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Lost Girl Episode 4: Drunk Succubus

Bo, Kenzi, Lauren, and Dyson in Lost GirlIn light of the response to our first two Lost Girl posts, we’ve decided to offer more regular coverage of the show, starting with a recap of tonight’s episode, 1.04, titled Faetal Attraction.”

So let’s not waste any more time, shall we? Take it away, Kiersten:

We open on a car driving slowly up the road towards a farm. Bo and Kenzi come running out from a shed and Dyson leaps out of the car, sheltering them behind the open door just as said shed blows up. Burned skulls fly through the air, pinging off the car. “What the hell just happened?” Dyson asks, holding up a skull, and I swear I thought his next words would be “Alas, poor Yorick.”

They weren’t.

Rewind 24 hours. Dyson’s rejection has left Bo depressed. As a succubus, she’s never faced rejection before and has no idea how to handle her feelings. No worries; Kenzi’s on it. First they bust up junk-yard cards, then they wallow, complete with Kenzi’s official break up mix, and they top off the action with “girls on the town we’re gonna burn this baby to the ground.” Bo vetoes step #3 as drinking=losing control=someone gets dead. Kenzi: “Yeah, but what a way to go!”

For being the dumper, Dyson isn’t having a great day himself. Surly and on the edge (but still so hot), he keeps losing control, racking up complaints until he’s finally ordered to get counseling. 

Reluctantly Bo lets Kenzi drag her to The Dal Riata pub (I want to go there!) for one drink. Five shots later, Bo’s lost the urge to flee.  Which is about when Lauren randomly shows up and, wet blanket that she is, warns against the dangers of a drunken succubus. Bo assures her that booze does not affect her ability to perform and now we know for sure she’s otherworldly. As Lauren leaves, Kenzi notes the sexual tension Bo has with the good doctor, but Bo assures her that Lauren is off the market because she’s human.

Unlike the tall, dark, and handsome man making his way to Bo’s side (is it just me, or does he look a lot like Rufus Sewell?).  He and his wife have heard all about Bo’s refusal to align herself with either side of Fae. They enjoy company in their bed and think a rogue succubus is just the way to go. Bo cries off—until Dyson enters The Dal. Hot glances are exchanged, and all-too-casual shrugs and sudden looks away are applied, until Bo squares her shoulders and saunters off right under Dyson’s nose with TDH and his wife. Who’s a Fury.  As in hell hath no.

Ooooohhh. Big bad wolf boy really doesn’t like that.

Bo Has a Threesome in Lost Girl episode 4Commence the hot and sexy threesome. Complete with a safe word. I’ll give you all a moment now.

Everybody back? Good.

Morning after finds Bo waking alone, but sated and satisfied both as a woman and a Fae. And hey, are those 300-thread-count sheets I see on that four poster bed? Aren’t Bo and Kenzi supposed to basically be poor as dirt and comp squatting in a condemned building? If living on the edges of society includes an account at ABC Carpet and Home, I am a total chump for sticking to the business of 9 to 5.

But hark! Is that a knock on the door? The fury of a wife has returned, but this time she wants to hire Bo to kill her husband’s mistress, Jenny. Apparently, he’s been nipping into a tiny human on the side, and not just a taste here and there, which would be OK. “When you mate for life and your life is measured in centuries, you figure out ways to make it work.” (Gee, foreshadow much?) A full on relationship, however, is a total deal breaker. Bo declines and Fury Wife gets all, well, furious, huffing and puffing that she’ll have to take care of it herself.

Naturally, Bo and Kenzi now have to find and save Jenny. They arrive just short of too late and fighting ensues until Fury Wife employs the Red Eyes of Death to burn Bo’s skull from the inside out. The resilient succubus manages to reflect the Red Eyes of Death back onto Fury Wife through the judicious application of—a toaster? All righty, then.

Dyson, Trick, and Hale in Lost GirlDyson goes to therapy. It goes about as well as you’d think. “You’ve always been strong but now you feel your world is spinning out beyond your control. And instead of dealing with suddenly feeling vulnerable, you’re compensating by swinging your big, manly night stick.”

Can he swing his manly night stick in my direction? Pretty please?

Kenzi and Jenny take refuge at the Hilton Hovel while Bo sets off to TDH’s house to talk about his Fury Wife. Also, Kenzi now has a Samurai sword. Problematically, TDH is inconveniently missing his head. When Bo tells Jenny about TDH’s death, she channels her succubus wiles to calm the hysterical woman. Uh oh. Cue Single White Female disorder.

Dyson and his partner Hale are on the decapitation scene, alerted by an anonymous text from TDH’s phone, and big bad wolf boy’s lupine senses pick up Bo’s scent. At Hilton Hovel, Bo downloads Dyson about the suspicious Fury Wife, slipping in a less than subtle commentary on her earlier threesome action: “they were yummy.” Dyson shows his displeasure at someone else sucking on his succubus by passive aggressively swinging his big, manly night stick around. Metaphorically, I’m sad to say.

Dyson and Hale visit Fury Wife’s sisters where Hale whistles his siren call to lure Fury Wife out of hiding as getting a dose of the Red Eyes of Death was enough to drive Fury Wife bat crap crazy.

At Hilton Hovel, Bo finds Jenny trying on her clothes. Sensing her own bout of crazy in the air, Bo makes it clear that Jenny’s stay is temporary. Dyson calls. Fury Wife is at the clinic and Bo needs to get there right away. Fury Wife goes into total meltdown and as Dyson, Bo, and Doctor Lauren watch, the woman dies—but not before asserting her innocence.

Bo, Kenzi, and Lauren in Lost GirlMeanwhile, Kenzi is trying to talk Jenny down from her growing obsession with Bo—right up until she finds a bloodied chainsaw and TDH’s missing head in Jenny’s duffel bag. Before she can say “Bo!” Kenzi is knocked out by Psycho Jenny.

Dyson calls as Bo returns to Hilton Hovel. According to police records, Jenny’s relationship with TDH is complete fiction. She’s a Class A stalker. Alarmed, Bo follows a path of petals and finds TDH’s head on her bed with a note from Psycho Jenny. She finds Kenzi and a collection of human skulls at PJ’s farm, victims of her “love.” Buying time, Bo plays along with the fantasy and PJ reveals she’s rigged the shed with explosives so they can die together. Suddenly, Fury Wife’s sisters show up for a little revenge. After a struggle, Bo and Kenzi escape just as Dyson drives up the road and we’re back at the cold open as the shed goes boom killing PJ and the Furies (awesome band, man).

Back at The Dal, Dyson lets Bo know he’s covered for her with the Fae but got some human cop points out of wrapping up a serial killer case, so even Steven and all that. Bo admits he was right; emotion and sex don’t mix well for them. “I meant what I said, though,” Dyson insists in THAT VOICE. “I’m here whenever you need me.”  And I have to pause a moment to get my breath back. “How ‘bout for more than just healing?” Bo asks. “How ’bout for fun?”

Bo and Dyson in Lost GirlBo tells Dyson he’s kind of perfect for the whole Friends with Benefits thing, and thousands of women shout “hells yeah!” Bo: “You don’t care. You don’t die.  And I trust you.”

“Deal.” They kiss and all is clearly quite right in their world. For now.

We end back at the therapist’s office with Dyson silently watching the clock. He sighs, and the therapist looks up, sensing a change in the Force. “So there’s this… woman…”

New Fae Term: shucking around:  v. to have sex with a human. “It’s beneath us.”

Best Quotes of the Episode:

Kenzi: “Did he say that he lurvved you?”

Bo: “What can I say? For me, sexual healing is a literal thing.”

Kenzi: “A rebound screw is like the greatest way to get over a guy. Dude, it’s just science.”

Bo: “I put a little too much oomph in my zing.”

Kenzi: “You’re not leaving me alone with Weepy McWeepster!”

Bo: “You make me wanna be a better Fae.”

Next Week:  Episode 5: Dead Lucky


Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at www.kierstenkrum.com.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Great recap! This was easily my favorite episode so far. Really enjoyed the interactions between all the characters (girls' night out! friends with benefits!), plus the human serial killer and the furies. Ooh, and Hale is a siren! That explains a lot, huh?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
2. Kiersten
Thanks @redline! I know, right?! This episode was chock full of so much yummy stuff. Hale's siren call is definitely hypnotic...though I half expected a Mearas to come running over the horizon...
Nicole Leapheart
3. BoxyFrown
Love this show and the recaps are awesome, too! Mmmm, a Dyson of my own sounds good! Even a Dyson/Hale sammich. Don't get me started...lol
Kiersten Hallie Krum
4. Kiersten
Thanks @BoxyFrown!!! Ooohhh a sammich. Good idea. Though I'm thinking more along the lines of Dyson and Alcide....
Lege Artis
5. Lege Artis
Oh, I love Dyson's tattoos... The one on his back...OMG. They are not making him get off his clothes enough! There, I said it...
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
@Lege Artis -- YES, I have a thing for that tattoo as well. Here's hoping for lots more shirtless Dyson...
Nicole Leapheart
7. BoxyFrown
@Kiersten - that made my stomach drop

@Lege Artis - I agree with everything you just said.
8. ChelseaMueller
Though I'm thinking more along the lines of Dyson and Alcide....
Best. Idea. Ever.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
9. Kiersten
@Lege Artis - I TOTALLY DIG that back tattoo!!! There's an explanation for it coming in a future episode, and I can't help but wonder if it was planned all along or if it's the actor's tat that the show found a way to use...

@ChelseaMueller - INORITE?! I swear, between those two big, bad wolf boys (such TOTALLY different types of men), not to mention Hot Sherrif from Once Upon a Time, I am definitely developing a furry supernatural preference...
Marian DeVol
10. ladyengineer
@Lege Artis et al - OMG, I so agree Dyson's tattoos are the sexiest ever!! A big, bad wolf sammich....! Where can I get one? ;->
Joanna Novins
12. JoannaNovins
Kiersten, great recap. I find myself oddly hooked on this show. The "detective" plots are a dopey mess (I'm thinking there's a drinking game based on plot holes), but the sexual tension is awesome.
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