Jan 26 2012 8:25am

Don’t Cry for Love: Tears Reduce Testosterone

Want to get lucky with your guy?

Don’t cry. While we all might know this intuitively, science has proven that a woman’s tears can cause a drop in a man’s testosterone levels. That’s because there’s a unique chemical component in women’s tears that reduce sexual arousal.

In the study, men smelled women’s tears and then a saline solution—the men were less aroused after sniffing a lady’s watery results whereas the saline had no effect.

The funniest part of the study? “The researchers originally set out to study both men and women’s tears, but only one man responded to their ad seeking those who could cry prolifically.”

What’s the best way to get your guy to back away from the bedroom?

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EC Spurlock
1. EC Spurlock
So we now have concrete scientific proof of why some men fall apart when dealing with a weeping woman: it literally weakens their resolve and their manly mindset. Interesting post!
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