Jan 20 2012 10:41am

The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 12: Kiss and Tell

Bonnie and Elena in The Vampire DiariesLast week on The Vampire Diaries, Damon was patient, Stefan was evil and Tyler almost killed the girl he loves.

This week there’s yet another road trip, long-lost family members, hybrid shenanigans, emotional evil Stefan and Alaric getting his flirt on.

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Bonnie is back to having visions, which open episodes of The Vampire Diaries. She’s in a graveyard of Bennett witches with Klaus’ unopenable casket sitting amid the headstones. Klaus arrives and tells her he knows how to open it. Bonnie then finds herself inside a casket, sans cell signal, and starts trying to cast spells and screaming for help.

The terrifying dream has her bringing Elena to see the hidden coffins in creepy witch manor. To which I say: Can no one in Mystic Falls keep a secret? Everyone promises not to tell, and then as soon as it’s scary or convenient (looking at you, Damon), they spill it. Really, maybe these folks need to end up on our Bad Friend Heroines list. Stefan isn’t pleased Elena knows about the coffins, but Bonnie says Elena can help her get the extra coffin open. Turns out Bonnie’s mama may be the one who can help, and seeking long-lost mothers requires the assistance of the best friend.

Elena, in good friend mode, assures Bonnie that she can leave all this to Stefan. They don’t really need to hunt down her mom (she bailed when Bonnie was a baby). However, if the coffin is spelled it’s a witch problem. That means searching the globe for Abby Bennett. The two girls have lots of leads but no luck yet. That’s because they aren’t half of Team Handsome. Damon walks in and has already found the address for Bonnie’s former Miss Mystic Falls (really, everyone has done it once, apparently) mother.

Damon calls shotgun for the road trip, but Elena tells him he can’t tag along as his snarky commentary won’t be helpful for Bonnie. They then commence a conversation only with their eyes. Bonnie asks what’s up between the two of them. And Damon’s nonchalant response had me laugh out loud: “We kissed. Now it’s weird.” He tells them to have a great trip, but I have no doubt he’ll be following them.

Tyler waited for Caroline at her house to offer up an apology. At first it’s hard not to agree with Caroline’s stance: his actions could have led to her death so an “I’m sorry” doesn’t cut it. Tyler’s working on his good guy qualities, though. He stood up to Klaus, and he still ended up biting Caroline. He recognizes he can’t fight the compulsion, so he’s called in Caroline’s dad. (You may remember him as the one who tried to torture his daughter out of being a vampire. Yeah, that guy.) Tyler thinks because her dad can fight compulsion, he can teach Tyler how to fight the sire bond. And Mr. Forbes is going to try. Caroline wants him to, and so does every person watching this show. The utter hope in Caroline’s eyes here – oh, teach Tyler to fight it!

The human half of Team Handsome, Alaric, is at the only eatery in town the Mystic Grill with his new doctor friend Meredith. Flirting has commenced. Though, I’m betting her little aside to being an angry drunk proves prophetic this season. After making plans for a dinner date next time, she leaves and the vampire component to Team Handsome arrives. Damon’s certain the new doctor must be damaged. “A girl that hot, that smart?” Again, I agree. Also, yay for Team Handsome having lunch drinks. Damon reveals that Meredith’s former boyfriend, the medical examiner, is now dead and was staked even though he was not a vampire.

Stefan and Klaus in The Vampire Diaries’s The Ties That BindKlaus is lonely. Sure, he doesn’t say this, but why else would the guy be hanging out at the Salvatore place drinking and listening to “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys? Stefan inquires, and Klaus laments about how his hybrids had to be sent away and says it’s time to return his family. Stefan, in new evil Stefan mode, isn’t much for negotiating. Klaus doesn’t like this much and the two have a “sullen and crazy” competition. No deals made.

On the road, Bonnie decides Elena needs to talk about Damon. Sure, Elena tries to pass the kiss off as “not going to happen again,” but Bonnie and I agree – there’s something happening here. And I have to thank Bonnie for asking if it was good. Elena’s response of “it doesn’t matter” told everyone Damon made her lips tingle. (Told you.)

Stefan calls for a status update – he wants to know where Abby Bennett lives, too – but Elena decides sharing the information is a bad idea. Instead she lies and says she and Bonnie are staying at the Lake House. Do these lies ever end well? No, Elena. Never. Sure enough, we cut back to Stefan at Elena’s house and he has the info on Abby.

Klaus’ hybrids may be out of Mystic Falls, but he still has them working. He sends one of his hybrids up to Abby’s house.

Abby and Jamie in The Ties That BindElena and Bonnie arrive a bit later. No one answers the door but a very good-looking guy comes from around the side of the house offering to help out. Bonnie explains Abby is her mom, and he introduces himself as Jamie and invites them inside. He’s not her brother, but Abby’s more of a surrogate mom for him. Just then Abby comes back in and spots Bonnie. The two acknowledge one another, but both look unsure of what to do. Epic hugs are not in the cards here.

Caroline’s dad chains Tyler and educates us all about the sire bond, which at its core is about gratitude. Tyler believes he owes Klaus his life for freeing him from the werewolf curse. Mr. Forbes says to break the sire bond, Tyler needs to force himself to shift to his wolf form and own his pain.

Tyler is shirtless at this point. His abs are glorious. I rewound so I could tell you guys that he said he isn’t sure how to turn now, because really shirtless Tyler is distracting. Caroline isn’t in the shot, so I don’t know if she was distracted, too. Probably not. Her dad was there, and that can sober up weak knees pretty quickly.

OK, back on track. Shirtless Tyler, chained to the walls forces himself to shift. He’s willing to break every bone in his body to earn his freedom. That in one hell of an apology to Caroline.

Abby mentions that Elena’s mom was her best friend. Bonnie doesn’t take this well. “You had a daughter and a best friend and you still left?” I bet she was thinking, “bitch,” at the end of that sentence, but network TV and all. Abby says she left because of Elena’s mom. A vampire came to town looking for Elena 15 years ago, and Abby led him out of town and cast a spell to desiccate him in a crypt. She’s the one who entombed Mikael. It took all her magic, however, so she no longer has magic abilities. Elena steps out to give the others privacy and immediately encounters Stefan. Of course.

Damon heads to the hospital to chat up Meredith. He baits her into a conversation about her dead ex – she signed off on the death certificate. She wants to know why he cares, and the answer makes for smiles: “Because Ric likes you!” He suggests she may be a psychopath, which isn’t too smart if he’s correct. However, she turns the conversation back to Alaric being able to heal so quickly. When Damon turns to leave, she gets him in the neck with a needle.

Tyler is having trouble completely changing. After sending Caroline away, Mr. Forbes helps by swiping at Tyler with an axe. Because that’s what your girlfriend’s dad will do – try to chop you into little pieces. His intent is to get Tyler angry and encourage him to release the beast, but I bet it’s also therapeutic to wield an axe around the guy who made your little girl cry. “Either you turn or I kill you.” Yep, that does the trick.

Abby admits she didn’t come back because she had a chance to be human, to be away from the magical drama of Mystic Falls. Outside, Elena and Stefan argue about her involvement. Jamie comes out to check on them, and Stefan’s compulsion fails. He shoots Stefan. Inside, Bonnie hears the shotgun blast, and Abby drugs her. Both have been compelled. Guess we know what the hybrid was up to.

Back in Mystic Falls, Damon fills Alaric in on what his new love interest was up to, specifically: she vervained him and stole some of his blood. Damon sees telling Alaric this as protecting him. I like seeing him try to take care of someone other than Elena. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy Team Handsome so much. It’s good for Damon to have a friend he doesn’t want to make out with.

Back at Abby’s, Jamie is tying up Elena and Abby is dragging an unconscious Bonnie to her car while Stefan writhes on the floor. It’s a big night for painful writhing. Tyler is finally shifting and it’s not going to plan. The chains aren’t strong enough to hold him. Mr. Forbes has to run as Tyler’s beast is set free.

Bonnie and Abby in The Vampire DiariesAbby meets up with Klaus’ hybrid, saying Bonnie won’t say where the coffins are and blaming the flub on Stefan’s arrival. Abby muted Bonnie’s magic in addition to knocking her out. Abby says Jamie is compelled to kill himself if Bonnie doesn’t give up the location, but our girl sticks to her word. (Someone has to!) And refuses to divulge the location. Abby doesn’t want to do this. She pulls out her phone and types in “warn your friends” before passing it to Bonnie.

Elena continues to struggle for freedom while Stefan does more writhing. Jamie explains his compulsion to her. He doesn’t know why, but he knows if they try anything he has to shoot Stefan again, and if Abby fails he has to kill himself. Then Elena goes all badass and manages to steal the rifle and whip him with it. Those workouts at Alaric’s place are paying off, lady! She rushes to Stefan’s side like old times, and begins to pull the bits of wood buckshot from his chest.

Klaus found his way to the witch house. Damon stands over watching while Klaus struggles against the might of 100 dead witches, who are very angry with him. He threatens the ghosts, saying he’ll have all the humans in their lines killed – starting with the Bennett witches tonight — if they don’t return his coffins. And the witches relent. I am disappointed. At his askance, they even reveal three of the four coffins to him. He’s livid to see the fourth missing. Damon says the witches can’t show him the fourth one because it isn’t there. Bonnie’s warning gave him time to move one out of the house.

Alaric confronts Meredith and she’s confused because Damon should have been out longer due to her vervain injection. For reasons that I cannot fathom, Ric tells her Damon doses himself to build up an immunity. Sure, tell the woman who just attacked your friend about his attempts to stop such things.

After plucking the last bit of wood from Stefan, Elena reminds him everyone’s changed. She’s stronger now, because she’s had to be. He admires it in her, which feels out of place considering his new evil status. Elena being over-sharing Elena determines this is a great time to tell him she and Damon kissed. She actually says it as “I kissed Damon.” I take this as because it was so good, she’s forgotten he actually kissed her. Stefan doesn’t say anything. Just walks away.

Back at the hospital, Bill Forbes has been brought in. (Tyler attacked him!) He would die if Meredith didn’t have vampire blood to help him heal.

Elena catches back up with Stefan and wants him to talk. Despite my pro-Damon stance, I was pleased to hear him say, “I shouldn’t have kidnapped you.” He looked so lost knowing Elena might move on. Stefan still has a soul, and this season we’re seeing it through his pain. “You’re better than him, Elena. You’re better than both of us.” That’s the kind of thing a man in love says. Evil or not, he still loves her.  (Though, let’s all note he was still enough of a jackass to drive off again and leave her without a way home. Seriously, not very gentlemanly for a man who’s been around more than a century.)

Bonnie and Abby try to come to terms with one another. Abby’s willing to help, Bonnie doesn’t want it. She doesn’t trust her, and Abby doesn’t have magic. Then Abby explains when she put Mikael down her magic didn’t just disappear, it drifted away. The longer she was away from Bonnie, the weaker she got. She thinks Bonnie may be able to help her get her magic back, so she can assist Bonnie.

Tyler came to the hospital to visit Mr. Forbes, who is making a miraculous recovery. Tyler says he feels a bit more like himself now after turning, and Caroline’s dad tells him it’s a good start. In order to break the sire bond, turning must be painless. Tyler is going to have to do it over and over willingly to break this bond. Tyler doesn’t think he can do it again, but Mr. Forbes tells him he will if he wants to see Caroline.

Alaric reveals his vampire hunter ways to Meredith. The two vow “no secrets.” This means he even reveals his magic ring to her. Why do I think she’s going to steal it? Elena then walks in on them kissing. Awkward. Still, Elena lets him know it’s OK to move forward.

Stefan and Damon in The Vampire DiariesThe Salvatore brothers decide to recap the evening and Damon makes the mistake of asking if Elena is all right. Stefan decks him. Damon agrees they aren’t going to talk about it just yet. Instead he produces a shiny dagger that makes Stefan’s eyes widen.

Klaus is enjoying adding more family members to his house. His hybrid asks about awakening the family, and Klaus declines for now. And then Klaus’ brother rips out the hybrid’s heart and asks what he missed.


  • Stefan in pain over Elena’s little reveal. Almost makes me want to see them together again. Almost.
  • On the other hand, Elena all but admitted she liked that kiss. So….
  • Shirtless Tyler


  • The Bonnie/Abby storyline got weak as the show progressed. Tempted to skip some of their heart-to-hearts.
  • Alaric being way too revealing about his life. Vampire hunting tools may make panties drop. I don’t know. But…
  • Giving up secrets. Seriously, almost everyone in this town divulges secrets that aren’t theirs.
  • Are we just pretending that weird love-vibe between Klaus and Caroline didn’t happen last week? 


While Chelsea Mueller runs Vampire Book Club, she won’t turn down a sexy werewolf, demon or faerie. (Her husband often reminds her that she’s taken.)

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Great recap, Chels! Tyler's abs > everything. Also, I'm totally fine with pretending the Klaus-Caroline scene never happened, but I have a feeling it's just going to come back with a vengeance at some point.
2. ChelseaMueller
@redline_ - It may not be a Damon shower scene, but I have to admit, Tyler's abs are scene stealers.
3. wsl0612
ooh, it really irked me when Stefan hit Damon! Stefan had no right to, he has no "claim" on Elena now, so he needs to just STFU!! Yeah I'm Team Damon ;-) Also, I wasn't a big Jenna fan but seriously Alaric is moving on way too quickly to make his feelings for her seem believable. I also agree it seemed very weak that Alaric is telling Meredith all their secrets, what the heck? I thought Damon was supposed to be the Gossip Girl, hehheh.
Shannon Bastian
4. shannonB.
Go Team Handsome! I want to be the other person in a threesome with those 2.
Oh wait..we're talking about the show right? Boy am I embarrassed! lol
Loved that we got to see that maybe Stefan does care a little. And while I am firmly in the Damon camp I thought it was funny Stefan hit him.
Thought the Bonnie/her mom storyline was kinda weak.
Tyler's abs don't phase me but Klaus' voice might make me swoon a little.
5. ChelseaMueller
@shannonB - Tyler's abs don't phase you?! Oh, don't let @redline_ hear you say that. ;) Klaus can make me swoon -- as long as he's not putting moves on Caroline.
Shannon Bastian
6. shannonB.
Yeah I don't like the idea of him/Caroline either...I'm afraid it will end up with her dead(er) and she's my fave of the 'friends'.
Alie V
7. ophelial
I'm team Stelena for the most part, but I do see the chemistry between Delena. I did find it interesting that Elena said, "I kissed Damon." Other times she has stated that Damon kissed her, now it seems like she is taking some responsibility in the act and maybe that she enjoyed it.
Heather Waters
8. HeatherWaters
@ephramyfan -- I thought that was fascinating on Elena's part too, especially because it's true -- DAMON kissed HER. So, yeah, the fact that she told Stefan she kissed Damon says a lot to me.

@shannonB. -- Ugh, I really hope Klaus/Caroline never happens. There are so many reasons why it shouldn't. So many.

@wsl0612 -- YES. Alaric moving on that quickly really bothers me. Especially given what we know about TVD time--Season 1 and 2 were all, what, like 9 months or something. So Jenna's only been gone two or three months, if that. :(
Kristin Morris
9. rkttk5
I'm going to join in on this as well and say that while I too am VERY firmly in Damon camp (yum) it did made me just a LITTLE sad to see the soulfull expressions on Stephans face.

It seems a bit strange to me though that he suddenly cares about her and we are all suddenly suppose to care that he cares? This was the same Stephan that the week before was going to drive her off a bridge and who had deaf ears to her sobbing? Not much of a transition.
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