Jan 11 2012 5:14pm

Spies Do It Better: This Means War Trailer

And speaking of love triangles and movies, a trailer for the upcoming film This Means War, starring Chris Pine and Tom Hardy as CIA agents competing for the affections of Reese Witherspoon, hit the web a bit ago.

This movie had me at Chris Pine and sexpionage, but it doesn’t hurt that the rest of the cast is pretty awesome too. I do love Reese Witherspoon, and Chelsea Handler as the snarky BFF giving bad advice? YES.

Plus...SEXPIONAGE. Am I right?

(Which guy IS that getting naked with Reese at the 02:14 mark? Can’t tell...)

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Tracie Banister
1. traciebanister
I am SO excited to see this movie I can hardly stand it. In answer to your question, I think that's Chris Pine at the 2:14 mark because there are no tatts on that man's bare arm right arm and he doesn't look bulky enough to be Tom Hardy. I think the guy in the blue shirt making out with Reese and falling down on the bed with her at the beginning of the trailer is Tom. Can you believe that Reese Witherspoon got PAID to be in this movie with these two hot guys? What a job! SIGH
Dani Nguyen
2. Dani Nguyen
I can't wait to see this. I'd take Tom Hardy over Chris Pine anyday tho. Lurve him.
Dani Nguyen
4. hoosierneals
I agree- def. looked like Chris. And yeah, it had me at Chris Pine too. Not that I've watched Star Trek nine million times or anything......sigh:)
Dani Nguyen
5. CindyS
"Why is she listening to that old man."

Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
@traciebanister -- I was hoping it was Chris Pine! And yes indeed, that would be quite the job.

@Dani Nguyen @MFrampton -- What else has Tom Hardy been in? He's very hot; I've just have a soft spot for Pine since his Princess Diaries days. And I love him in Star Trek, of course.

@CindyS -- Hee!
Megan Frampton
7. MFrampton
Tom Hardy was in Bronson, a film directed by a fave, Nicholas Winding Refn, also in Inception, Wuthering Heights, Tinker, Tailor, RocknRolla, Layer Cake, and Band of Brothers. (those last few I had to go look up, but I've seen all of them. The Wuthering Heights version is a dud, but he is good in it).
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