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Snort! Sandra Bullock, the Queen of Rom-Com?

Sandra BullockOscar Winner. Producer. Avid On-Screen Snorter. And my favorite girl next door—Sandra Sandy Bullock is not some Bimbo Hollywood Barbie. With her hippy curves, distinct beauty, and flawless sense of self, this actress is by far the ultimate Queen of Romantic Comedy.

Her first big screen performance did not win her an Oscar, or any nomination, come to think of it. But it did christen her into the genre of the Romantic Comedy: 1992’s Love Potion Number 9. Later she swore off the romantic comedy genre, saying she bleeping hated them. Oh, Sandy, you cannot hate what you are loved for, my dear.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in The ProposalFast forward to 2009 and an amazing Proposal—along with Betty White—changed her mind. It’s the in-between years that sealed her fate as romantic comedy’s favorite leading lady, whether Sandy likes it or not, thankyouverymuch.

Oh, remember those big eyebrows she had in Love Potion Number 9? It was her warm up role for Miss Congeniality. The ugly duckling that turns into the swan. In Love Potion Number 9 she plays a lab geek cooking up a literal love potion with her leading man, Tate Donovan. Their work together has them falling in love, but the geeks want a chance at the jocks and cheerleaders they could never get before. Many antics ensue when the “love potion” gets into the wrong hands, like a hooker and a jerk. Love prevails and nerd love is commenced. Ha-cha-snort-snort-cha!

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves in SpeedSandy later got the part in an action flick called Speed. Not a romantic comedy, but it propelled into the spotlight at 50 MPH and since her little bus ride with Neo she has starred in sappy romantic flicks such as While You Were Sleeping, Two If By Sea, Hope Floats, Practical Magic, Forces of Nature, Miss Congeniality, Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, Two Weeks Notice, The Lake House, All About Steve, and The Proposal.

A few of these films are meh, in my humble opinion, but two stick with me as my all time faves of the belly-aching, heart-sighing, tissue-blowing genre.

In Hope Floats, Sandy plays Birdie Pruitt, the prom queen/cheerleading captain who married the quarterback and lived a life of homemaking privilege. She later finds out about her hubby’s extra curricular activities on a talk show, Jerry Springer style, and is forced to return home and face the music. There she is reunited with the guy she grew up with (who still loves her) played by Harry Connick Jr. This movie isn’t all smiles and laughs, but a real coming of age story with so much heart I think I may watch it again after typing this.

Two Weeks Notice posterThen there is Two Weeks Notice. Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. Need I say more? Yes, you know you want me to. Sandra plays the do-gooder attorney who sells out and works for the man. Instead of being appreciated for the legal mind she is, Hugh Grant treats her more like a personal assistant. When he renegs on a promise not to tear down a local theater, she gives her proverbial two weeks’ notice. Alas, he is not the man she hoped he’d be. During these two weeks, and the very notion Hugh may lose her, he begins his own sarcastic English dry humor induced journey of self discovery. Said journey leads to an impasse on a New York City Street and a very delightful kissing scene.

Their chemistry is so friggin’ white-hot I swear they went all method acting in this film and had to have done the deed. They even joked on Oprah promoting the film that they did. Hah, I say, the joke must be on us because they are so flippin’ hysterical together and extremely easy on the eyes. Rumors flew after her breakup with the cheating lowlife who will not be named that they were dating but nothing proved to be a solid lead. Honestly, I don’t care about their real life. I just want them back together on screen.

Dang, now I want to watch this movie again, too!

What’s your favorite Sandra Bullock film?


Philly native Charli Mac is an aspiring author, mother, wife, friend, and part-time clown. Come find lost love along the Jersey Shore at http://charlimac.com/. Twitter her @CharliMacs

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Sandra Bullock is a favorite of mine, and I'll watch her in just about anything. Not even sure I could name a favorite, 'cause how can I decide between The Proposal, While You Were Sleeping, Miss Congeniality, and Two Weeks Notice??? I've seen them all many times.

Also wanted to mention that while she wasn't the star of The Thing Called Love, I enjoy her in that as well. She was so young!
Tracie Banister
2. traciebanister
So happy to see some love for Two Weeks Notice! That film was very underrated IMO. Every time I see it on TV, I have to stop and watch. I get choked up every time over that climactic scene at the end when she chases after him and they kiss FINALLY!

Miss Congeniality, The Proposal, and Practical Magic are my other faves from the Sandra Bullock ouevre. I think that she has great chemistry with just about anyone! Funnily enough, I still haven't seen the movie Sandra won the Oscar for - The Blind Side(?) Just not my type of thing. I like funny Sandra.
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
Miss Congeniality is my favorite, or maybe Two Weeks Notice. No, it has to be The Proposal. I can't make up my mind, I just love 'em all.
Louise Partain
4. Louise321
I'm with bungluna! Miss Coneniality has one of my favorite lines especially in this season of movie and movie award shows and political campaigns . . . "and world peace!" Add onto the end of the speeches you hear and you'll laugh every time!
Nicole Leapheart
5. BoxyFrown
I loved Love Potion Number 9 and when she starred in Speed, I was like :O its the girls from LPN9!! I have to admit, I have a soft spot for While You Were Sleeping.
6. SandyH
My favorite Sandra Bullock movie is The Blind Side followed by While You Were Sleeping and then Miss Congeniality.
Charli Mac
7. CharliMac
@redline People have mentioned A Thing Called Love before, I haven't seen it yet. Must check Netflix.

@traciebanister I love when she runs after him! Sigh.

@bungluna, I like most but love, love, love, Hope Floats.

@Louise321 Snort! .....and world peace!

@BoxyFrown I loved the super from While You Were Sleeping. I felt bad for that guy...

@SandyH Great name! The Blind Side rocked, hands down. I love the part where she tells off the guys and tells them about her "saturday night special."
Becky Hantsbarger
8. BeckyIA
Difficult, difficult, difficult. I adored Hope Floats and The Blind Side and, well, just about everything she's done. Even The Net gets a nod from me. And now I'll have to see The Proposal since I don't get out much!
Charli Mac
9. CharliMac
@BeckyIA I loved The Net! I think I am going to see if I can watch that instantly on Netflix now!
Clare 2e
10. clare2e
Oh, Charli Mac! Sandra B. is one of my absolute faves, too!

In case people want to be sure they've seen EVERYTHING: She also produced and starred in a kind of a lousy rom com with Liam Neeson (I know, right? Comedy=Liam Neeson) called Gun Shy, where they meet, because he is an undercover agent with PTSD and a nervous stomach and she becomes--I crap you not--his free-spirited enema nurse.

That aside, and really it should be, Two Weeks' Notice is the shiznit of romcom nirvana for me! I LOVE Hugh Grant's horribleness in it, and I find them so friggin adorable in it, every time of the who-knows-how-many I've watched it. Happy place, Charli Mac! Thanks!!!
Charli Mac
11. CharliMac
@clare2e Um, Liam Neeson, Sandra Bullock, and a colon storyline. SOLD! Thanks for the suggestion. ;)
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