Jan 19 2012 3:52pm

Marrying the Enemy: Revenge Ups Its Game—Again

Emily and Daniel share a post-engagement kissABC’s Revenge keeps getting juicier.

****Spoilers for this week’s episode****

This week saw poor, unwitting pawn Daniel Grayson (that’s kinda how I think of him now: Poor Daniel) make a romantic proposal of marriage to Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clarke, aka television’s modern-day Count of Monte Cristo)—a proposal that she accepted with the appropriate degree of excitement, natch.

But following the engagement, a quiet scene with her half-sister Charlotte Grayson (who, uh, still thinks she’s Conrad Grayson’s daughter and doesn’t yet know they’re half-sisters), and the news that her other (real?) love interest and childhood sweetheart Jack was nearly beaten death because of some plans she put in motion, Emily briefly considers taking a breather from her whole scheme.

At least, until Poor Daniel reports to her that Mummy Victoria told him that she was raped by David Clarke and that that’s how she got pregnant with Charlotte. Hearing that her father has now been accused of rape on top of terrorism is the last straw for Emily/Amanda, and suddenly a summer wedding sounds just the thing.

So. Not a huge amount of movement in the relationships department (we’ve known since the pilot that Daniel and Emily would get engaged) in this episode, but what we got was good stuff, yeah? Personally, I remain undecided about my feelings on the Jack/Emily/Daniel triangle. On the other hand, they both seem like good guys, but on the other...can I ever fully respect either of them enough to ’ship them with Emily when they’re so clueless about who she really is and what she’s after? When I think about it like that, I totally understand why many fans seem to be rooting for a whole other romantic relationship to develop: Emily/Nolan.

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1. BeretBrenckman
Man, the look on Emily's face when he says Victoria was raped...I laughed out loud. That was a fabulous episode.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@BeretBrenckman -- Emily and Victoria have the best faces. Looking forward to seeing where their game goes from here...
Brittany Melson
4. BrittanyMelson
I'm actually rooting for Nolan first because he knows who Emily really is, Daniel second because she has an actual relationship with him, and Jack third because a) he seems too nice for her, b) he fell for her evil friend, and c) he only really knows the little girl that she was. After Nolan's fling with Tyler, though, I'm afraid we'll never see Nolan and Emily together. I can't even tell if he's bisexual enough to want to be with her.
5. blah_blah
Umm... Earlier in the season it was established that Nolan was gay. That's why he was with Tyler for awhile. I don't know if they've done anything on the show to indicate otherwise, or that he might be bisexual, but until anything difinitve is heard, the Emily/Nolan thing doesn't really have a foundation to base they might have a relationship.
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
@blah_blah -- Well, Nolan told Tyler he's about a 3 on the Kinsey scale, which makes me think he identifies as bi, and my interpretation of his encounter with Tyler was that it was as much about manipulation as anything else. That said, it's true we haven't really gotten any indication he's interested in Emily and might never. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

@BrittanyMelson -- My thoughts exactly about Jack and Daniel. Nolan's the only one who actually knows her.
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