Jan 23 2012 2:52pm

EXCLUSIVE: Kresley Cole and Lothaire (Er, Paul Marron!) in Secret Photo Reveal

Kresley Cole and Paul Marron pose on Bourbon StreetImmortals exist in Louisiana! And I can prove it.

Exhibit A: This photo, taken on Bourbon Street. We see an innocent bystander in the middle, accosted by what must be a drunken Libation Demoness swilling demon brew on the left—and a mesmerizingly gorgeous vampire on the right, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Lothaire the Enemy of Old (or perhaps cover model sensation Paul Marron).

Note that the two beings on the sides are the only ones with changeable eyes. Clearly, the unfortunate guy in the middle is terrified, imitating what we can only surmise is an ancient vampiric “gang signal” in an attempt to placate his captors and escape being drained.

My understanding is that this poor bystander made it off Bourbon Street unscathed physically, but deeply emotionally scarred....

Lothaire by Kresley ColeSeriously, though, I’ve often been asked why I chose to set so many of the Immortals After Dark tales in the French Quarter. And on a recent bus tour to promote my latest release, Lothaire, Paul Marron and I were able to snap this picture—which demonstrates exactly why the Quarter is an ideal place for Loreans to hang out.

An immortal truly can blend in with the crowd. Horns? No problem! Full Sorceri regalia?

Would earn a sorceress many, many beads.

Plus, Bourbon Street offers mortals an array of mind-bending cocktails to choose from (some of which would give even Hag a run for her money). After imbibing one Hand Grenade®, a human could behold winged Furies and find nothing amiss (or so I’ve, uh, heard).

Many of the factions—witches, Valkyries, and certain demonarchies—are very sociable creatures; if they were unable to let off steam by bar hopping in the Quarter, well, I can only imagine the havoc they’d wreak in the rest of the mortal world. Therefore, it could be argued that every time romance readers go out on Bourbon Street in costume—with fangs, horns, or pointed ears—acting as a beard for immortals, they’re actually . . . saving lives

Midnight carousing: The toughest job you’ll ever love.

Soldier on, ladies!

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Kresley Cole is the author of the Immortals After Dark Series, a paranormal romance collection with Simon & Schuster. Look for Lothaire, available now from Gallery Books!

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Such a cute picture! New Orleans is definitely the perfect stop for an Immortals After Dark tour.
Jen at Red Hot Books
2. Jen at Red Hot Books
Dammit! I was ON Bourbon Street that night. Unfortunately, our paths did not cross. :(
Jen at Red Hot Books
3. Dhana
Agreed! What I remember of Bourbon Street - before the hurricanes swept my wits and my memory away - was a great time!
Jessica Novak
4. jessn1017
Ahhh... hand grenades... the stories I could tell. But, seriously, totally agree with your assessment of the Quarter. Best place for Immortals and Supes that I know of! Cant wait to get back for another visit someday soon!
S Tieh
5. infinitieh
That's definitely on my list of places I want to visit!
Megan Frampton
6. MFrampton
The spouse and I are planning a visit to NOLA soon--my first time, his second. Can not wait, thanks for letting your freak flag fly!
Synde Korman
7. SyndeKorman
Such a cute picture...Loving Lothaire in book form and Paul too...
Jen at Red Hot Books
Im sad the book tour isnt comin g here to Las Vegas, I would love to meet Paul/Lothaire he is soooo good looking
Jen at Red Hot Books
9. Tanyaw1224
It was such fun getting to meet those two. Kresley is one of my favorite authors! She is just as great in her humor. I can see why her and Gena are such BFF's =)
Jen at Red Hot Books
10. Ztor
True story: My friend and I went to Kresley's book signing in Austin, TX. That night we decided to take a 3 day weekend trip to New Orleans and while dutifully drinking drinks of many varieties, we stumble across the same "innocent bystander" Kresley and Leo ran into! Too bad we didn't stumble upon the other two. If we did however, there would have been 3 Libation Demonesses for sure wreaking havoc upon Bourbon!
Jen at Red Hot Books
11. Chelsea Rafferty
Cute article! I like why she says New Orleans is such an awesome place for the Immortals After Dark series. Never been myself but ohhh I plan to one day, hopefully when some of my favorite authors are there at the same time ;) I was lucky enough to get to meet Kresley and Paul in Brandon for my first ever book signing ;) Completely amazing experience :D
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