Jan 11 2012 3:45pm

Kresley Cole’s Nix and J.R. Ward’s Tohrment—Who Else Are You Anticipating?

Lover Reborn by J. R. WardReaders can be a bit...greedy, don’t you think? As soon as we’ve gotten one book in a series, we’re looking forward to the next one.

Especially paranormal readers. Especially when it comes to either Kresley Cole or J.R. Ward, one of whom just released a book yesterday, and the other whose next book is released at the end of March.

We did a quick poll, and paranormal readers are dying for Tohrment’s book, which will actually come out, and Nix’s book, from Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series, which Cole hasn’t announced plans for yet.

Which other characters are you excited to see as the hero or heroine of their own book?

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Amanda Bonilla
1. Amanda Bonilla
My must-have paranormal/uf series books for 2012 include: Fair Game (Patricia Briggs), Grave Memory (Kalayna Price), Lethal Rider (Larissa Ione), and Third Grave Dead Ahead (Darynda Jones). Oh, Lothiare and Lover Reborn too. Of course. ;)
Kristin O
2. krismas29
Actually a few more from those two authors.

I can't wait for Muhrder's book in the BDB and I have been thinking that Kristoff and Furie might be an awesome pairing in IAD.

Gonna be a looong wait though :)
3. Romina
But of course Nix's is the most awaited heroine to get her book, she played a huge role in Lothaire. But am also looking forward to Donna Grant's Darkest Highlander (Sonya and Broc), Shannon K. Butcher Dying Wish (Iain and Jackie), Lara Adrian's Darker After Midnight (Chase), Sherrilyn Kenyon Born of Silence (Darling), Laura Wright's Eternal Captive (Lucian) ... and of course Torh's book! cause all of this characters were either evil or heartbroken! so excited for 2012!
Amanda Bonilla
4. Taina
Ian & Tate from JF's Night Huntress. Tohr (Is it March yet?), Trez, Lassiter & Throe from BDB. Ryodan from KMM Fever. Nix from IAD...of course. Torin from LOTU.
Amanda Bonilla
5. Deanna P
Biting Cold by Chole Neil, Ripple Effect by J.A. Saare, Fifty Freed by E.L. James, Lethal Rider by Larissa Ione, Bloodright by Karin Tabke, Darker after Midnight by Lara Adrian
Cristina P
6. krissapl
Most of the characters I'm eagerly waiting to read about come from Nalini Singh. So, I want Aodhan, Riaz, Bluebell, Jason and Venom's books... well, now. Also, wouldn't mind reading about Khalil from Thea Harrison and Katie Malone from Robyn Carr.
Lindsay Beeson
7. lindsayb
Nix and hopefully Torin- Keeper of Disease. That would be a pretty wonderful crossover, especially since Nix shows up in the Lords of the Underworld books. I am also greatly anticipating Shannon K. Butcher's new Sentinal War books- Bound by Vengence and Dying Wish. I can't wait for the new Stephanie Laurens book, coming out at the end of the month.
Megan Frampton
8. MFrampton
You guys are making me either nod my head in fervent agreement or adding to my TBR list! I bet Nix's story--when it does come out--will be a hoot!
Amanda Bonilla
9. Jenny H
Anything new from Karen Marie Moning, love me some Highlanders and don't get me started on Barrons.....
Melanie Thomas
10. missmelthomas
The PNR character I was most dying to read about was Lothaire and his book was everything I wanted it to be and more. The next in line is Kane from Lords of the Underworld. His storyline started in Darkest Surrender and I'm hoping his book will come after Paris's. I love the BDB and need some Blay/Quinn action whether it be a novella or full length novel. I want those boys together so bad I can't stand it. I also look forward to Nix and Torin getting their stories but I think they will both be last in their series and no chance they will end up together (though that would be super cool). In the UF world, I'm dying to get Vlad's story. His book is my most anticipated book of the year.
Amanda Bonilla
11. Lege Artis
I'm craving for Sacrificial Magic by Stacia Kane! Fair Game by P. Briggs and Gunmetal Magic by I. Andrews are close second. Also, I can't wait to read Once Burned by J.Frost... Give me some Vlad.
The characters I'm dying to read are Illium and Venom from Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series and Reseph (Pestilence) from Larissa Ione's Lord of Deliverance series. I hope they'll get their books soon.
Amanda Bonilla
12. Sarawackadoo
I can't wait for Meljean Brook's next Iron Seas book Riveted. I don't care who it is about, as long it gets here quick.

I'm also waiting for Heart Magic by Gail Dayton but according to her website Tor is just sitting on it. Although I didn't like Heart's Blood half as much as New Blood, I still want to conclude the series. Also, whatever's next for Marcella Burnard. I like her sci fi...
Mirtie Raczo
13. lisa63
Now that Gena Showalter has given Paris a story, I'm looking forward to Torin having one. I would like Illium's story from Nalini Singh, Nix's story from Kresley Cole and Quinn and Blay from J.R. Ward.
Lynda Crombie
14. Aussiemum
I can't wait for tohr's book but also infamous from Sherrilyn Kenyon. Comes out around the same time!!! Happy reading for cooler nights for us in autumn in Aust.
Amanda Bonilla
15. tcmanna
I am so focused on waiting for Phoenix story, nothing else comes to mind.
except anything to do with Half-Moon Hollow.
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