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Our Bloggers Are Authors Too!

bookHappy New Year, everyone! We thought we’d take a moment to step behind the curtain and show in more detail some of what our bloggers are capable of—many of them are not only writing about romance, they are writing romance (and other genres) as authors in their own right. Here’s a look at some of what our bloggers have out there for your e-readers and bookshelves (and we’ll be featuring more of our bloggers’ work in upcoming posts):

Guardian Angel by Becky MooreDolly Sickles
I write romance and children’s books (mutually exclusive).

For romance, as Becky Moore:

·         Guardian Angel

·         The Penalty Box

·         Icing on the Cake

·         Closer to My Heart

And coming soon for Becky Moore is a 1 Night Stand with Decadence Publishing called “The Great Outdoors.”

For children’s literature, as Dolly Dozier:

·         Peggy Noodle, Hula Hoop Queen

(it’s the first in a series, and releases February 12)

Summer Lovin’ by Donna CummingsDonna Cummings
Summer Lovin’  (A Novella) Blurb: A mischievous puppy with a shoe fetish. A first-time dogsitter figuring out what to do next with her life. A workaholic going stir-crazy on his enforced vacation. This could be the best summer of their lives.

Available at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Smashwords

I will also have a Regency historical, Lord Midnight, available in these same places in the next couple of weeks.

How to Dance with a Duke by Manda CollinsManda Collins
How to Dance with a Duke, January 31, 2012
One of three bluestocking cousins, Miss Cecily Hurston must join forces with the handsome Duke of Winterson to investigate whether her father had a hand in his brother’s disappearance.

Sales Links: 

Once Upon a Sofa by Myretta RobensMyretta Robens
Once Upon a Sofa
A Traditional Regency in which a planned seduction goes awry.

Just Say Yes
A Traditional Regency involving assumed identity and unintended love

Jane Austen Made Me Do It
“The Mysterious Closet: A Tale”
A contemporary gothic tale of unexpected love with a tip of the bonnet to Northanger Abbey
Queenie’s Brigade by Heather MasseyHeather Massey
Once Upon a Time in Space –-erotic romance; space opera adventure
A futuristic explorer on a desperate mission to save Earth must first battle the Siren, the deadliest space pirate in the galaxy.
Red Sage Publishing

Queenie’s Brigade – military SF romance (Think: The Dirty Dozen in space)
After ruthless invaders occupy Earth, a military starship captain must convince the headstrong leader of a remote prison colony that her band of convicts represents Earth’s one and only chance for freedom.
Red Sage Publishing

“Steambot Rampage” (Dreamspell Steampunk Anthology, Vol.1) – steampunk romance
On the eve of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, a no-nonsense secretary and an intrepid reporter join forces to battle a bizarre automaton on a rampage.
All Romance Ebooks

Free short stories (ebooks) available at my Web site under “Freebies”:
“Heroes Are Forever” (near-future sci-fi romance short)
“Fortune Cat’s Visit (near-future sci-fi romance short)

Orphans in the Storm by Anna C. BowlingAnna Bowling

Orphans in the Storm, which includes:
“The Hidden Countess”: 
A black robe brought Jonnet Killey to the Isle of Man at the outbreak of the English Civil War and a black robe would take her away to the noble English family she has never known.

“The King’s Man”:
 All Simon Burke wants is to carry out his mission to return Jonnet to her birth mother and secure the funds to help finance Charles Stuart’s return to British soil now that the war is won. 

“An Adventure in Exile”: 
 A new life awaits Jonnet, with a mother on the brink of madness and an uncle who will stop at nothing to keep Jonnet’s inheritance to himself. While the end of exile nears, danger mounts, and Simon and Jonnet must rely on the strength of their love to sail them safely through the storms of treachery and oust the traitor in their midst.

Link to purchase: King-Cart
My Outcast Heart
Tabetha Small is a subsistence farmer in 1720 Bedford, New York. She loves her home and wants the life her grandparents had – a loving marriage and fruitful farm. This is shattered when her grandfather, Josiah, dies. Under colonial law, a single woman cannot live alone. Tabetha has two choices; leave her home or trust the strange man who comes down from the mountain.
Christian Dalby is a man with a duty. Framed as a thief and branded on the hand with a telltale “T,” Dalby has lived a hermit’s existence on the mountain behind Tabetha’s farm. Dalby had promised Josiah, his only link to civilization, that he would look after Tabetha if the need ever arose. Now he must fulfill that promise, sacrificing the haven of his solitude.

Thrust together by neccessity, Tabetha and Dalby must trust each other to survive the winter and piece together the puzzle of Dalby’s past.

Link to purchase: Awe-Struck

 Never Too Late

Ameila Sinclair has lived all her life with the decorum expected of a 19th century banker’s wife. She remained faithful to a husband who never loved her, raised three children, and turned away the love of a lifetime. Now widowed at the dawn of a new century and facing her second fifty years, she decides she can no longer deny the love that has burned within her for decades. Can she throw away the only life she has ever known in order to find the only life she has ever wanted?

Link to purchase: UncialPress

Queen of the Ocean
Frances Carter, daughter and sister of wreckers, stands a gruesome vigil on the Cornish coast, her only solace memories of her childhood love, Mateo Sandoval. Though Frances’ father has promised her in marriage to Ewan, a greedy government agent, Frances knows she can never give up on the future she and Mateo had planned.

As a child, Mateo Sandoval was powerless when his father insisted the family return to Spain. As a man, he will let nothing stop him from claiming the life and the woman he has always wanted.

When the sea washes Mateo ashore at Frances’ feet the week before her wedding, they know their second chance could be their last. Only love can do the impossible.

Link to purchase: UncialPress

Aspasia Bissas
Aspasia Bissas’s upcoming novel, Love Lies Bleeding, is about embracing the darkness and making it your bitch. Ancient (and not entirely stable) vampire Mara struggles with Dominic, her sire-cum-stalker; his vengeful rival, Nigel; a vicious cadre of vampire hunters; and unexpected (not to mention confusing) feelings for Nigel’s human servant Lee. This is a classic boy meets girl story—with a hard twist: Boy meets girl. Girl bites boy. And everyone tries to put the pieces of their shattered lives back together.Release date and purchase details are on their way but for now you can follow Aspasia on Twitter (@bloodandpoppies) and check out her vampire musings on her blog Blood Lines.

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