Jan 13 2012 8:08am

Richard Armitage in The Hobbit

Tell us something we didn’t already know! MTV has named actor Richard Armitage as “One to Watch in 2012.” He’s been someone to watch (and boy, have we been watching!) since 2004’s BBC miniseries North and South.

We’ve talked about when you go to see something because you love the actor, even if you know the film or TV project will be terrible in “I Love You, I Hate This Movie!;” what about when you love the actor but hate the fact you can’t see his gorgeous face? Of course, if the project were terrible, AND you couldn’t see Mr. Hottie’s stunning visage, then perhaps you’d take a pass (and, Armitage says in the MTV interview, he grew his own beard. So at least that’s really him).

In The Hobbit’s case, however, when is it December 14, 2012, again?

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1. Phoebe
Not soon enough for me!

336 Days, 6 Hours, 19 minutes..
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@Phoebe, maybe we should all get a countdown clock. I am so excited for this!
Liz Maverick
3. Liz Maverick
I think for this one, it's going to depend on how he's shot. If you, ahem, look at the :58 mark, it doesn't bode well. And that's probably one of his better looks. *sigh* So wrong...mumble...mumble.
Lori Dibert
4. Sonata917
I'm not sure why that posted three times!
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