Jan 30 2012 9:42am

Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailer Preview!

Season 2: Preview - You Win or You Die

Just out, the trailer for Season 2 of Game of Thrones; if we’re being true to our romance novel roots, we have just one question for you:

How dashing and romantic does Jon Snow look?

(He’s the dark-haired guy who often looks both confused and purposeful).

Are you excited to pick up the action in Westeros on April 1?

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Toni Mac
2. NoCigar
I FREAKING LOVE THIS SHOW. I saved the last episode from the first season so I can have TWO to watch when the first episode of the 2nd season comes on. lol. I know I know it's a bit much but when you love a show that much you'd do anything for it. LOL!!

Oh btw, LOVE Jon Snow. He's so handsome and kind of baby faced but not in a bad like he's too young looking kind of way. (: I can't wait till his role plays out more!!!!
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