Jan 5 2012 8:09am

When Always and Forever is Literally That

There’s suspension of disbelief—vampires, werewolves, witches, magic powers, etc.—and there’s an impossibility of suspending such belief.

Like when two immortals hook up, and by the end of the book we’re supposed to presume they’ll be having crazy monkey sex forever. FOR. EVER.

Really? Most of us have been in relationships that have lasted beyond the ’anytime, anywhere’ stage, and do you really believe that entities who are going to live forever will still feel the same flush of passion 273 years down the road that they did at the end of the book?

It’s possible to suspend disbelief enough to think immortality is a reality. It might not be possible to think they’ll still be hankering for each other 1000 years from now in the same way that they did when you read the last page.

Do you have problems suspending your disbelief when you read?

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1. Manders
Actually, no, I don't have any problem suspending my disbelief. It's half the reason I love the books about immortals. I know its far fetched but I feel content with the "forever", no matter how long it may be. I've actually spent more time thinking and trying to wrap my mind around J. R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood characters. It was made clear that while this breed of vampires live an extremely long time they succumb to a death of old age. So, if one of the males is 400 and his mate is only 200, does this mean she will be left alone one day? That bothers me more than thinking they will spend the next thousand years loving each other.

Side note: My parents divorced and I've been through enough relationships to know that its not a forever thing. I believe the idea of a seriously long forever appeals to me because I've seen how fickle love really is. I enjoy escaping to worlds where "I do" and true love last for centuries.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@Manders: I have no doubts about the forever part of the love, it's the passion that makes me wonder. Because doing something with someone over the course of time invariably becomes more of a routine. So yes, I agree with your forever, it's the passion I'm wondering about.
Marian DeVol
3. ladyengineer
The knowledge that people (including vampires, werewolves, the Fae) are far more complex than is usually shone in most romances, especially paranormal romances, leads to that feeling of skepticism. This may be the "problem" with heroes/heroines from earlier books in a series showing up after getting their HEA (i.e. after THEIR novel concludes).

That level of passion is exhausting to maintain. Alpha males can end up looking somewhat beta once HEA and domesticity are achieved. Also, people change. If they didn't, they'd probably die of boredom eventually. That would be the true curse of immortality.
Stephanie Treanor
4. Streanor
I'm going to try to rationalize this via twilight because yes i do enjoy a challenge..

So if you are immortal that means in this case you have the body of a 17 year old teenager. Which means you are free from vericose veins, crows feet and the eventual drop in gravity. Not to say people who have these things dont get busy, but not as often as someone with younger ::ahem:: parts.

So since the mechanics are working we now should focus on the mental and you can't help but think that after a while it does get a bit boring... prime example celebrities. Artifically made to look "hot" longer than any normal person would ever be capable of. Ever ask yourself why they dont stay together? I think its mostly because they are SO attractive and loved by all that they feel like that there is always something better out there. So why not move on to the next best thing?

Conculsion i think the "forever" could only last between two moderately attractive immortals.
5. Well
I have a problem suspending my disbelief even in regular romance novels where characters might have 40 or 50 years together. I'm in a 12 year marriage and we lost the passion...oh, about ten years ago, lol. I actually enjoyed romances a lot more before I personally came to disbelieve the whole "happily ever after" thing.

But I still read romances. I just do a lot more eye rolling. With paranormal it's easier to believe because it feels less "real" overall.
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