Jan 4 2012 8:54am

A Hero in Fiction, a Dealbreaker in Real Life?

There are some things readers accept in heroes that we would never accept in real life. The most obvious example is Pimped-Out Penises: That Little Something Extra Heroes Bring to The Table. And on Twitter yesterday, some readers were discussing how many heroes are just so...large that they are hard to accommodate.

With the release of Kresley Cole’s Lothaire less than a week away, perhaps it’s time to step back and ask the question, “if you met him at, say, the supermarket, would you find Lothaire hot?”

Because he’s got red eyes and white-blond hair that apparently make him look like an albino. Sexy? Or freakish?

What physical characteristics do you like in heroes but wouldn’t like in real life?

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lady trudy
1. lady trudy
I don't like the loner types - strong and silent - you live with it!
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
Jason Momoa aside, I always find myself thinking that some heroes are just too tall for me to imagine summiting in real life (I did a post about it, which I just remembered, about heightful heroes).
Plus they're so huge, they probably look meaty, and to me, meaty isn't necessarily sexy. I like tall and lean rather than buff.
lady trudy
3. MichelleKCanada
Great post! My deal breaker isnt so much physical. I love D/s books where the Dom lovingly collars a sub. However in real life, that would never fly with me. I get mad at hubby just asking me whats for dinner. lol

Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
@MichelleKCanada !Ha! Thinking about it, yeah, that would totally bother me, too! Esp. when the Dom makes the sub sit in the corner without even a book or anything.
5. ChelseaMueller
I don't think it's necessarily their looks that would keep me from wanting to date any of the heroes, but more that when it comes to fictional types I want alpha. I love the "I know better" assholes in the books, but if hubs tried to pull that all hell would rain down in our house.
Marian DeVol
6. ladyengineer
I concur on the size issue. What I can fantasize about when reading, I find uncomfortably impractical and NOT sexy in reality, especially wrt diameter.

@MichelleKCanada - I agree. Being a strong self-control freak myself (so much so I never married), the D/s situation has some allure for me in fiction and the bedroom. Outside of that, NO WAY! ;->
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