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Ex-SEALs in Love: Lora Leigh’s Elite Ops Series

Live Wire by Lora LeighFollowing yesterday’s coverage of Lora Leigh’s SEALs series by PFC Dolly Sickles, we’ve got more hot Leigh heroes to share with you today.

I’m not really sure when I personally developed the affinity for uniformed men, but I think the first time I noticed it, I was looking back over my dating life with some girlfriends and a bottle of wine. In my stupor, I realized that I had dated in consecutive order, a sheriff, a policeman, a fire fighter (whoa, he was the hottest by far), and finally a postal worker. With the demise of those relationships, I resolved that perhaps the best uniformed men for me could be found in the pages of a book.

While I didn’t exactly end up with the Marine of my dreams, I have managed to identify some supplemental versions (not Marines, and completely de-uniformed) in the smoking hot team members of Lora Leigh’s Elite Ops series. iSwoon as iType. These guys are fan-freaking-tastic and have spent more than a few nights with me.

The series centers on a team of operatives (Elites at that) who have no identity and have signed off on the lives that they formerly knew for the sake of their team. This team of previous Navy SEALs under the command of Captain Jordan Malone are hardcore Alpha males. 

In Wild Card, the first book of the series, we meet Noah Blake, formerly Nathan Malone.  He is pure, galvanized steel, a wounded warrior that will stop at nothing to secure his target, to protect his family and to ensure that Belle Malone, the wife that he left behind in efforts to protect her, is safe.  There are a few issues with his pursuit, however; for one, he is presumed dead by everyone in his home town, which includes his grieving widow and his villainous father. Further, he has to battle his chemically induced sexual addiction/illness that he suffers from due to a synthetic drug that was pumped into him during his capture by a maniacal villain. We see the potential conflict to his assumed identity the minute he steps into town and back into the life of Belle.

The best thing about Noah is his complete and utter loyalty to his wife. I was smitten with that alone (it doesn’t hurt either that he’s drop dead gorgeous with “wild Irish eyes”). Leigh allows the reader to see him peeled like an onion over the course of the book.

Maverick by Lora LeighMaverick introduces Micah Sloane. I have never wanted to move to Israel so badly as when I was introduced to this absolute brute of a man, a gentle and charismatic lover at heart. Born David Abijah, with a deep-seated hatred of heroine Risa’s capturer and victimizer, Micah jumps at the mission, hoping to apprehend the madman whom he blames for his torrid familial past, and for harming the women that he secretly longs for.

Several qualities combine to make Micah a favorite of all the men of Elite Ops: His inability to maintain his cover with the woman that he loves is ridiculously romantic. Risa, the girl whom he vows to protect, is an emotional wreck. Micah carefully cultivates a relationship with her, a woman who is described as having a hidden beauty, a light that only he can see which in turn makes others see her radiance. His love for her, and his stealthy defense of her life are believable traits and I personally adore that he cannot hide a thing from her, as naïve and vulnerable as she is.

Heat Seeker by Lora LeighThe third book in the series, Heat Seeker, threw me for a loop. I had been exceptionally preoccupied with the men (and who wouldn’t be??) and the intrigue with the first two books, so I didn’t expect to connect with the heroine the way that I did here. But Bailey Serborne was refreshing, a real pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps girl who would have been fine if left to her own devices, or at least I suspect she would have been (she was similar to Belle, but a lot stronger in my opinion). 

John Vincent, or Trent Daylen as the obituary said, had locked onto Bailey in his former life—literally. The pair had an unforgettable night and she had never truly let him free from her heart, even in his (supposed) death. And he’s Australian, y’all! When the mission brings the two together again, sparks fly and there is no shortage of danger either. One of the unexpected twists of this story was the potential consequences of the dead men coming back to life, so to speak.

As readers of Leigh are already aware, there are some pretty fiery scenes that make your toes curl and your cheeks blush when your boss walks in and catches you reading it. I throw that disclaimer out there to all those that may prefer a milder version of sensuality.  The entire series is phenomenal and if sexy, ex-SEAL guys are your thang, this is the series for you.


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Dolly Sickles
1. Dolly_Sickles
I'd say that some of us could live vicariously through your dating life ... though I'm happy to hear that the fireman was the hottest. It brings to mind all sorts of potential, like on the truck. Sigh ... I think Wild Card was my favorite of the three, and for the reason you note: his dedication to his wife is definitely intoxicating--though, his ruse over his identidy it did irk me a bit.
Avid Reader
2. Avid Reader
Love this series! What's NOT to love....really hot heroes falling for strong and sexy women.
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
The idea of this series is so cool: Totally bad-ass guys who have to get even bad-asser by playing dead?!? Awesome! Thanks for the round-up, ladies!
Avid Reader
4. AlizaMann1
Hi guys! @Dolly, I have to agree, he carried that load right to the end. I wanted him to conquer his fears earlier. It's one thing to fear rejection, but he watched her fall to pieces over it. I felt bad for Belle.
@avid reader: the series was over the top with sexual energy. Loved that aspect of it!
@megan, anytime! I could talk about military men forever! :-)
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