: “I’m frickin’ freezing man. Can you like wolf out and lay on my feet?” Dyson: “Maybe later.”


Next Week: ArachnoFaebia


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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Despite the lack of Dyson shirtlessness last night, I really enjoyed the episode--especially the Dyson and Kenzi scenes. That cemetery scene was the best of the night in my book as well. Great recap!

Also: The big bad wolf boy and the Goth chick survivor alone no more. Sigh.
I'm such a sucker for this stuff. Love their friendship.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
2. Kiersten
@redline_ I loved all the Dyson/Kenzi scenes. So, so good.

One of the things I love about this show is that all the characters interact together and forge their own relationships with or without Bo. She may be their center, but there's a whole Venn diagram going on around her. It's why I loved that scene with Hale and Dyson playing pool so much. Short and sweet but so revealing of their bond and friendship. And seeing Kenzi worm her way into Dyson's heart is just adorable. She's got such a smart mouth and is so self-sufficient but the moment she needs to lean, she chooses him. He wants to protect her but can't. She wants to defend herself but can't.
Then to watch Dyson pull her in when you know he's been the loner wolf for centuries and now this tiny woman (and her kick-ass friend) is
breaking him down - I'm a puddle, that's all there is to it.
Brittany Melson
3. BrittanyMelson
I was so disgusted when Kenzi ate the soup. I was even more disgusted when I found out the human was diseased. That's my worst nightmare. Unfortunately, I'm really mad at Kenzi. Who goes into a person's apartment and eats their food without asking? And why did she threaten to infect the orderly with her blood? That's so mean! And I could care less about Kenzi's relationship with Dyson. More than half the time, she's just a nuisance who gets in the way and makes everything go wrong. The other half of the time, she's only semi useful. Do I sound angry? Well, I guess I am. She violated the aswang's space, and she kind of got what she deserved. Did I mention I love aswangs? They're the fae equivalent of vultures, which I also love. They don't kill--they clean! Oh, and I'm enjoying the relationship between Bo and Lauren. She's a succubus. She's got to spread the love around.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@BrittanyMelson -- My roommates were surprised to see Kenzi eating the aswang's food too (and oh, man, was that whole scene gross--yuck!), but she's a thief so I'm sure she's done much worse. Didn't really bother me, to be honest. But then, I like Kenzi a lot; she's fiercely loyal, and I enjoy her quirky humor. Plus, as Kiersten said, she's a survivor. I gotta root for her.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
@BrittanyMelson - I was pretty riled about the soup too as I mentioned. Then on a rewatch, I noticed she said "I'm starving" at the lab and then got pulled along in B0 and Lauren's wake to the home visit. Based on her history, I can sorta buy that she instinctively feeds her hunger as soon as she can because she doesn't know when she'll find food again. Tho it still totally squeeked me out.

Kenzi is definitely an over-the-top, love 'me or hate 'em character. Very little middle ground there. On a whole though, I think she's a riot and her loyalty and love for Bo do her a lot of credit. Plus, I love me a smartass. I like that she's often Bo's conscience and I think she roots Bo in her humanity as she sinks deeper and deeper into the Fae world. Then, as @redline_ said, there's the survivor thing, which pings all across the board for me.

I am not a fan of the Bo/Lauren relationship, as you may have guessed. ;-). While I see some traits to recommend her, Lauren is too weak for my tastes. It's an interesting dynamic in giving Bo a beta in her alpha infused world (Kenzi and Hale are only beta to Bo and Dyson; they rule their own worlds) and having someone besides Kenzi as human but still dialed into the Fae world is key, I think. But the weakness of her character keeps peeking through and I think that ultimately, she will not be someone to depend on when the shit starts flying. 'Fraid I'm Team Dyson all the way. As a succubus, of course, Bo's going to have other partners, but I hope she keeps coming back to the big bad wolf boy in the end - if only so he gets more (shirtless) screen time. ;-)

Thanks for the great comment. Diverse opinions are key to keeping the conversation flowing...
Nicole the Weaver
6. Nicole the Weaver
I hate to say it, Kierstin, but I think I am the only one who got the Stargate SG1 reference. Which, BTW, kudos to you! I actually remember that episode. And now that I have shown my nerdiness......
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
@Nicole the Weaver - HA!! I almost didn't put it in so as not to peg myself as too geektastic (I abandoned SG1 long before it was over), but then the reference was so obvious, I couldn't resist.

I also don't mind that they reuse stuff like that. I think LG twists it just enough to fit its world to own it that I'm good with it. Also, I believe they're just as aware of it as we are, so it's almost a wink wink, nudge nudge to the genre fans.

Thanks for the comment! What do you weave?
Marian DeVol
8. ladyengineer
Kiersten and @Nicole the Weaver - I also caught the SG1 reference and saw that particular episode, but like Kiersten, stopped watching the show well before the end - that whole final season (or was it two?) was too much "jumping the shark" for me. ;->

I'm not a big Bo/Lauren fan - Lauren is a bit too beta (or is that omega?) for my tastes as well, and it's not because I object to the f/f dynamic. I'm very much Team Dyson! Of course, Lauren probably IS a necessary additional human buffer/perspective among all the Fae.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
9. Kiersten
@ladyengineer - maybe it is omega, but I think beta b/c she is strong in her own world, just not naturally alpha. She's not a bad character and she definitely has a purpose and not just as the 3rd in the triangle. But I dislike nearly every minute she's on screen right now as it seems to suck the energy out of everything. Maybe that's it. Maybe b/c everyone else has such crazy chemistry on screen together, and then Doctor Lauren arrives and it's like the air has been sucked outta the room. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

Total jumping the shark on SG1. Not even Crighton & Aeryn on screen together again could save it. Once Anderson left, so did I, pretty much.
Nicole the Weaver
10. plumco
So..... well.... I'm desperately trying to come up with something positive to say about Lauren but the only thing I can come up with is she's not evil (?). I am 100% team Dyson (I spent the first 17:25 minutes saying ’c'mon, c'mon, c'mon where is he??).

@kiersten- I'm with you all the way on Lauren being limp and blah. No offense to the actress but WTH? Show some back bone woman! I'm waiting for them to break out the whale bone corset and white gloves with her. She practically dithers ....

To be honest, I was disappointed with the entire first half of this episode but I will admit to being biased against Lauren and bo so that probably accounts for my dissatisfaction.

However!!! The strengthening of Dyson and kenzie's relationship dragged this potentially 2 star episode up to a solid 7. The cemetary scene was heartbreaking, especially when you consider that poor kenzie sees this as a peaceful place. I get heebie jeebies just walking within 100 feet of a cemetary.

Dyson is so strong in the face of kenzie's fragility that you can practically hear him say 'I'd bear this burden for you if there were any way I could but since I can't, let me wrap my long warm arms around you to give you what shelter I can '.

The 'monster of the week' storyline was completely swallowed by the character
bonding in this episode. I barely remember what bo and lauren were doing the
entire time.... except when lauren says 'it's a basilisk' and I said 'Harry potter's
was bigger'.
Nicole the Weaver
11. plumco
I have to laugh about the outrage over kenzie eating the aswang's soup. No problem with believing that grandma is cooking up dead humans but draw the line at a character like kenzie, who steals something from every place she goes, partaking of the soup du jour (although I do think it was a little bit of clumsy storytelling) .

@kiersten- my close caption says the chain is the 'gleipnir'.. I think the poor guy captioning just sort of rolled with it on that one.

By the way, this ep could have inched up to an 8 if Dyson had bared his teeth and wolfed out a little when lauren started blathering about not being under cover any more...
Carolyn Gage
12. cggirl
Come on people, give the good doctor a chance! I love the eye candy named Dyson as much as the next girl, but maybe Bo is craving something she isn't getting on a regular basis. Something normal ( i.e. human) and safe. Dr. L is a little vanilla to Dyson's Chubby Hubby, but variety is the spice of life. As long as Kenzi remains the sassy smart ass I have grown to love, and as long as we can see those wonderful abs on Dyson, I will remain a faithful viewer, and reader of this community.
Nicole the Weaver
13. plumco
@cggirl- I think the ambivalence toward lauren is directly proportional to what is most important to the viewer .... at least for me. Since I watch the show primarily for the relationships, I find lauren to be a great antagonist in the bo/Dyson storyline but wish she were written with more.........strength (?). You make a good point that bo might appreciate the 'normal' that lauren represents but, I counter that with 'that's what kenzie is for'. Of course kenzie is only normal in the loosest interpretation of the word .....

Hopefully I will learn to appreciate lauren as time goes on...... it IS only the 6th episode after all.

Dyson - bless his long legged, scruffy, tattooed body - he's kinda tortured in the best way.... and you gots to like a tortured soul (cough angel cough).

CHEMISTRY!!!! Maybe that's it. Lauren and Bo have no chemistry (yet) and Dyson and Bo's chemistry leaps off the screen and pretty much has since they first locked eyes (I have a soft spot for that 10 second slow mo walk).
Kiersten Hallie Krum
14. Kiersten
Wow! You guys just exploded tonight. And I love you both for it.

For me and the shows I love, it always starts and ends with the characters and the relationships. I'll stick with a show long past when I should've left if I've invested/connected with the characters. And at its heart, Lost Girl is about these people in this world and how they're going to live in it and survive it together - or not. I love the snark and the sexiness and the clever lines, and meaty back story and mythology, but it lives or dies for me with the characters and Lord, have we hit the jackpot here.

Lauren may be a calm presence in a raging world for Bo @cggirl, and there's definitely something there that she isn't getting from Dyson. But the moment Bo's in real need, she instinctively turns to him. When she leaves Kenzi at the lab to go to Chem Central, she doesn't have to ask him "will you stay with her?", she puts a hand on his arm and he steps in and takes her place. That bone deep connection has been between them since that first hot look and no matter what did or might yet happen with Lauren, that's not going to change. Or at least, that's what I'm holding on to. I think the show will eventually go that way pernamently too, but I also think they're gonna make us bleed for it along the way...

And as for the chemistry, they hit the grand slam with Anna Silk and Kris Holden-Reid. They stand near one another and flames lick at the screen. You can't create that, it's either there or it isn't, and when it is, it's a beautiful and riveting thing to see.

I totally agree w/@plumco that this ep lived and died on the Dyson/ Kenzi scenes. The monster-of-the-week was the means to that end (and also to strengthening things btwn Bo and Lauren.) Also, HP was my 1st thought too once they name checked basilisk.
I spent the first 17:25 minutes saying ’c'mon, c'mon, c'mon where is he??
I was yelling at the screen "where's my wolf boy, damn it!" @plumco. Too, too long a wait on that one but so, so good with the payoff. Mostly when he's on screen, my main thought is Gimmee (more in some scenes than others...)

Vanilla is a good word for it @cggirl. Like I said earlier, someone needs to be the beta and even then, Lauren shines in her own way in her own world. But the phrase I most often associate with her is "anyone's meat" and that impression never ends well...
Dyson - bless his long legged, scruffy, tattooed body - he's kinda tortured in the best way.... and you gots to like a tortured soul (cough Angel cough).
It is very Buffy/Angel in many ways, isn't it? And yet, I like Bo and Dyson so much more. I don't know if its because they're older/more mature (and so am I), or because I dig the wolf more than the bat every single time, or because I so often wanted to smack Angel upside the head and just want to smack Dyson back into bed. But I greatly prefer Bo and Dyson. Their practicality and the lack of weepy teenage angst is so refreshing.

Kiersten Hallie Krum
15. Kiersten
P.S. Also? I think Silk and Holden-Reid are much better actors...
Nicole the Weaver
16. plumco
@Kiersten - I totally admit to appreciating Bo/Dyson more than Buffy/Angel nowadays and I think its for a lot of the same reasons. Teen angst was awesome 10 years ago but I'm .. ahem ... older now. With Angel, it was passionate but in a new love/she's 17 years old sort of way. Dyson on the other hand....there's a song by Finger Eleven called Paralyzer and they sing 'if your body matches what your eyes can do' and we already know Dyson's body MORE than matches what his eyes can do (and my heavens that's sayin' something) . His junk cures cancer, remember?

I loved the recap.... I smiled at your 'Dyson and his long legged stride wander through a cemetary' comment because you and I have discussed the beauty of watching a tall man own his space. Even at a standstill, in this case as he's essentially standing guard over kenzie in Laurens lab (just prior to Bo giving him the touch on her way out), the man just ... owns it, you know? I can't think of another phrase that fits (help me out on that, would you?).

I'm having a difficult time working up any enthusiasm about Bo having other partners. Even the Fury and her consort were hard to stomach. The entire last conversation between Bo and Dyson (B: Are you going to freak if I succubus some human? D: Absofreakinlutely.) made me cringe.

Plus, they didn't have sex at all this episode (oh the humanity) and now I have to wait another week before there's even the possibility of seeing our boy shirtless (or for the love of pete, naked). Sorry, this last comment came out if nowhere.
Carmen Pinzon
17. bungluna
Late to the party, but must add my 2 cents. I'm with the Kenzie tstl by eating soup in fae kitchen side. I caught the 'I'm hungry' comment at the lab and was yelling at my tv because I knew the stupid was coming. Once the set-up was in place, I enjoyed watching the Dyson-Kenzie interplay. I miss the shirtless D shots, though, and feel they should be required in every episode. Maybe a Dyson getting reading in the morning, taking a shower scene with the credits every time?

As for the dr., I wish they'd played that character differently. She's to wishy washy as written for me.

Finally, D and Bo are fae, they are not human. Her being a sucubus carries a need to feed from sexual emotions, no? Why can't they have a relationship and learn to bring an extra partner du jour home with them to spice things up when needed? ;-D
Kiersten Hallie Krum
18. Kiersten
@plumco I think we need to resolve ourselves to Bo's ever-changing bed partners; that's the nature of the character/show after all and it adds inherent conflict to every romantic relationship she may try to have. And despite my Bo/Dyson mania, I find the unabashed sexual liberation of Bo refreshing. Yeah, it had to be tied into her supernatural character to be "acceptable" but Bo isn't ashamed of her need for sex from basically anyone - she just doesn't want to kill people while feeding that need.

Man, that final convo btwn Bo and Dyson was charged with subtext and KHR does such a great job of making Dyson seem so casual about it (with THAT VOICE) except for those tiny ticks and tells that flash across his face that prove otherwise.

As for the shirtless/nekkid/sexxing complaints...wait untill Vexxed. You will NOT be disappointed.

@bungluna I kinda feel bad for Zoie Palmer who plays Doctor Lauren. She must feel villified by all the Bo/Dyson lovers, though I know there's a rabid "Docubbus" fandom online too. It's hard to play a character that anemic and yet still show, from time to time, shades of vulnerability. She does this well, tho, so much so that I even occasionally feel bad for resenting every second of her screen time. Also, I'm constantly distacted by wanting to recommend better hair care to her.

Problem with having variety in the Bo/Dyson bed is I don't see Dyson as a sharing kind of guy. Plus, there's that whole wolves-mate-for-life thing (which I personally really dig) that if they do get into relationshippy land, is bound to pop up and cause havoc. How can you love someone and yet force them to deny their nature b/c you can't stand to share them?

Conflict! Gotta love it!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
19. Kiersten
Oh, and I TOTALLY LOVE that Paralyzer song (while can give or take Finger Eleven depending on the song). Great, great lyrics
Kiersten Hallie Krum
20. Kiersten
@plumco - "owns it" it exactly the right phrase. It's presence. Last night, I noticed he does a lot of planting his feet and crossing his arms and just standing there in the background until Bo or Kenzi pull him in and there's this sense of restrained power that emanates from him, as though you take your eyes off him at your own peril. That's presence, baby. He haz it. In spades.
Nicole the Weaver
21. Trish Milburn
Another great recap, Kiersten. You and I are so on the same page about many things. I laughed out loud at some parts of your post. Let's see...

I was totally thinking this episode was going to blow for the first 17-plus minutes. I kept thinking, seriously, there's an episode with no Dyson. Pout! Then there he was -- Yes! Loved the development of his brother/sister relationship with Kenzi. And I love how Trick was very protective/fatherly of Kenzi too. I noticed it particularly in the scene where she's eating the burger and fries and he's standing next to her, smiling and looking protective.

No offense to Zoie, who plays Lauren, but I have this very negative, visceral reaction to her with Bo. And it's not that it's two girls, just that I LOVE the Bo/Dyson, smokin' hot relationship.

Being a big Supernatural fangirl, I totally pegged Julian Richings (Death) when I saw him. And I looked up this Lost Girl role on IMDB (what did I ever do before IMDB?) and his character's name was Arval. And I cracked up at the goa'uld reference. :)

Was totally grossed out by the foot soup. I had to look away a few times. Of course, I had sat down to eat my own lunch when I started this episode. I always seem to do that with Bones too. Ick!
Nicole the Weaver
22. plumco
@bungluna - do you think we can petition for that? Shirtless shots required; minimum 5 per episode; minimum 4 if his hipbones show up in every shot? Not only did we not get any snazzy 'omg-he's-got-such-a-crazy-nice-body' shots, we didn't even get to SEE him until almost 18 minutes in! Kiersten and I have both lodged complaints. Its just unacceptable. :) @Kiersten - I am counting down the days until Episode 8 (no really, I have a calendar and everything). My DVR is starting to ask me daily if I'd like to watch something else since it's tired of playing the first 6 episodes over and over. I'm a big scripted TV watcher but ever since I started watching Lost Girl (I had DVR'd 4 ep's before watching the first one-Thank God), I haven't been interested in my standard stuff. As for THAT VOICE. I love THAT VOICE. Sometimes he'll say something and all the hair on my neck stands up (in a good way). Not to go off topic but I'm a huge BSG fan and I get the same affect (effect?) when Helo speaks. Pretty much everything on me stands at attention. There oughta be a law.... And I think you're right about Dyson not being big on sharing. I imagine that will cause some nice tension throughout the series. Weirdly enough, between the time I started commenting yesterday and this comment today, I've actually gotten a little excited about seeing some Lauren / Dyson jealousy and veiled (maybe not so veiled?) animosity. One other thought on the sharing thing. I don't think Dyson would have a problem with Bo feeding off the occasional bystander but I DO think he'd have a problem with her feeding off the same occasional bystander more than once. The way he asks if the doctor will be her first test subject sounded like he was reluctantly accepting that Bo was going to try her out but hoped that it was a one-time deal. Nuance baby. The man can say I love you with a twitch of an eyebrow.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
23. Kiersten
Trish! I've been wondering when you were going to chime in! Thanks for all the recap love! I do love to make people/readers laugh!

Man, I would be lost at sea w/out IMDB some days. Thanks for clearing all the name stuff up. I'm usually more on top of those things (for example, I can peg Mark Shepherd as soon as I hear his voice). That's what I get from writing these things sometimese at 2 AM...

I stopped watching Bones a while back, and one reason was I always seem to be eating when that show starts and then immediately lose my appetitie as they got progressively grosser and grosser. Bleh.

Trick definitely has that paternal affection for Kenzi, and I loved how he's all "Don't tell anyone she's here" but he'll trade his prized possession to prolong (not even to save!) her life in the next instant.

As you can see, I get that same viscereal reaction to Doctor Lauren and Bo together, likely for exactly the same reason too. Every time Bo and Dyson are on screen together it's just electrifying and I don't want anything or anyone to prevent that. Alas, that would make for a very short life for the show...
Nicole the Weaver
24. plumco
That last post had a lot more "returns" in it when I typed it. Sorry if it's difficult to read.
Nicole the Weaver
25. Trish Milburn
Yeah, Mark Shepherd shows up on a lot of stuff I like too. Firefly, anyone? LOVE me some Firefly. A friend and I got to meet and chat with Mark at Dragon*Con a couple of years ago. He didn't have anyone at his autograph table, so we went up and started talking about his role on Supernatural.

Also, wanted to share my love of KHR's voice too. Dude, some guys' voices just ooze sex, don't they? I'm getting shivers just thinking about it. :)
Nicole the Weaver
26. plumco
Trish - I would watch a show about paint drying if Joss Whedon was involved. Firefly was, if not my favorite show, definitely in the top 5. Mark Shepherd was in BSG as well, right? The guy gets around and does an awesome job doing it.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
27. Kiersten
@plumco - As you probably noticed, I love THAT VOICE. It is incredibly effective and viseral baby. Totally viseral experience. Gives me the shivers several times an episode.

I loved Helo too, but mostly because he was such a good guy and that didn't change. Everybody on that ship lost their shit completely at one time or another, but Helo just hung onto Sharon and kept being a good, solid, honorable guy. Love. It.

I think Dyson might be able to swallow (heh) some feeding that doesn't involve insert Tab A into Slot B shenannigans. He's stood by while she's kissed and feed without too much angst. Let's not forget that he was the one to make out with that bar wench to prove his point to Bo in the Kappa episode. That's a first volley right there.

I'm working real hard not to spoil stuff here, with the exception of touting how great episode 8 is, so I'll just say with regard to the Doctor Lauren/Dyson rivalry, what'll be really interesting is when/if they have to work together, without and/or for Bo. Dyson has already repeatedly warned Bo not to trust Doctor Lauren and we've been told he knows a lot more about Bo than he's letting on, so I gotta wonder if he knows more about Doctor Lauren too, and if that's what colors his view of her, never mind the doctor's continued efforts to suck on his succubus.

And again, this is what makes Lost Girl so great. We care this much about these characters in only 6 episodes! That's some great writing, production, and performing right to send us all bing, bing, bing, Ricochet Rabbit over it all.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
28. Kiersten
P. S. Do not get me started on the hip bone/Adonis belt glimpses. Serious personal weakness and I look for a durable flat surface during his screen time enough as it is.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
29. Kiersten
Mark Shepherd was definitely in BSG and most recently, did great work on Doctor Who. Talk about a small world, I mentioned that last fact on FB at the time and my LA-based cousin chimed in that Shepherd's son plays on his son's soccer team. Cousin mentioned that Shepherd was a good man. I love it when an actor you like turns out to be solid IRL too.

I'm a huge Whedonverse fan and love Firefly - but didn't initially. A lot of that, as it turns out, was because of FOX TV shenannigans with how they ran the episodes (and I was pissed at the time that Whedon left Buffy/Angel to do Firefly and those shows suffered greatly for it). But I watched again when SyFy ran the series a bunch of years ago, and I love it madly. Fillion does his best work ever in that series and Joss' world and words and characters are as sharp and engaging as ever.
Nicole the Weaver
30. Kelly Scott
I love this show. Bo and the Dr's little interactions are hot, but Bo and Dyson are NUCLEAR....I can't wait till Dyson can't keep his distance anymore and pursues Bo full out.
Nicole the Weaver
31. plumco
Let's not forget that he was the one to make out with that bar wench to prove his point to Bo in the Kappa episode. That's a first volley right there.
But Kiersten! We all know the making out was solely for Bo's benefit. Trick made him break the emotional ties and the red head served her purpose. I mean seriously, he was barely involved in kissing her.... almost like he was just waiting for Bo to show up so he could stop (thats my story and i'm sticking to it). Side note on THAT VOICE.... when he asks Red her name again and then says "hi kayla", I was completely mesmerized. I think I may have drooled a little. The look, the voice (did it drop an octave or is that just me?), the taking one for the team angst. Hot hot hot. Yeah - Dyson's comment about how he doesn't always get his orders from Ash gave me little shivers. Honestly, I was so involved with the relationship building that the back story for Dyson wasn't on my radar so when he said that, I think I gasped. I know my dogs looked at me as if to say "what now? Can we PLEASE watch Animal Planet?"
Nicole the Weaver
32. plumco
Seriously, I have no idea why my returns are suddenly being removed from my posts. Stupid computer!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
33. Kiersten
We all know the making out was solely for Bo's benefit. Trick made him break the emotional ties and the red head served her purpose. I mean seriously, he was barely involved in kissing her.... almost like he was
just waiting for Bo to show up so he could stop (thats my story and i'm sticking to it).
You're absolutely right about the motivation, @plumco, but Bo doesn't know any of that, does she? So until he comes clean, it's a fair playing field...though it really was a mechanical process for him and he immediately chased Bo down and made it clear he was still available but only for healing sex (yeah, right.)

Yeah, Bo definitely notices (and doesnt like) the way he says "Hi Kayla". You'd have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to. Plus, she gives the girl quite the look when Kayla makes her first overture. Have to wonder if Trick sent her over in the first place...

@Kelly Scott - Nuclear is a great descripter. I think a full-out Dyson pursuit would be a heady thing to see much less be the focus of. *fans self* Strewth. Oh, if only...
Kiersten Hallie Krum
34. Kiersten
@plumco - Snort. I'm viewing your return-less posts as a Joycean stream-of-consciousness thing
Nicole the Weaver
35. plumco
Actually I was thinking more about your comment on Dyson being able to stand by without too much angst since he's the one who got the non-exclusive ball rolling. My thinking is that he was incredibly angst-y about it. He took one for the team and definitely was trying to separate Bo's feelings from him BUT, I think it took its toll on him to do it. Everytime I watch the scene where he's kissing the red head I just shake my head. And I still think he looked completely unethusiastic about kissing her.... just killing time while he waited for his chance to rip out Bo's heart and stomp on it a bit. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Also - Bo definitely notices and expresses annoyance when Red first tries to pick up on Dyson but the "Hi Kayla" I'm talking about is the one when she brings him a beer "on her" (she wishes) and he asks for her name again. Just a "Hi Kayla" in THAT VOICE (less an octave) with a small beat following it to make sure we all see he's workin' it. -----------------------------------------------------
Since my returns aren't working - we're going to try this dash thing. I can barely read my own posts when the thoughts are all jumbled. Yeesh.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
37. Kiersten
Whoops. Got a little confused there. I think probably b/c I pretty much FF past his interlude w/Kayla. You have a point. He does these things, but then he's clearly not happy about doing them. And boy howdy, did it take a toll. Look how fast he chased after her, and then in the next episode, when she proposes the FWB thing and then they kiss, his face as he cradles her head is very telling.
The "Hi Kayla" I'm talking about is the one when she brings him a beer"on her" (she wishes) and he asks for her name again. Just a "Hi Kayla" in THAT VOICE (less an octave) with a small beat following it to make sure we all see he's workin' it.
Oh yeah, he definitely turned on the wolf charm there. Sigh.
Nicole the Weaver
38. Trish Milburn
@plumco, Firefly is my all-time favorite show. I love the entire cast, the snappy dialogue, the mixture of sci-fi and western. Joss does tend to re-use actors in his various projects. Mark has been on lots of shows I like -- SPN, BSG (loving all the Helo love here, too), Dollhouse, Warehouse 13, even an episode of The X-Files back in the day.

I'm really looking forward to The Avengers not only because I love superhero movies but because Joss is at the helm. And Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Renner don't hurt. :)
Marian DeVol
39. ladyengineer
@plumco - FYI...every time you preview your posting, the site removes any carriage returns and you have to re-enter them before clicking the "Post" button. I discovered that my first comment at H&H.

My impression of Dyson's tryst with Kayla was that it was in part to convince Trick (from whom he accepts orders when they AREN'T from the Ash??) that he could keep his emotional distance from Bo and in part to convince himself of the same thing. Obviously, the latter didn't work well or for very long. I'm not sure he meant for Bo to find him with Kayla, but used the situation to reinforce the distance.

I am continually impressed with the subtleties in KHR's protrayal of Dyson and the sexual tension between him and Anna Silk. He can convey a wealth of meaning from a single twitch, tightening of lip, lifting of eyebrow,.... If you couldn't tell, I'm probably half in love with Dyson myself and would certainly not "throw him out of bed for eating crackers". ;->

Personal speculation re: Bo's origins (this may be wishful thinking on my part, but if I'm already wrong, don't tell me, I'd like to find out during the course of the show and not with spoilers):

*We know she is 100% Fae, but raised by humans because it was too dangerous and/or politically volatile to be raised among the Fae.

*My thoughts are:
*one of her parents was/is Light Fae and the other Dark,
*one or both of them were/are very highly placed politically,
*her very existence is dangerous and could trigger the Light/Dark war, and
*because of her parental heritage, when she comes into her full magickal power, she will be stronger than any other Fae living.

Of course, you may say these things are obvious. ;->
Nicole the Weaver
40. plumco
Trish - I'm looking forward to The Avengers for all those pretty reasons you listed but I'm a little concerned because the Hype is sky high and I'm not sure anyone could live up to those expectations. (clink) Here's to hopin'.

I went loopy over Helo from the third episode or so. He's also tall and lanky (cut! but long limbed) and I have a bit of a tendre for tall men. He's also the wallpaper on my android which solicits no end of grief from my co-workers. : )

@Keirsten - I have forced 3 of my friends to start watching Lost Girl and while they are unable to devote the same amount of time as me to obsess err.. appreciate, discuss and reminesce over the show, I do think we have some new fans. I look forward to them catching up with me so we can all sit here and impatiently tap our toes waiting for the next ep. It makes me giddy because I get to watch the shows with a set of virgin eyes and point out all the good stuff.... This often gets me stern looks that seem to infer I am underestimating thier ability to recognize HEAT when they see it.

I did want to reiterate just how much I enjoy your recaps. You put to words all the things I'm thinking ... only you're much funnier about it :). I've seen recaps of other shows and been amused but this is the first time I've ever participated in Posting and I gotta say - ENJOYING THE HELL OUT OF IT.

Thanks again! You're awesome.
Nicole the Weaver
41. plumco
@ladyengineer - THANK you. I normally post on my Kindle but I'm at a desktop today and was really baffled.

I hear what you're saying about the possibility that the Kayla incident wasn't planned but I think I'm too far gone the other way (that it was fully planned) to shift to center. Dyson seemed so pained to have to break Bo's heart, you know? I also think that HE doesn't need to be distracted from her (with Red), Bo just needs to be distracted from him so Red unknowingly played her part and he was done with her. That's my feeling on it anyway.

I've expressed my thoughts on his lack of enthusiasm while he's kissing Red BUT... (and I see a huge shift in my gears as I type this), his apparent lack of enthusiasm (in my eyes) might just be because the exact opposite is true with Bo. I mean - it took them about 2 seconds to get it on when she was blue lipped and half conscious and that was DAMN HOT. So, maybe its the "relative" difference that gets me. I don't know about you guys but all sorts of epiphany bells just went off in my head.

Damn, just when I thought I had a handle on this..... sigh.
Nicole the Weaver
42. Lsbloom
Hi, I'm new. But I wanted to say I love LOVE your reviews. I've been bouncing around the media/fansites since I became obsessed when SyFy started airing season 1, and your summaries are spot-on, perfect. Love it, back next week.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
43. Kiersten
Hi @ladyengineer!!

OK - first of all, Dyson totally planned for Bo to find him with Kayla. Of this I have no doubt. Sure, he couldn't have known when she would show up, but I'm gonna let that hiccup slide as one of the plot holes of the week. Kayla was merely a tool for him, that is all.
I am continually impressed with the subtleties in KHR's protrayal of Dyson and the sexual tension between him and Anna Silk. He can convey a wealth of meaning from a single twitch, tightening of lip, lifting of eyebrow,.... If you couldn't tell, I'm probably half in love with Dyson
myself and would certainly not "throw him out of bed for eating crackers". ;->
I couldn't agree more on all points @ladyengineer. KHR is nailing (heh) Dyson. It such a joy to see an actor find the role he resonates in and take center stage with it. And that scorching chemistry btwn him & Silk is why my heart breaks and rejoices over their every scene together. Television magic there.

I'm not going to speculate over Bo's parentage because - well - I already know (neener neener) and want you all to find out the way I did - gradually - and hopefully enjoy it all as much too. It will be totally worth it, I promise.
...it took them about 2 seconds to get it on when she was blue lipped and half conscious and that was DAMN HOT
SO HOT!!! What raises that scene above a oh-look-their-getting-nekkid level are the way high emotional stakes going on between them at the same time. Seriously, by then end of this season, I am totally going to need a new remote control having broken mine by then with all the rewind/pause/play/rewind.

Thank you so much, @plumco, for you many kind words. I love writing the recaps and pretty much say whatever I'm thinking when watching this show that we love. It's quite edifying to hear that you and others are enjoying them so much. And I'm loving our extended discussions in the comments. As a writer, talking in depth about character and emotion and intention and motivation and let's not forget the hot sexxing, is just crackolicious. So, thank you!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
44. Kiersten
Welcome @Lsbloom!! What a lovely thing to say, and in your first comment too! Can't wait to talk more with you after next week's episode.

(Psst - You may have noticed, we are TOTALLY obsessed with this show. Ridiculously so on my part. You are in very good company.)
Nicole the Weaver
45. plumco
Ridiculously is only scratching the surface here. But Kiersten hasn't cornered the market on that. She has LOTS of us suckered right in with her.

BTW, I'm happy that you appreciate extended discussions because - being new to this blogging(?) (commenting? posting ? - see, I don't even know what its called), I was concerned that my replies and rehashing might have overstepped some unwritten rule on blogging (commenting? posting?) time frames and plot points and that I had wandered into the "OMG she's one of THOSE people" club by accident.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
46. Kiersten
Oh, it's entirely my pleasure to sucker - succubusser (?) - you all in, I promise you. But it's not like you make it - er - hard...
I was concerned that...I had wandered into the "OMG she's one of THOSE people" club by accident.
Well you did, , but again, you're in good company!

I'm not aware of any commenting restrictions as far as length is concerned, so long as we all remain respectful to one another even - especially! - when we disagree (it will happen eventually). I think the community and conversation we've begun here these last 3 weeks is fun and lively and very, very involved. I couldn't ask for more, really, and am thrilled to spearhead it until you all grow tired of my snarky, snarky ways.

Thank you all so much for being a part of it!
Toni Mac
47. NoCigar
So I'm on season two of this show because it came on in Canada first, therefore when I first saw things on the net about it I HAD to watch. Season two by the way is AWESOME but I feel KIND of bad for Bo - You'll see why at the end of season one, start of season two....

Anyway, I love Dyson and Kenzie. They are awesome. I can't stand Lauren to be honest - and you all will see why .

I just had to say that this is one of my most favourite shows out right now. I have a few but this ranks top 5. I'm team Dyson!!!! All the way. Only I hope he ends up with Bo. She's kind of on a downward spiral right now.... But I'm not going to say too much because again - season one is still on not season 2.

Anyway I'll stop here. I just wanted to say, TEAM DYSON, not team Lauren
Kiersten Hallie Krum
48. Kiersten
@NoCigar Welcome!

I'm totally Team Dyson as well, as perhaps you noticed, and I know exactly what you mean about the end of Season 1, but we're not going to talk about that right now, right? Right.

We're a spoiler-free here as far as future episodes and seasons are concerned, even if the waiting is bound to drive me batcrap crazy yet. We poor fools here in the U.S. are just beginning the Lost Girl journey (and are totally loving it!) but alas, we'll stick to the slow road as far as this commenting area is concerned.

That said, we'd love to have you rewatch with us via these recaps. Come back and join the convo - but only on the episodes as they air in the U.S.

Thanks so much!!!
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