Feb 24 2012 8:03am

Do You “Like” This?: Jane Austen’s Rogues and Romance Game to Launch on Facebook

Many have imagined what it would be like if Jane Austen did social networking—some even on this very site, when author Kieran Kramer did #ILovePrideandPrejudice: Pride and Prejudice Goes Viral.

Well, now reality has finally caught up: BBC Worldwide will be launching an interactive Facebook game, Rogues and Romance, that:

“follows the path of Pride and Prejudice characters Elizabeth and Mr Darcy after they are married...the adventure game will involve players managing their position in Regency-era society by leaving calling cards, attending and hosting receptions, and pursuing courtships.” 

Bet Lydia Wickham’s gonna have a whole bunch of those slutty duckface photos on her page.

Are you intrigued?

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Vanessa Ouadi
1. Lafka
I'm more than intrigued! I wonder what it will look like!

On the one hand, that makes me a little bit nervous, I admit. Will not facebook distort the Jane Austen's universe? I'm not sure both universe are really compatible with one another, but hey, wait and see!

On the other hand, I certainly won't complain if I can combine my passion for romance and my geekiness! 2-for-1, sort of... ^^
2. anikon
I think Lafka said it all. I'm concerned but, at the same time, excited. We'll see what happens!
Vanessa Ouadi
4. Lafka
The game is online already I believe. I haven't played yet, but I fully intend to ;-)
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