Jan 17 2012 7:07am

“X Meets Downton Abbey”: New Historical Drama!

...And we’re off! The success of Downton Abbey (how ’bout that Golden Globe?) was sure to drive other projects that will invariably described as “[insert show name here] meets Downton Abbey.”

In this case, Shonda Rhimes, the woman behind Grey’s Anatomy, is executive-producing a period drama called The Gilded Lillys, which is set in 1895 New York City. The pilot has been picked up by ABC, so there is a chance viewers will actually get to see it. It’s described as “an epic love story that follows the opening of the first luxury hotel in the city and the intermingling of love, treachery and disdain between the classes.”

In other words, Hotel meets Downton Abbey

Are you interested in seeing more historical dramas, but from this side of the pond? What do you think Downton Abbey does that American television series might not be able to?

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Christopher Morgan
1. cmorgan
You know there is a YA series that is begging for this kind of adaptaption. It's about young girls that get caught up in 1920s New York. You even got the basic algebra, just think it could be "Gossip Girl meets Downton Abbey"
2. Theo
@cmorgan Are you talking about "Bright, Young Things" by Anna Godbersen? It would seriously make for an amazing TV series!
4. Hannah B.P.
I heard there will be a show on BBC America called Copper that takes place in NYC. http://www.bbcamerica.com/copper/ There's a Canadian show called Murdoch Mysteries that is similar. The period drama is back!
Jamie Farnik
5. JamieMF
I personally love the idea of American period dramas, but something that Americans almost invariably do (at least in period films) is get costumes and outfits entirely wrong, whereas British series are almost invariably meticulously researched. Compare the costumes from The Tudors with those from Elizabeth 1 with Glenda Jackson as the Queen and you'll see what I mean. The Gilded Lillys sounds interesting, and despite my distaste for Groin's Monotony...er, Grey's Anatomy, I'd definitely give it a go-but I'd be willing to bet that there'll be multiple costume inaccuracies, and as a costumer and historical fashion aficianado this really bothers me.
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