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Lost Girl Episode 5: Luck of the Succubus

Bo in Lost GirlCan’t get enough of SyFy’s new show Lost Girl? Neither can we, so we’ve begun a weekly recap. Don’t miss Heather Waters’s thoughts on episodes 1-3 or Kiersten Krum’s recap of last week’s episode 4.

And now, on to the recap of episode 5, “Dead Lucky”...


Picking right up on their Friends with Benefits agreement, Dyson and Bo are getting busy all over Dyson’s cop shop. “So Dyson, you’re not afraid of any of your co-workers walking in on us?” Bo asks. Dyson: “Gotta love statutory holidays,” with a laugh so wickedly infectious that my pants actually pop open in response. He picks Bo up and they move to his desk where Bo rips his shirt off and Hot Tattoo Alert!!!!!

Post facto, Bo thanks Officer Dyson for responding to her healing emergency. Dyson, sadly putting his shirt back on but not before flashing his Adonis belt, notes he didn’t see a scratch on her.  “What can I say?” asks Bo. “I was hungry,” and wonders what she has to do to get breakfast. Dyson backpedals, wondering if breakfast is too relationship-y (Fae forbid).

They agree to some ground rules for their FWB thing: 1. No breakfast 2. No discussing arrangement with others except Kenzi. Bo: “She pouts when I fib.” 3. They each come and go, no questions asked, no sad goodbyes.  4. Bo tells Dyson what cases she takes but he can’t say yea or nay either way.  5. As far as seeing other people? Dyson: “Well, we’re not exclusive,” while the air around them ignites. Yeah. Right.

Conversely, he then gallantly offers his arm to walk Bo to her car. This time, it’s Bo who refuses citing the no sad goodbyes rule. “Don’t you get it, Dyson? I can take care of myself.”

Naturally, as she walks down the street, she immediately gets grabbed at gunpoint by a Class A douche bag. She knees DB in the groin, but is quickly stymied by his goons and puts her hands up as DB shoves her into a van.


Kenzi is schmoozing a new client over crème soda and overinflated promises. “Bo Investigates is the premiere PI firm in the city!” New client lady insists that her cat Mrs. Sniggerpants is possessed and trying to kill her and when she went to the cops, they looked at her as though she was crazy. Kenzi: “You know that we get paid in real life money, right?” New client pulls out a fat roll of cash and Kenzi promises that Bo will be there any minute.

DB drags Bo into a Chinese restaurant “I’ve got Miz Thang,” he assures his goons, and Bo promptly knees him in the balls again, taking his gun and marching up to the old man at the bar. “Thanks, but I’ll take my egg foo young to go.”

As Bo leaves, the old man stripes a finger down her arm and tastes it. “You’re outta luck, kid,” he warns, just before Bo trips on the carpet and lands on her back. His name is Myer and DB is his nephew Seymour. Myer wants to hire Bo to investigate a problem. He’s a luck fae who feeds off the humans that come into his restaurant/OTB to place bets. Yesterday, a repeat customer, Roger, who Myer had nearly drained of luck completely placed a big bet…and won.  This can’t be allowed, or Myer will get in trouble with the dark fae higher ups but he can’t investigate without tipping them off. Bo, however, unaffiliated as she is, can more between light fae, dark fae, and human worlds without impediment.

Myer will trade Bo 10 minutes with his niece, a powerful, authentic oracle who can give Bo information on her real parents in exchange for Bo uncovering how the human beat the house. Bo gets a free taste "as a preview. Enter the niece, a teenager in a Chinese quilted vest and pigtails, sucking on a lollipop – “What up, homies?” – with a giggle that makes all the hairs on my arm stand up and not in a good way.

 Kenzi is leaving another message for the absent Bo only to find that New Client is leaving, annoyed that Bo Investigates can’t even find the boss much less cure a possessed cat. “Bo’s not my boss,” Kenzi insists. “She’s the muscle. Well, the love muscle of sorts.” Kenzi offers to take the case for half the price, but New Client scorns hiring the assistant and departs.

Bo is skeptical of the oracle niece and whether she can read Bo’s future. “What was, what will be, the whole shit sandwich,” ON confirms. To prove her worth, ON delves into Bo’s past, and as her eyes roll back, ON calls out the first time an 18-year-old Bo boinked and drained a human, her boyfriend, to death and subsequently ran away from home (Back Story Alert!) and Bo is shaken not stirred by the ordeal of hearing it all again. ON comes back to herself and with one look at Bo’s shocked face, giggles. “Toldja I was legit.”  Utterly convinced, Bo agrees to Myer’s deal.

Back at Hilton Hovel, Kenzi is pouting as advertized when Bo arrives home. She complains about how she organizes Bo’s life as her way of contributing only for Bo to go off schedule. “I’m not a train,” Bo objects. “No, you’re the talent with the great caboose,” Kenzi counters.  Bo updates her on the abduction and downloads Kenzi on the luck fae before heading upstairs to rest.

Back at Dyson’s cop shop, he runs facial recognition software to identify the lucky Roger. “And she wets herself over your geek skills,” Kenzi snarks with an innocent smile and despite my urge to defend big bad wolf boy, I have to applaud the girl’s loyalty. Dyson doesn’t like Bo working for Myer but she reminds him of their agreement and tells him how Myer can’t do it himself because he doesn’t want his bosses to know he got conned. Dyson gives Bo the Roger’s address and they flirt (hotly, natch) before Bo leaves. Kenzi lingers, snapping a rubber band at Dyson, who catches it. Pissed, Kenzi tells Dyson how she backed him with Bo only to have Dyson reject her. “Worst part is you treated her like shit, but somehow you’re forgiven. That is why I am no longer on Team Dyson” and she tapes a note that says “I’m stupid” to Dyson’s chest. I love this girl. Dyson is strangely not happy about this development. I love him more.

Lost Girl’s Bo and KenziBo and Kenzi go to Roger’s house to find a party in full swing. They wander through the packed house and easily locate Roger, the guest of honor, in his casket. It’s an Irish wake, and Roger has been dead for two days, which is one day before he showed up in Myer’s betting restaurant.

Back at The Dal, Bo asks Trick to explain a dead human walking. Trick says there are fae the Chinese call hsien (shee-in), body jumpers who can inhabit a recently dead human just by touching them.

Dyson and Hale are shooting pool. Well, Hale is shooting pool; Dyson is guzzling energy drinks. Hale notes that even after three drinks, Dyson still looks like shit. Dyson confesses, without regret, that Bo is relentless; this is his first break in a week. Hale gamely offers to take a shift, but Dyson insists that he can manage, thanks anyway brother. Hale has to know what it’s like to bed down with a succubus. Dyson wonders if Hale remembers Daphne. “The Nymph? Hourly, yes.” “Well I lost her number,” Dyson admits, tellingly, “and I don’t even care.”

He moseys off to hover next to Bo who, to Kenzi’s disgust, greets him happily. She explains about the Hsien and Dyson exchanges wry looks with Trick. “God, for a bunch of far out fairy folk, you guys are pretty judgmental,” snarks Bo. Dyson admits he knows a light fae Hsien who works in a morgue and offers to take Bo to him. Bo agrees, and fondles his neck, but Dyson pulls back as Trick frowns at them. Annoyed, Dyson name checks Rule #2 and stalks away. “Come on, Dyson, rules were made to be broken,” Bo calls after him as she follows.

Kenzi is now shooting pool with Hale, crowing as she hustles him. Hale whistle his siren call to deflect her shot and warns Kenzi that if she’s going to bringing her human act to the fae world, she’s going to have to nut up, “show people that you’re more than just a side kick”.

Bo and Dyson enter the morgue to the strains of Alannah Myles’ Black Velvet. Hel-lo 1991!! A leggy, long-haired blond is gyrating her shapely, bloody-lingerie covered butt across the floor while an overweight schlub sprawls in a desk chair. Dyson calls out to Eddie “What is it with the blonds, man?” and the girl shimmies seductively over to him. “Oh, no, don’t even start playin’,” Dyson warns. “I’m not looking, get back in there,” he orders Eddie. The blond collapses on the schlub and Eddie wakes up in his own body.

Dyson warns that Eddie has crossed the wrong guy and that Myer is seriously pissed, but Eddie insists it wasn’t him – “I swear on my mama’s sacred skin!” – and name checks Lucas, a nasty, dark fae Hsien who’s rumored to be back in town.

Myer is indeed pissed. Or more pissed as it were. Kenzi wonders who would have it in for such a sweet tempered guy like Myer, and the old man comes up with a rival named Jasper who runs a back room poker game. Assuming this must be the dark Hsien, Bo and Kenzi suit up including cleavage, wigs, heels and poker faces and crash the game. Kenzi is right at home tagging tells and marks in an instant. “Dude, I could rule this game.” She dives into the game while Bo wanders off to work her wiles on Jasper in the back room, but not before asking if Kenzi remembers the signal: “Back in 15 or I fake a seizure.”

All is going according to plan until Jasper confesses that Bo is one powerful succubus and twenty years from now, when she’s really learned to channel her power, he would not be able to resist her even knowing that she was spying on him. She wonders who told him she was coming. He opines it doesn’t matter as she won’t be leaving.

Dun dun DUN!

Rutt Roh.

Outside, Kenzi is working the table, oblivious to Bo’s peril. Jasper throws Bo round the room; she is no match for him. He holds her down and stabs her with thumbs that have elongated into stalagmites. Kenzi finally notices something’s not right when the windows frost over. She starts a riot, barges into the back room, and in the ensuing struggle, Kenzi and Bo kill Jasper. Bo is in dire condition, shivering from the inside out, and Kenzi hustles her back to The Dal and Dyson. “Yo, 911 booty call, like, now!” Hale: “Batten down another espresso!”

Dyson is terrified by Bo’s condition. “God, what the hell did you do to yourself?” Bo name checks Rule #3, no questions, and tries to pass out but Dyson orders her to stay with him. As Dyson examines her wounds, Bo describes Jasper to Dyson’s increasing horror. He starts to strip quickly (and there was much rejoicing) explaining that she just fought off a hrimthurs or frost giant whose touch can stop a man’s heart. “You could have been killed,” he accuses as though she did it on purpose. “You really need to work on your foreplay,” Bo retorts weakly as Dyson unbuckles his pants and shoves them down and I hit the rewind button until it whimpers for mercy. Dyson wonders if that’s a new rule and it’s clear he doesn’t like this rule thing anymore than she does. Bo insists that it’s just good manners.

Dyson assumes his position and as they kiss Bo’s bare leg hooks onto his hip, but she is trembling so hard she can’t even maintain lip lock. I find it interesting that even in this state with the two of them this frightened and without Bo using any succubus wiles, they are both completely ready for each other. Chemistry, it does the remarkable.

On a basic, irrational level, Bo is restraining her powers to protect Dyson and he calls her on it. “Don’t hold back. Take what you need,” he demands and I immediately volunteer to do exactly that. Taking him at his word, Bo reverses their position so Dyson sits on the table, and mounts him.

Back in The Dal’s main room, Hale and Kenzi idle as a regular rhythm starts to pound on the wall behind them. “So ah,” Hale wonders as a picture falls off the wall, “seen any good movies lately?” Trick hurries in with a baseball bat in hand. “Did my troll get out?” he asks. The rhythmic pounding increases in speed and Bo’s rising cries echo through the room. A resigned look crosses Trick’s face and he halts Kenzi’s half-hearted excuses before she can get started.

Dyson and Bo finally emerge and while Bo is completely healed, Dyson wilts for a moment against the bar. He insists it’s not as bad as it looks as Trick stomps back into the room and with a glare at Bo and Dyson, drops a tray of glasses on the bar. “Shit,” groans Dyson. “So much for keeping our secret.”

Kenzi examines the newly-healed Bo amazed by the healing powers of Dyson’s big manly night stick, and notes he looks a little green. Dyson quips weakly that he’s a quarter leprechaun, but Hale shoots him a concerned look, clearly no longer envious of Dyson’s succubus side benefits.

As Kenzi wonders what they do about Jasper getting a tip off, Eddie rings Dyson in a panic. Bo and Dyson head back to the morgue, and I love how they stop so Bo can change her clothes first as though the corpses are going to care what she wears. Hale offers the deserted Kenzi another round of pool, but she toddles off on her own agenda, also changing her entire outfit along the way. Hustling herself back to Myer’s restaurant, she observes Seymour and his goons putting something in the trunk of the car. As she jimmies open the trunk and gasps at the contents – “Holy honeypot!” – Kenzi is suddenly muffled and kidnapped.

Back at the morgue, Dyson momentarily collapses against the wall. Bo worries she took too much but Dyson assures her she took what she had to. Eddie stumbles out from the deep freezer, acting weird. Bo questions him as Dyson wanders into the freezer, following a scent. She notices a pool of blood forming under Eddie’s feet and sees the knife in his back. Suddenly, Eddie shoves Bo back and slams the freezer shut on Dyson leaving Bo alone with FauxEddie who has been killed and taken over by the rogue hsien, Lucas.

Dyson yells for Bo but she doesn’t have the combination for the door. He assures her he can get out and Bo goes after FauxEddie/Lucas. FauxEddie/Lucas has jumped into a new corpse and blindsides Bo. She quickly gets the upper hand and, in a very cool, well-timed, tag-team sequence, FauxEddie/Lucas jumps into the next corpse on a slab and then the next and then the next, each one momentarily popping up as he enters them and dropping back down as he leaves until he ends up in the body of what appears to be a large, blond, muscle man in a tux (again with the blonds!) with two bullets holes in his head. Must’ve been some wedding.

Dyson in Lost GirlHis wolf rage increasing with each punch, Dyson is pounding his way through the freezer’s steel door and it’s as stimulating as it sounds. With a final roar and brings forth the wolf teeth and eyes, he plunges through it and just as FauxWaiter/Lucas is about to finish Bo, Dyson puts his gun against FauxWaiter/Lucas’ head.

Together, Bo and Dyson drag FauxWaiter/Lucas back to Myer where he confesses that the douche bag nephew Seymour blackmailed him to ruin Myers’ reputation so Seymour can take over the business. Seymour is holding Lucas’ true body hostage until the deed is done. Dyson walks FauxWaiter/Lucas out to the goon car where he finds the hsien’s true body in the trunk…along with Kenzi.  Kenzi makes him promise not to tell Bo about her capture. “None of you takes me seriously, except Bo. And I want to keep it that way.” Dyson agrees not to mention her debacle and in return, Kenzie agrees not to mention how much Bo is hurting Dyson every time they’re together and that they both know it’s worth it. He wonders if this means Kenzi’s back on Team Dyson. “Come on, we’re getting t-shirts.”

Bo meets again with the oracle. As she looks into Bo’s future, ON describes a woman in despair “a girl, your mother, betrayed by the one she loved the most, but she escaped, yearning for her child, for you.” She will be coming, ON says, with increasing desperation and then proceeds to throw up. Recovering, ON reveals that Bo herself is a major player in what’s to come. “Fate has some serious plans for you,” but Bo is fixated on the joyous (to her) news that her mother is alive.

New Fae Term(s):

Hsien (shee-in): n. orig Chinese. body jumpers. Can only switch bodies by touch. If stay in corpse of choice for too long, will not be able to return to own body and will die. Fond of blonds.

Hrimthurs (rim-thirst): n. Orig Scandinavian. Frost giant. Hands frost over into stalagmites. Touch can instantly stop a human’s heart. Usually European. Terrible kissers.

Best quotes of the Episode:

Kenzi: “This really puts the suck in succubus.”

Bo: “You know you really should invest in a cup.”

Kenzi: “Pick up! Puss in Boots in getting twitchy.”

Bo: “Roger wasn’t unlucky.”  Kenzi: “No, he was a bloody miracle.”

Trick:  “It’s distasteful. Humans are for feeding off of. Not wearing”

Kenzi: “Don’t play pool with a petit hustler.”

Kenzi: “Dude! Your junk could cure cancer!”

Dyson: “Guess I’ll go collect the body of evidence.”

Next Week: Episode 6: Food for Thought


Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
More later, but for now: "Come on, we have (Team Dyson) t-shirts!" was my favorite line of the ep. Love Dyson and Kenzi so much, and I'm looking forward to seeing their friendship develop.
2. plumco
Finally someone else sees just how outrageously sexy Dyson is. While stuck at a the first commercial break I rewound to the opening scene just in case I missed something 'important' and was once again dazzled by the chemistry between these two characters. I also fell a little more in love with Dyson during their 'right? Right' conversation on exclusivity. He clearly does not like the idea of Bo doing any recreational feeding with anyone else. But seriously folks, how did they maintain all that crazy sexiness with Bo having blue lips and Dyson actually having to WAKE HER UP a little further in the show. I confess that my Dvr got a workout at every subsequent commercial break because just seeing Dyson get tossed on his back was enough to make me have to get more ice for my drink. I think he and kenzie's relationship is also pretty she's his little sister. (I have only seen these first five episodes as I'm one of those people who prefers to watch the story unfold so I appreciate the lack of spoilers or appropriate warning). I love your recaps, particularly because I would happily take what I needed from our guy at every opportunity and you pause at the most appropriate moments so we can bask in the sheer beauty of the event. Keep it up!!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
3. Kiersten
@redline I laughed out loud at that line and his delivery of it the first time I saw it. If I wasn't mad for Dyson already, that would've cinched it. And that interaction btwn him and Kenzi is so simple and yet speaks volumes of their growing relationship, but more on that next week... Also? The whole exchange with Hale: "give me Bo's digits and lemme take your shift." The way Hale delivers that line tickles me every time. But that whole interaction btwn them just fills me with happy.

@plumco - Aww, I'm all aglow at your kind words. So glad you're enjoying the recaps! Ya know, I went back last night & re-read the LG posts before I came on the H&H roster, and reading the comments I realized how many of us initially didn't ping for Dyson and then as the first episode wound on and then the second, how fast our stories changed! For me, it was the moment he backed Bo against the wall in episode 1 and that sizzling hot kiss before her battle. Holy crap. Blond men don't tend to get my juices going IRL or otherwise, but boy howdy did I change my tune with Dyson! It just goes to show how much personality and behavior and a wicked grin can increase the sexiness of a man (and woman, but let's stay on Dyson ).

The two actors have crazy chemistry together. I read an interview with Anna Silk where she said they auditioned together with the opening scene of episode 7 (I won't spoil it for you except to say it is awesome) and Kris Holden-Reid immediately picked her up & started throwing her around; their trust factor together was just that fast and it totally plays out excellently on screen.

Seriously, watching them when she was freezing I couldn't help but wonder how he could possilby get it up for her that fast in those physical and emotional conditions (without Bo going all succubus on him) and yet it works b/c they are so attuned to each other and nuts for each other that even dying can't stop them banging.

So I went off on a bit of a treastie there.
Thanks again! Keep those great comments coming!
4. Cheryl S.
It's like seeing one of my books on TV! I love it! Dyson, while he perpetually has that puffy eyed "I just woke up" look, is sexy as HELL! As someone mentioned above, the chemistry....explosive! My two favorite lines out of this episode are "Dude! Your junk could cure cancer!" *laughing* and the comment about having Team Dyson t-shirts. Great episode!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
@Cheryl S. - those are my fave lines too! That t-shirt line just keeps on giving...
Carmen Pinzon
6. bungluna
Count me on team Dyson. I want a t-shirt! This show is like reading one of my favorite UF series, with great visuals. The interaction between all the main characters just keeps getting better, but I must confess that I would watch just for the interplay between Bo and Dyson.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
@bungluna - oh man, so would I. It just keeps getting better, and the small physical touches inbetween the drrty sexxing are almost as stimulating b/c they convey the emotion with which these two crazy kids are struggling. The face recognition scene in the cop shop made me smile b/c they're so jonesing over just being in one another's presence. It so sweet and Kenzi sums it up well: "I just barfed in my mouth" but I still love it.
Marian DeVol
8. ladyengineer
Kiersten, thanks for the recap and comments! I'm hoping this series comes out on DVD - I'd love to have a permanent copy for my library.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
9. Kiersten
Right there with ya, @ladyengineer!! Definitely earmarked for my DVD keeper shelf. And thanks! Glad you're enjoying the recaps etc. They are a trip to write.
10. Crzytxgirl23
Well, if this show continues with the hotness I don't see why they don't do Team Dyson t-shirts, I know I would buy one! lol Although, does there have to be another team before that gets started and if so would the lady doc be the other team? Hmm... I wonder...
11. plumco
Kiersten, on your reply you say Dyson really hit your radar with that sizzling power up kiss. I gotta say, for me it was the slow-mo walk where they lock eyes in the first episode. In particular when he stops smiling and drops his eyes over his shoulder when they are past each other.....I swear I could have swooned. And he walks with that beautiful, rangy, loose limbed stride that seems reserved for tall people...... sigh (and dreamy smile). (Head shake) I'm getting sidetracked again. Thank God for DVR. Anyway... by the time she gets all 'happy 4th of July' I was firmly in his grasp (we should be so lucky, yeah? ). Finally a reason to look forward to Mondays. Go team Dyson!!!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
12. Kiersten
@plumco - I totally get that. That walk was a power surge, no doubt. But like I said, I don't normally ping for blonds so it took me a bit longer to get on board. Of course, now I'm not only on board, but laying down on it. ;-)

That kiss tho - it was like when Sawyer conned Kate into kissing him for the first time on Lost. Boon. Doggie.

I love watching tall men walk! There's something so fluid about it, as though they know what space they need to walk in and effortlessly stride through it. I could watch Kris Holden-Reid's or Tim Olyphant's long-legged stride for hours.

@Crzytxgirl23 - Doctor Lauren is definitely the opposing team in this show and kudos to Lost Girl for having an m/f/f love triangle where the woman is the prize. It may not be my cup o' tea, but I think it's a gutsy move for an otherwise mainstream genre television show. Course they're Canadian and not as uptight about it as us Yanks.

All this talk about Team Dyson shirts might be sending me over to the cafe press store...
14. plumco're just awesome. Lol. I have this catty grin on my face. My coworkers are starting to be concerned. Come on Monday!!!!!! (It's taking too long to get here).
15. LostGirlfan
Hi, loved your review. :)

FYI, the season 1 DVD of 'Lost Girl' comes out in Canada on March 27th. Canada and the USA are the same region one. It's already listed on

Only the tatt down Kris' back is real. The one on his shoulder is painted on. He's also a sight to see in 'The Tudors" (and Underworld 4: Awakening)

Another Canadian series which might be liked, if not seen before (and one which has a connection to 'Lost Girl') is "Blood Ties". One of the executive producer's and show runner of this season 1 of 'Lost Girl', Peter Mohan, was the creator of 'Blood Ties'.

'Blood Ties' is also good on the verbal banter, supernatural elements and love triangle.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
16. Kiersten
@LostGirlfan - oh dear God, that tat is real?!?! I suspected so, but have it confirmed is - oh my. I think my ovaries just combusted. Totally love how they're working it into the mythos of the show and Dyson's back story.

And now I have to watch Underworld: Awakening, which I'd planned to do anyways, but at least now I know who to look for.

I saw the DVD release date, in fact, I zoomed to Amazon as soon as I saw 1st ep to see how long I had to wait till I got those disks in my overheated hands. Glad to hear the regions are the same b/c that stuff royally pisses me off w/the UK shows. Blood Ties sounds familiar; I think the WE channel tried to run it a few years ago - human female cop stumbles upon vampire "hottie" and his world, right? I remember not feeling the love, tho interesting to hear there's a connection to Lost Girl...

Thanks for the comment and compliment and all the tasty info. Good to see you on twitter too!
Lost Girl Fans
17. LostGirlFans
Pleasure! :)

Yep! The tatt's real and it's actually in English too, but he had it done in some special way that it looks like foreign characters.

Here's an interview (in three parts) where he talks about the tatt and his career etc>

Happen to be a big fan of Kris' so... *grin*

Btw, most of the cast are one Twitter too (except Ksenia Solo) Here's Kris' handle (just in case ;) > @KrisHolden_Ried

Yes I loved that too how they work stuff into the show. Like Ksenia's Russian heritage into Kenzi's character, so she also speaks Russian from time to time.

It's overall still pretty awesome, even now into season 2 (and three to come).
Heather Waters
19. HeatherWaters
@LostGirlFans -- Thank you for all the info! Awesome. Totally going to order the DVDs.

I remember Blood Ties! I enjoyed it. Actually have one of the discs from Netflix at home now, as I've been meaning to rewatch (unfortunately, I got disc 2 before disc 1, thus why I haven't started).
Lost Girl Fans
20. LostGirlFans
You're welcome :)

And if any are on faebook... lol! I mean FaceBook, there's also an official group on there for him, started back in '09 or so. He used to be listed publicly as an admin (but needless to say was getting a LOT of friend requests. He's still in there though)>

And @Kiersten in 'Underworld 4' there's a nice, almost total nude scene of him :) ... Of course then there's season 1 episode 8 'Vexed' of 'Lost Girl' to come ... Can't wait to read your re-view on that one ;)
22. plumco
@kiersten - Omg.... that kiss. Sigh...... THAT KISS!!! That was definitely indicative of things to come. I also love her comment right before when she says ’wow, are you bad at reading women'. And how 'bout the blue, purplish energy transfer? Never more beautifully displayed (in my limited, 5 episode viewing experience) than midway through ep 3 when he powers her up at the pub......although that might have something to do with Dyson's tongue ensuring the transfer. Yeahhhhh .... I swear I had to pause right after I typed that to shake the daydream out of my head. :)

@lostgirlfans - saw underworld this past weekend unaware that our boy was in it. I think the whole theater heard me say 'holy s*, that's Dyson!' I know the guy next to me did. I think I heard him roll his eyes.

My 2 cents on his tat ?? The fact that it is not actually in the middle of back has got to be one of the sexiest things I've ever seen.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
23. Kiersten
@lostgirlfans - I have seen Vexed and I am eagerly anticipated recapping it for y'all. EAGERLY.

...midway through ep 3 when he powers her up at the pub......although that might have something to do with Dyson's tongue ensuring the transfer...
I can think of one or two things Dyson can ensure with his tongue...
Michele Plum
24. plumco
I have now heard 'Vexed' uttered in hushed and reverent tones at least 5 times. You guys are killing me! Is there any way to watch the first two seasons of this in the States? Every website I've been to promptly crushes my dreams by telling me 'this video not available in your country'. I'm tempted to visit Vancouver for 2 days and just have a Lost Girl marathon (I hear the city is lovely as well).

Suggestions, thoughts, ideas anyone? I'm such an anti spoiler freak (personal choice only) that I can't even get my fix on youtube for fear of seeing something from beyond episode 5!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
25. Kiersten
You can watch online, but as that's technically an ill eagle, as my father would say, I can't tell you how. Good luck! You're only 2 episodes away from Vexed, so the wait, it is not long. It's a gamechanging episode and is everything a gamechanging episode should be.

I am girding my loins against plunging into season 2...for now. Don't want to unduly color my recaps of season 1 especially as it's already hard enough (heh) not to spoil the rest of the season for you all. This is the kind of torture I am prepared to endure for you, my loyal readers. Sniff.
26. Trish Milburn
Kiersten, awesome recap. I LOVE this show and am firmly in the camp of Team Dyson. In fact, I blog for the Romance Bandits and on Saturday I'm doing a post on celebrity crushes. Yes, Kris Holden-Ried will be front and center. :)

I love the show so much that I e-mailed the organizers of Dragon*Con, which I attend every year, that I'd love to see Kris, Anna and Ksenia attend. I may try to come up with a Kenzi cosplay costume.

Looks like my favorite two quotes of the episode were the same as several others here. I literally laughed out loud when Kenzi said, "Dude! Your junk could cure cancer!" LOL!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
27. Kiersten
@Trish Millburn - Hi there! Thanks so much! I am having a total jones for this show, no question. Seriously, can't get enough. And KHR is just - sigh. It's like a teenage crush, I swear. You'll have to let me know how Dragon*Con turns out - I expect a signed KHR photo if you get the chance! ;-)
28. Trish Milburn
Kiersten, I keep checking the guest list every few days, but none of them there so far. But the names start getting added faster the closer we get to the con. Fingers crossed!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
29. Kiersten
Trish, they just went on hiatus from finishing filming Season 2 and are expected to be back on set filming Season 3 in April. Don't know how that might figure into things...
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