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Fresh Meat: Roni Loren’s Crash Into You, Jan. 3, 2012

Crash Into You by Roni LorenRoni Loren

Crash Into You (Loving on the Edge, #1)

Berkley Trade, $15.00/$9.99 digital, January 3, 2012

Brynn LeBreck has dedicated herself to helping women in crisis, but she never imagined how personal her work would get, or where it would take her. Her younger sister is missing, suspected to be hiding from cops and criminals alike at a highly secretive BDSM retreat-a place where the elite escape to play out their most extreme sexual fantasies. To find her, Brynn must go undercover as a sexual submissive. Unfortunately, The Ranch is invitation only. And the one master who can get her in is from the darkest corner of Brynn’s past.

Brynn knows what attorney Reid Jamison is like once stripped of his conservative suit and tie. Years ago she left herself vulnerable only to have him crush her heart. Now she needs him again. Back on top. And he’s all too willing to engage. But as their primal desires and old wounds are exposed, the sexual games escalate-and so does the danger. Their hearts aren’t the only things at risk. Someone else is watching, playing by his own rules. And his game could be murder.

Crash Into You takes place both in the present and ten years prior, when Brynn and Reid dated as college kids. Those flashbacks are intermingled with the present, as they work together to find her sister, Kelsey. Brynn LeBreck will do anything to find her sister—even if it means that she has to team up with her ex-lover Reid Jamison to help her.

Reid has always been a Dom and tried to suppress his true nature when he was younger. But he started dating Brynn, who wouldn’t allow him to hide any part of himself.

“And if I just want to go back to a normal relationship?”

“It won’t be with me. I don’t want to spend my time wondering if you’re satisfying this need with some other girl while playing Mr. Perfect around me.”

When he started dating Brynn, he was able to be himself because it turned out that Brynn was the perfect sub and wasn’t afraid of the D/s relationship. When the nature of their relationship is revealed, Brynn must fight the brand of being labeled a “whore,” especially because her mother was a prostitute.

Brynn has worked hard to have a normal, vanilla life. She doesn’t want to be a part of the D/s lifestyle anymore—that part of her died when her relationship with Reid ended. But Brynn is forced to face the past when her sister is missing, and may be at an exclusive BDSM ranch.

Reid has lived with the sins of his father all his life. His father is a rapist and Reid is determined to not follow his path. But his need to Dom his partner freaks him out. He doesn’t want to be a sexual deviant. And it doesn’t help that he is reminded by his aunt of what his father did, and he doesn’t want to disappoint his aunt and uncle. But it is difficult for Reid to deny that part of himself—especially when he’s around Brynn.

Being the daughter of a prostitute has made Brynn self-conscious sexually. She worries about what it says about her if she likes being a submissive. Eventually, Brynn learns to not let what she likes sexually define her as a person.

“..and I’m not going to be ashamed…”

“I’m done with worrying about what other people think.”

Crash Into You is more than just sex and suspense. Both Brynn and Reid have to find a way to move on from the sins of their parents. They have to learn that who and what your parents are do not define. They both have to create their own path and be true to themselves regardless of what others may think.

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