Feb 13 2012 4:42pm

Happy First Birthday, H&H!

Pink rose

One year ago, on Valentine’s Day 2011, said hello to the world.  It’s been a great year, and to celebrate we have a special present for site members: a sneak peek of a brand-new story from one of our favorite series. 

This preview will only last a week before we take it down to prepare it for publication, and it would be Terrible if you missed out.  So be sure you’re a registered member of the site and you’ll get the secret link in the next newsletter. 

Need to register? You can sign up here.

Team H&H’s Liz, Heather, Megan, and Chris

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Nita Gill
1. gillnit
Oh, goodness. I am pretty positive I know what this is, and will definitely not want to miss it. Will be watching for the secret link. ;D
2. tjmom
Happy Anniversary!! One year down & many more to go!
Heather Waters
5. hnwaters
@gillnit -- Yay! :DDDD

@tjmom @Ibbitts @bungluna -- Thank you so much, you guys! We couldn't do it without you all.
6. MaryC
Happy Anniversary! Looking forward to many more years of Heroes and heartbreakers!
9. Karen H in NC
Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day!
Heather Waters
10. HeatherWaters
@MaryC -- Thank you! And ditto. Happy Valentine's Day!

@BoxyFrown @Lege Artis Thanks, you guys! Happy Valentine's Day!

@Karen H in NC -- Thanks, Karen, and same to you!
Saundra Peck
11. sk1336
I am proud to say I registered as a fan on the site's very first day. It is now my "go to" place every time I am on the computer. The site is beautiful in color and style, it makes me laugh, think, cry and buy!!! Happy Birthday and best wishes for many many more!!! And many thanks for ALL of you who obviously work very hard to make this GREAT site!!!
Connie Fischer
Happy Anniversary, H&H. I love this site and enjoy seeing what's new all the time. Thanks for being my daily haunt.

Wish you lots of chocolates and hearts today.

Connie Fischer
Lisa Lopez
14. Lisalop
I can't believe it has been a year already, congratulations!!!
Myretta Robens
15. Myretta
Happy Anniversary. It's a teriffic site and I'm tickled to be part of it.
Pamela Webb-Elliott
16. Spaz
Happy Anniversary!! This is such an AWESOME community and I'm so happy it exists!
Heather Waters
17. HeatherWaters
@sk1336 @clare2e @Lisalop @Myretta @Spaz -- Thank you all so much. Can't tell you how much we appreciate it!
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