Feb 1 2012 8:45am

A Dangerous Method: Dangerously Lacking in Fassboners

“Michael’s always good for keeping something in the freezer,” Keira Knightley says.

About Fassbender having alcohol prior to shooting a tough scene, that is. What did you think we meant?

On the heels of Michael Fassbender’s full-frontal performance in Shame comes A Dangerous Method, a David Cronenberg-directed film about Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud—an early 20th century bromance? It appears to portray sexually-damaged people, as Shame did, although it doesn’t feature Fassbender in the altogether.

A Dangerous Method is playing in select theaters now.

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2. Lafka
I saw it last december and really liked it! I didn't know much about Sabina Spielrein/Carl Jung affair, so it was really interesting! Seeing the Jung/Freud complex relationship was fascinating too. And the casting is simply marvellous. It's definitely a must-see!

I also saw Shame, those are two very different movies, really. Even if they both somehow deal with sexual problems, I think the matter at the heart of both movies is not the same. Shame is more about addiction than sex really. A dangerous method is more about, uh, well psychanalysis and ethics and most of all the relationships between two men both fascinated by each other and in competition. A dangerous method is not as sexual in the end as the teaser and the story could have lead us to think.

But I really recommand both movies! Especially because Fassbender is in both *sweep*
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
@smexybooks--Me, too! I love Cronenberg, Mortensen, and am coming to love Fassbender, too.

@Lafka--Oh, cool you saw it! When I first saw mention of it, the sexual stuff wasn't as played up as it is in its pr efforts, and I am guessing (as you say) that it isn't as prevalent as they're trying to make it seem (riding the wave of Shame). Cronenberg handles sexually-tinged obsession so well, even if it's not stated and out there, I am really anxious to see this.
4. Annabel
FASSBENDER!!! I want his babies. Me and my friends call him Sexbender. Okay, that's all I have to say.
5. Lafka
@MFrampton -- Exactly, I assume it's a marketing technique, trying to surf on the steamy aura surrounding Shame to sell A Dangerous Method _ which is silly, because the movie stands for itself. Some critics here in France regretted it, finding that the movie is too much talk, not enough "action" (and yes, I mean sex here). In my humble opinion, over-exploiting the sexual side of the story would have ruined the movie. But, truth be told, I wasn't really worried when I went to see it at the theater, with Cronenberg behind the camera and Mortensen, Knightley and Fassenberg in the main roles (Vincent Cassel too, cocorico!). Let us know what you've thought of it once you've seen it!

@Annabel -- I think you'll have some competition, the man is just so goddamn hot! ROTFL, I love the Sexbender stuff!
Pamela Webb-Elliott
6. Spaz
I have never even heard of this film! If we could just remove sourpuss from this equation, I'm in! (donotdonotdonotlikekieraknightly)!
7. Lege Artis
Mr Fassbander is stirring my imagination...
@Spaz- I'm with you on the Kiera Knightly thing. I had same problem with Atonement, but James McAwoy was enough to overlook that little problem. Can't wait to see some more Fassbender awesomeness...
Ruby's Books
8. Rubys Books
Oh, I loved this movie. When I was taking Therapy classes in college, they didn't tell us much about Sabina Spielrein and so I was very intrigued. I do believe Viggo Mortensen did an amazing job portraying Freud. All actors did, in fact :)
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