Dec 17 2011 4:00pm

Werewolf Holiday Gift Guide

Werewolf SantaWe have another list of holiday gifts for you! This time we’re finding gift for the werewolf in your life. From hair removal to kick-ass high heels, we have you covered this holiday season.

Natasha: Of course you have to give your werewolf the perfect gag gift, and this is just perfectly snarky.

Tori: *snicker* When you care enough to make fun of them. I think Patricia Briggs’s Adam would need an XXXXXXL.

Natasha: If you love your werewolf, and money isn’t an object, you can get them the world’s most expensive shaver. Seriously. They’d appreciate it.

Tori: For that price, it should shave you, give you a mani/pedi, and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. I’d buy one for Wolverine if he’d let me *ahem* help.

Werewolf hatNatasha: If you are the human in this relationship, you might need to fit in with the family. This hat is the perfect cover...just make sure you don’t shave your legs; they’re a dead giveaway.

Tori: “I see a bad moon a rising....” What a great hat! Sure to help keep your head warm, your hair flat, and your humanity under wraps.

Natasha: Become one with nature year round with this Harvest Moon Soap. It smells just like home, for werewolves.

SoapTori: Smells like home, huh? What...wet dog? I’m sure Shade, from Larissa Ione’s Demonica series, would love his cave to smell like his BIL all day and all night long.

Natasha: You can always customize your favorite werewolf in doll form, so when they’re out at the full moon you can have them with you always.

Tori: Well, all werewolves are still little boys at heart and what little boy doesn’t love action figures? I think Edward Cullen would love a Jacob Black doll.

Wolf-print shoesTori: Any red-blooded male would love to see his furry sweetie “popping a stiletto” in this peep-toe wolf print shoes. LOVE the bloody fangs across the vamp and the sweet bow across the heel.

Natasha: I’d like a pair of these in size 7, please—gotta show off to the Pack from Kelley Armstrong’s series.

Tori: Pair these gloves with Nat’s furry hat and you’ll be the bell of the kennel, err, I mean ball.

Wolf glovesNatasha: But be careful when you scratch yourself.

Tori: Want your very own werewolf HEA? Personalize your own paranormal romance story where your the star. You can choose names, looks, “special features,” even add pets and location details.

Natasha: I’m buying all the vampires in my life a copy of this; they would get a kick out of being turned.

Tori: Who wins in the ultimate challenge of Vampire vs. Werewolf? Your werewolf can fight to the death every night with this themed vampire/werewolf chess set.

Natasha: I can see Jean Claude vs. Adam, a chess match to the death!

Replica Alcide necklaceTori: Every True Blood fan will die for this replica of Alcide’s arrowhead necklace. Way cooler than an Alcide shirt or totebag. Unless it’s a nekkid Alcide on the t-shirt and totebag.

Natasha: I’m giving this personally to Alcide. Get your own werewolf!

So what would YOU get your favorite werewolf? We’re howling to know...shush, we know that was cheesy!


Tori Benson, Smexybooks and at Twitter.

Natasha Carty reviews Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy on her website Wicked Little Pixie and lives in Toronto, Canada, with her cat, Seamus.

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Lege Artis
1. Lege Artis
Awesome post Tori and Natasha! You put a smile on my face. :)
Pamela Webb-Elliott
3. Spaz
You guys made me giggle! I love the weregloves!! LOL
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