Jan 19 2012 5:43pm

The Lethalness of Thanatos: An Excerpt from Larissa Ione’s Lethal Rider

Today Larissa Ione shared an excerpt from Lethal Rider, the next book in her Lords of Deliverance series, on her website.

And even if you’ve read Immortal Rider, and taken a peek at Lethal Rider’s excerpt there, you’re going to want to read this because Ione says she did a major rewrite.

(Keep in mind there are spoilers if you haven’t read Immortal Rider).

Whew! Witness the total bad-assery of Lethal Rider’s hero, Thanatos:

“First, I’m going to kill those demons and that fallen angel behind you.” The scorpion tattoo on his throat began to sting his neck, its tail moving like a pulse, reminding Than that death was what he was meant for. Never one to argue with fate, he swung the scythe in a powerful arc, lobbing off one of the demons’ two heads. He glanced back at Hades, who was looking like he might want popcorn to go with the action. “Then I’m going to do the same to the woman who betrayed me.”

Yikes! Wouldn’t want to be the woman who betrayed him, would you? Or...would you?

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Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I feel like I need it, too, Spaz, and I haven't even read Immortal Rider yet! (I have it, but it hasn't surfaced to the top of the TBR pile yet).
S Tieh
3. infinitieh
Mmmmm... another Paul Marron cover..... Can't wait! Also, I love the hellhounds!

And I will read Immortal Rider before Thanatos' story.
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