Feb 9 2012 3:03pm

Criminal Minds: The Morgan After!

Derek Morgan in CBS’s Criminal MindsEditor's note (3/25/16): Join us in saying good-bye to Derek Morgan here. *Sniffle*

For years, buff, tattooed FBI agent Derek Morgan has worked side by side in the Behavioral Analysis Unit with the unusually resourceful—and just plain unusual—Penelope Garcia, their one of a kind relationship providing nearly as much tension and suspense as the serial killers they track week after week. Sure, they’ve never had an out and out romance, and Garcia is currently dating the equally geeky and adorable Kevin, but still….

Morgan has sheltered Garcia when she’s been in peril, shored her up when she’s doubted her professional acumen or personal style, and proven time and again there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her. In turn, Garcia hasn’t been shy about confiding in Morgan when she needs a shoulder to lean on, and if he needs a push in the right direction, her neon-polished fingers are going to be the ones doing the pushing, because, well, what woman doesn’t want to hear such a man utter the immortal words, “Woman, you are my God-given solace. Don’t you ever stop talking to me.”

Garcia and Morgan in Criminal MindsIn the episode “Snake Eyes,” Garcia wakes to the early morning phone call those in her line of work should come to expect: There’s a bad guy who needs catching, and the BAU needs her skills in doing so. There’s also a shower running, clearly not for the slumbering and hung-over Garcia, who stumbles through an account of an argument with Kevin the night before. Cue knock at the door. It’s Kevin, with flowers, so if Kevin is at the door, then Kevin can’t be in the shower.

Garcia slams the door, and turns to find a freshly showered Morgan wrapped in one of her towels, asking if she’s also received the call to arms. Oh, she has, she tells him, and proceeds to head out the door exactly as is. Garcia being Garcia, she’s made herself presentable by the time she arrives at work, and for most of the episode, they’re able to focus on the fiend of the week, though the looks Morgan shoots Garcia fan the flames of speculation.

At last, the killer’s rampage stopped, Morgan corners a flustered Garcia, insisting they have to talk about last night. He fills in the blanks of her memory, detailing how she’d asked him to keep her company after the argument with Kevin. Their night together consisted only of movies and popcorn and falling asleep on the couch. Garcia thanks Morgan for his friendship and promptly heads out on a date with Kevin.

No sooner is Garcia out the door than the camera pans to a wistful Morgan, staring after her.

My heart, oh my heart. Will Morgan keep silent or make his case? Criminal Minds fans will have to stay tuned.


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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I don't even watch this show (it's rare that I get really into procedurals like this), but I am so curious about this episode now that I think I HAVE to watch it...

Also, hot damn! I knew Morgan was hot (the actor was featured in a previous beefcake post...), but I could stare at that picture all day...
Anna Bowling
2. AnnaBowling
redline_, I find the psychological aspect of the bad guys absolutely fascinating, and the Morgan/Garcia relationship equally so. They've already established a deeper than deep regard for each other, with the attraction simmering under the surface. The chemisty between the two actors is stunning, and they're so different that they're perfect together. The best way I can put it is that they fit.
Laura K. Curtis
3. LauraKCurtis
Oh, I am SO glad my husband is going to a firefighting class tonight so he won't be home when I turn on this episode on the DVR....

Vanessa Ouadi
5. Lafka
No way!?! Oh my gosh, I really have to catch on all the season 7 I haven't watched yet! Oh god, oh god, oh god, I'm just so thrilled !
I've always loved the Morgan-Garcia relationship, they're just so sweet! I love both characters individually but when they interact with each other, my eagerness for this show turns into real worship! I had never considered their relationship will ever get physical, that has me both anxious and excited!
Oh, and thanks for the pic', I could spend hours watching at Shemar's luscious body, yummy!
6. Lucky4
I have always thought they should get together...sometimes friendship leads to something "Moore" (sorry couldn't resist). She is a perfect heroine for him!
7. Charlayne
I've been catching up on this show since I accidently caught an episode a year ago and fell in love. Morgan is HOT and I think he needs to step it up with Garcia. And I am very facinated with Reed, he's the one that I would really love to meet as a character. I find him sexy as hell because he's so damned smart, I'm into smart guys. Of course, all the people on the BAU are smart, he's just head and shoulders over the rest.
Anna Bowling
8. AnnaBowling
Lafka, I've always loved both characters and how bone-deep their relationship goes. Whether it gets physical has yet to be seen, but from that look Morgan gave at the end, I would say it's not impossible. Credit for including the perfect picture goes to redline_,who always does a fabulous job picking the right image.

Lucky4, I will never object to a good pun, and I agree. Garcia and Morgan are perfect for each other. I couldn't even imagine either of them with anybody else in the long run. To me, they are soulmates.

Charlayne, Morgan does need to step it up with Garcia. Go get her, man. Reid is a fabulous character, too; smart is most definitely sexy. What sort of heroine do you see for him?
Anna Bowling
9. AnnaBowling
double post, deleted
10. CarolK
Loved it! A deeply psychological relationship in a deeply psychological show.
Anna Bowling
11. AnnaBowling
CarolK, that's a great description of Morgan/Garcia and their role in Criminal Minds as a whole.
12. Lucky4
Charlayne - You are so right about Reid! I just want to corrupt him! Smart guys are sexy!
Carmen Pinzon
13. bungluna
@Lucky4 - I remember an old Carry Grant movie where he and a bunch of old scholars are writing an encyclopedia and a gangster's moll moves in with them to teach them slang and to hide. I see Reid with someone like that: world savy and bon vivant to his cerebral sexiness.
14. Maggie a.k.a ReadingDiva
OMG - I can't believe I missed it last night. I am so going to watch it online later. Thank you so very much for this, I totally love Morgan. OMG and Garcia has had the hots for him since FOREVER!! just like I do but I think she has given up on it. :(
Anna Bowling
15. AnnaBowling
Bungluna, someone like that would be quite the foil for Reid. I can see him trying to figure her out and getting intrigued by the puzzle she presents. Good call.

Maggie, do stop by and let us know your thoughts once you've watched online. Garcia may think she's given up on her feelings for Morgan, but if he sets his sights on her, I think she'll have some reevaluating to do.
Karen Haas
16. KarenH
This is one of my 'Must See' programs on TV. Love the interact between Morgan and Garcia. Remember his reaction to her when she got shot? I don't think she's given up either, but it would be dy-no-mite if they ever got together.
Anna Bowling
17. AnnaBowling
KarenH, I don' t think the story is over for Morgan/Garcia shippers by a long shot, and will be keeping a close eye on this pair.
18. rdsangel12117
OMG! I love the interactions between those two. I'm a faithful watcher of the show. I missed Morgan's wistful reaction after he told her about that night. Sounds like he's more deeply into her than I thought. Could it be that Morgan has been able to hide his true feelings from Garcia? Oh, my! I'm loving that he's not holding those feelings in check to well. Umm hmm, sooner or later maybe the dam of emotion will burst and Mr. Morgan will confess to Ms. Garcia. We can only hope! *sigh*
19. crisalv7623
I love this pair a lot.... hes so hot... and she is so cute. smart and spunky loooove it. Now, Reid... I love... I wish I could find my Reid soon. He is so smart, and that makes him so desirable and hot.
20. Megan1234
i think they should get together or atleast go on a date with each other. Derek morgan is super fit and hot i agree but he is also caring and compasinate guy every woman wants, i love the show seen every episode so far and even i agree they should, Garcia seems like she wants Morgan more than Kevin and i dont think Kevin is right for her, i have a list of couples from the show that i think should be together
Morgan and Garica
JJ and Reid
Hotch and Emily
21. Sarcastic Queen
The movie you are referring to is "Ball of Fire," and it actually stars Gary Cooper, not Cary Grant. And, yes, much like I suspect Reid would, Professor Potts spends much of the time completely and adorably flustered by the highly sensual Sugarpuss O'Shea. I highly recommend this wonderful movie to anyone who loves intelligent male characters like Reid or Professor Potts.

But back to the topic at hand...
I think compared to that bone-deep emotional bond between Garcia and Morgan, anything our girl has with Kevin just seems blandly superficial.
22. Megan Treble
I think they should get together only because Morgan is fully in love with her and her , reid and prentiss are the only people he truly trusts, Kevin is sweet and kind yes but he is not right for her, he needs to go out with the girl from the sci fi convention, Garcia loves morgan and always talks to him on the phone! JUST ONE DATE PLEASE US CRIMINAL MINDS FANS BEG YOU!!! MG FOR LIFE! x
p.s. trend #babygirlnation on twittter thankkkkkss x
23. April House
One date is just not enough, they need to let loyal M/G fans know they're the real act, end game, cannon and all adjectives thereof. Writers- have the guts to make it happen and you fans who see a romantic commitment as destructive, wow- now that's pessimism at it worst, love and friendship destroyed by commitment and acts of love. God knows these hero's need love and Morgan and Garcia are far more then half way there.
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