Jan 23 2012 8:50am

I H8 U: Getting Dumped via Text

Gawker recently posted a clip that posited—and proved—that Everyone At Downton Abbey Receives Shocking News in Letters.

And now, one report finds, ten percent of people have been dumped via text. While many would decry text-dumping as lazy and cowardly, perhaps it’s just the next logical step from a letter. One of the report’s experts says:

“It is easier to write a few words and then send it through a text and avoid confrontation ... Texting is such a part of how we communicate as a whole now that it is natural that this will be used for something [relationship related].”

And how is that different from letters? Aside from the whole pen to paper, spelling words properly, and no stamp thing. Just imagine if Lady Edith had been able to text the Turkish Embassy:

“FYI, IDK if U know Kemal dead bcuz of 6Y times w/Lady Mary.”

What’s the worst way you were ever dumped?

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I don't think a text is any worse than a letter, but a letter is also no way to break up with someone.

I guess both are better than a Post-It, though. (Poor Carrie Bradshaw.)
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I might have a friend who dumped his GF via text. I cringed when I might have heard that.
Cristina P
3. krissapl
I don't know if anyone watches The Bachelor this season but one of the girls there was allegedly dumped via text with: Welcome to Dumpsville, babe. Population: YOU.
I would expect this out of teenagers, maybe, but not fully grown men...
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