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Vampire Holiday Gift Guide

Coffin RingNatasha and Tori have offered their Steampunk Holiday Gift Guide and their Werewolf Holiday Gift Guide; now they turn their thoughts to what to get people who like their heroes tall, dark, and undead: Vampires.

Tori: Nat and I have toiled and slaved countless hours looking for the perfect gifts to make your holiday shopping easier. Vampires are a special breed and their fans deserve a little extra special “bite” to their gifts.

Tori: This pewter coffin ring screams “take me!!!“ Ok, maybe it just screams that to me. Either way, any self-respecting vampire lover will be screaming if they open this on Christmas Day.

CapeNatasha: Tori knows the way to my heart is with Swarovski Crystals, and apparently the same is true for that special vampire in your life. It seems like something Jean-Claude from Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series would own.

Tori: Every vampire fan needs a long, flowing hooded cape, and this one fits the bill. Thick plush velvet sweeps the floor and reverses from graveyard black to bloody red. I would totally wear this to the grocery store.

Natasha: Screw the vampires, I totally want this. Dear Santa...

Tori: Dude, me too!! I would totally rock this, even with my yoga pants/jammies.

Natasha: Fine, if we have to gift it to a vampire in our lives...I CAN’T THINK OF ONE!!! HELP!!!

Vampires Only PantiesTori: Even vampires do the dirty deed, so they need protection just like the living. These little beauties are the perfect stocking stuffer for all your “fang banger” friends. I would bet the whole cast of True Blood could use these by the crate.

Natasha: I thought vampires didn’t need condoms, you know the whole “lack of being able to spread disease because they’re DEAD,” ahem, ”undead" thing.

Tori: Hey, you know, the whole safe sex thing. I advocate it for everyone.

Natasha: Even the undead. *snickers*

Buffy ShirtTori: Who loves Buffy? I LOVE Buffy. And Angel. And Spike. And...well you get the picture. This vampire/slayer cult classic put the sexy in vampires. I would die to get this t-shirt. (hint-hint)

Natasha: I fully admit to never watching Buffy. But I sure as hell know I’d like to see Angel and Spike in a dark alley.

Tori: Whaaaa?

Natasha: I know, I know.

Bat Ear CuffsTori: Bats are a huge part of vampire lore so why not gift these super sweet bat ear cuffs? Made of sterling silver, these cute little bats make a huge fashion statement. Couldn’t you see J.R. Ward’s V and Jane wearing a matching set?

Natasha: Bat-tastic. Ivy from Kim Harrison’s Hollows series would totally sport these all tongue and cheek like.

Natasha: If you are into something a little darker, this Dexter-inspired blood slide is perfect for the vampire you know. Actually, it kind of creeps me out and I’m hard to creep out. *Shudder*

I Bite Her Dates Dog ShirtTori: Dexter both intrigues and scares me. I’ll bet Bones would protect me.

Natasha: We can’t forget out fanged four-legged friends, your vampires dog would look styling in this cute as all get out shirt.

Tori: I would love to buy this for Roscoe. But that would require an attack training suit, 2 Valiums, and a will.

Natasha: Not to mention a camera.

Fang Banger NecklaceNatasha: I can’t even talk about this necklace with a dirty grin; lets just say I’d be giving this to Eric Northman. Or you know, he could give it to me.

Tori: I’d let John Matthews or any of the BDB put one on me. nom-nom

Interview with a Vampire ShoesNatasha: These are just made of awesome. Love Chucks and the work that went into these—just wow. I think Edward Cullen needs a pair of these.

Tori: As a Chuck fan myself, these are made of awesome-sauce. Love the Anne Rice theme. Oh, Brad Pitt. You were so good looking in your younger days.

Bathory PerfumeNatasha: Serious vampires know their history, and the Queen of that history is Elizabeth Bathory. Of course, the female vampires want to look like her and be like her, but only awesome ones can smell like her!

Tori: While the perfume look is scrumptious, Bathory was one crazy chick. *shudder*

ShoesNatasha: Of course we can’t forget the Twilight crew and these are some pretty fabulous shoes. If you can’t kick ass in them, you can totally LOOK kick ass in them!

Tori: Nat knows my love for shoes is great...but I’m sad to see they don’t have them in my size. *sniff* Curse my tiny little elf feet.

We have have checked our lists and checked them twice...what do you have planned for the vampire fan on your list? Or the vampire on your list ;)


Tori Benson, Smexybooks and at Twitter.

Natasha Carty reviews Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy on her website Wicked Little Pixie and lives in Toronto, Canada, with her cat, Seamus.

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