Jan 13 2012 10:08am

The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 11: One Birthday, Two Funerals

Caroline, Elena, and Bonnie in The Vampire DiariesPreviously on The Vampire Diaries: Alaric got hit by a car and actually suffered some injury, leading to an ER checkup by Paul Wesley’s wife a lovely doctor by the name of dun dun DUN Fell; Stefan vowed to get revenge against Klaus; Elena had Damon compel Jeremy; Damon kissed Elena and she didn’t mind so much this time.

This week was Caroline’s 18th birthday, and as usual for a Mystic Falls event these days, it did not end well. But we’ll get to that.

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***************SPOILERS AHEAD***************

The episode, “Our Town,” opens with Damon and Elena recovering from last week’s long-awaited kiss by showering and working out, respectively. Or, more accurately, we open with Elena angsting and Damon gloating.

Meanwhile, at Witch Manor, Bonnie is chanting over Klaus’s family’s coffins until she hears a sound...creepy! (TVD does do these moments oh, so well—thanks, Kevin Williamson.) Turns out it was a hybrid, but Damon and Stefan dispatch him quickly when they arrive in the nick of time. The brothers Salvatore then spend a few minutes bickering over who could be in the extra coffin and whether Stefan can get away with calling Klaus on his bluff to kill everyone Stefan cares about, including Damon. Stefan, needless to say at this point in the game, seems willing to take the gamble. (Evil!Stefan is THE BEST. I like him.)

At school, Bonnie and Elena decorate Caroline’s locker and Elena takes the opportunity to break the news to Bonnie that she had Damon compel Jeremy to want to move to Denver (go Broncos!) to start over. Personally, I’d think that saying that out loud that I had my brother brainwashed might make me second-guess my sanity, but Elena does not seem fazed. In fact, she admits that the only reason she’s telling Bonnie is so that she can say good-bye. Ummm...thanks? And sure enough, while Bonnie’s pissed, she takes it out on Jeremy, who didn’t tell her he’d be leaving, even though, y’know, he was brainwashed. They do have a nice moment at the end, though, when Jeremy does make like a tree and leaf—at least for a couple episodes, I’m guessing.

When the birthday girl pulls into the parking lot, she doesn’t look too happy to see Tyler waiting for her, and Tyler’s quick to explain that he understands why she’s so upset with him (though, honestly, I’m still not sure where *she* gets off being upset when in their last scene he told her he needed her and she ran away...Oh, right, it’s because he almost got Jeremy killed—can we just agree they both have the right to be upset? Poor kids!). Anyway, then Tyler goes on to (in my completely objective, unbiased opinion) completely redeem himself by saying that he can’t overcome Klaus’s compulsion, as much as he wants to put her first always, and he’s really really really sorry. Then he gives her a present (oooh—it’s a charm bracelet!), wishes her a happy birthday (awwww!), and walks away. SWOON.

Klaus and Tyler face off in TVD 3.11, Our TownBack at...Klaus’s house—maybe? not sure where this is—he creepily bids his sister’s coffin adieu before it gets wheeled away. Then Stefan enters the picture and *they* bicker for a while. Stefan threatens mayhem if Klaus doesn’t remove his hybrids from MF (why, exactly, does Evil!Stefan care about MF anyway?) and Klaus threatens him right back. They up the stakes. Etc. etc. You know, the usual song and dance. Things get a little more interesting when, after Stefan’s left, Tyler shows up and lets Klaus know just how much he resents having to do Klaus’s bidding when it has cost him his friends and girlfriend. Which reminds Klaus that he wants Tyler to bite Caroline to show Stefan he means SRS BSNS. Tyler vehemently refuses. It’s hot.

Since Caroline so rudely ditched school and missed their efforts, Bonnie, Elena, and Matt decide to surprise her at home in a pretty charming moment. Then they insist on taking her out to the falls for s’mores, campfires, tequila, and birthday cake, forcing Caroline to remind them all that she’s DEAD. So Elena moves on to Plan B: a funeral. All righty then. They all toast the Caroline they knew and loved (well, and Matt takes the opportunity to make a dig) and then have her make a wish for her new life.

Damon and Alaric in TVDDamon and Alaric’s bromance continues...(A few fun lines: “Since when do you care who lives and who dies?”/“I have a small list.” Plus, “Can’t a council meeting ever just be...a council meeting? No? Okay.”) Alaric also has another run-in with Dr. Fell, who reveals she’s on the Founder’s Council. We then learn that she has a shady past (I know, shocker) and Alaric threatens the dude she’s having an argument with (who happens to be...the town medical examiner!). Not at all happy that the writers are already introducing a new love interest for Alaric. This show moves fast, which is great for plot, but it could use a chill pill or 10 with regard to the relationships. I’m getting whiplash.

Klaus makes a deal with the mayor to leave Tyler and MF alone so long as Stefan returns his family, leading Carol to tell Damon that he’d better get his crazy brother to fall in line. I am enjoying this role reversal...

Back with the gang, Caroline’s drunk texting Tyler and Bonnie’s finally speaking out about how she really feels about Elena having Jeremy compelled. Way to go, Bonnie! Unlike Matt, I completely support this wake-up call. But, of course, Elena then brings it back to her and how she just can’t bear to lose anyone else. *headdesk* Talk about frustrating heroines.

Then Tyler shows up and snags Caro for some quiet time, at which point he tells her that Klaus can’t control him after all and that he loves her. (*SQUEEEEEE*) Caroline had been thinking that maybe they just weren’t meant to be and should move on, but seems surprised (and happy?) to hear those three words and they kiss. And it’s epic. Until Tyler bites her. Wait, what?!

Stefan crashes the council meeting/social and kills a hybrid, and Damon gets his panties in a twist about it, citing Elena’s safety if Stefan keeps baiting Klaus, but Stefan still doesn’t care. As he tells Damon, “To beat the villain, you have to be the better villain.” The ends justify the means and all that, yeah? Well, we see how that works out for Stefan in just a few minutes, as he and Klaus proceed to play chicken with a kidnapped Elena/the blood bag. Elena is understandably upset when Stefan very nearly gets her into a car accident on the very bridge where her parents’ car went over a couple years back. Nice going, Stef. No wonder she’s mackin’ on Damon these days. Not that you know this...yet.

And not that any more kissing has been had...yet. Elena doesn’t think it’s right, but Damon’s confident that it’s just a matter of timing (and as my fellow H&H blogger Chelsea Mueller said on Twitter last night: “Patient Damon is sexy.”).

Caroline is not doing well, obvs, and is home in bed when Klaus shows up at the Forbes’s to say that Tyler told him what happened and that he’s willing to help...if the sheriff will invite him in. She doesn’t have much of a choice, so she does. In an oddly compelling scene, Klaus simultaneously hits on and saves Caroline (he actually offers her his wrist from which to drink his blood this time, when normally he’d just cut his wrist and let blood drip, yeah?). Ick. And he’s left a bracelet for Caroline much more expensive than the one Tyler gave her earlier in the ep.

Alaric and Meredith Fell in The Vampire DiariesOn the bridge where she could have (should have?) died, Elena ponders her life choices, and Matt comforts her. Together they agree it’s okay if she lets pre-accident Elena go, so she gets a funeral of her own.

The final bit of the episode is the reveal that the medical examiner that Paul Wesley’s wife Dr. Fell and Alaric had been arguing with earlier has turned up dead. Cause of death? Stake to the heart. But who dunnit? Guess we’ll find out next week. Maybe? Possibly? This is The Vampire Diaries, after all.


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1. ChelseaMueller
My takeaways from last night:

1. I really like Evil Stefan, but also hate him. This is interesting mostly because I didn't really care about Stefan one way or another before he went all villain. Now he's interesting.

2. That said, even Evil Stefan should know you don't make a girl walk home after you make her think you're going to kill her on the same bridge her parents were killed on. Not classy.

3. The potential of a Klaus/Caroline love subplot skeeves me out. I don't know why, but whenever I see the two together I think he comes off like a creepy old dude. (Which is notable because in all other instances I find him quite delectable.)

4. I'm glad we got a few moments of Shirtless Salvatore as we return to TVD opening shows with Damon showering. Good call, Julie Plec!
Melanie Thomas
2. missmelthomas
I am not a Stefan fan but him getting all bad ass and beheading the hybrid in front of Klaus was HOT! I prefer him uncaring and cold. This was a really good episode but I'm so upset about Jeremy leaving that I can't stand it. Why must they make characters really interesting then mindwipe them and send them away? So irritating. I'm gonna miss him.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@ChelseaMueller -- I'm enjoying evil!Stefan not so much because of his actions but because it's kind of refreshing to see him treat Elena as just another person. The Salvatore brothers are/have been so obsessed with her that for me it's nice to have a break from that. Though it's weird that Stefan's behavior is allowing the show to paint Damon as the white knight now. I'd like to see some of Damon's moral ambiguity again, please. It's not going to just go away; or if it is, it will be because he's stepped right into Stefan's shoes, and what's the point of that?

I can't tell you how upset I will be if Klaus/Caroline happens, for so many reasons, starting with the fact that he's already abused her and murdered and/or manipulated friends. Gross. Plus, yeah--as Caroline said, he's, like, a BILLION years old. But from what I've seen on Twitter this morning, people are digging it. This depresses me.

@missmelthomas -- Paul Wesley has said he's had a blast playing uncaring and cold Stefan, and I think it's coming out in his performance. Yay! As for Jeremy...I don't think he'll be gone for too long. All actors except the main three have to miss a certain number of episodes (you'll notice that sometimes a character will just disappear for an episode or two, like Caroline in the last episode), so it could just be that. Personally, I'm kinda hoping that the compulsion wears off and that he comes back to town all angry and badass.
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