Jan 5 2012 10:15am

Hot for a Highlander: Those Sexy Scots!

Aidan Paul is Duncan MacLeod in The HighlanderA battled-hardened warrior whispers

“Scottish by birth, British by law,
Highlander by the grace of God.”

in your ear; his burr sending shivers of pleasure through your body …

Through the mist, high above the rolling hills, clad in his clan colors a sword at his side stands a proud warrior, a Highlander. Home is a castle, several hundred years in the past.

Duncan MacLeod in The HighlanderHe’s tall, of course, a short man simply wouldn’t cut it; he fights for what he believes in and what he loves. His duty is to country and clan. Loyalty, honor and chivalry are of the utmost importance. The delectable Scottish accent rolls off his playful tongue, seducing you…ah, the heroine under the soft light of rush lights, bagpipes echoing in the distance.

Life has not been easy for him—clan feuds, battles with the English—and his temper often takes over which invariably leads to red hot passion. Passion he chooses to hold back until he finds that one woman who can banish the darkness from his soul.

As a reader, these are the qualities I seek in a hero. And whilst I could wax poetic for hours about the charms of Highlanders, name several contemporary actors who fit the bill, I always come back to one man: Duncan MacLeod.

Aiden PaulTall, dark, and incredibly handsome; with a broad chest and wildly long locks, Duncan MacLeod is a man’s man, and the stuff great Scottish Highlanders are made of. Laird, lover, and warrior, he lived 400 years ago, a classic example of the perfect romantic hero. His image and essence reside in the pages of many a Scottish-set highlander novel.

He is the perfect compilation of Alpha and Beta. Not only does he ooze sex appeal, his loyalty to his clan speaks to the heroine’s emotional side. He is educated and refined when the need arises, and deadly when he or his is threatened. Beneath his rippling muscles is a complex, and passionate soul. His humor and soft burr only add to his charm. Though easy on the eyes, he is by no means perfect, and his flaws only make him more endearing.

Aiden Paul lounging in a field in The HighlanderAn appealing Highlander is braw, built as ruggedly as the terrain they inhabit, and can survive in an environment not even the Romans could. His sweet accent melts our insides, whilst his protectiveness arouses in us an unrivaled passion. Deep down, he’s a moral warrior, and a sensuous lover with a flare for danger.

Duncan MacLeod is his own man. A leader, he follows his heart; he’s practical, but fiery. Great, yet flawed. And, just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Highlanders make the best heroes.


A.J. Wilson, Shark By Day, Lover Of All Things Plaid By Night –

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Victoria Janssen
1. VictoriaJanssen
I had a thing for Joe Dawson and Methos from that series, too.
Jane Limback
3. jane321
I agree 100%. That man..... oh, my! Is it getting warm in here?
Sara Correa
Is this a book series, if so who is the author, or movie? I love highlanders, how did I not hear about this. If this is a series I need to get it asap. Thank you for sharing. #TeamHighlanders

Charli Mac
6. CharliMac
I want to be the plaid on his kilt, the inside lining that is. Ha cha friggin' cha!
Marian DeVol
7. ladyengineer
I was very fond of the series.

@VictoriaJanssen - I also liked Joe Dawson, and Methos was definitely tasty.

@saracorrea72 - "Highlander: The Series" was a TV spinoff of the Highlander movies and starred Adrian Paul (seen in the article's photos). It was on for 6(?) seasons (1992-1998) - a pretty long run for a series. It still appears occasionally in reruns, and I believe is out on DVD.
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