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The Dark and Sensual World of Shiloh Walker

A delightful tweeter with a healthy balanceIf You Hear Her by Shiloh Walker of snark and seriousness, Shiloh Walker has been a favorite since I was lucky enough to meet her at the 2009 Romantic Times convention in Orlando, Florida, and she didn’t slap a restraining order on me when I had a small fangirl moment. Citing Bunnicula as the book that started her love of the supernatural, this former nurse is now the proud author of over 60 novels and novellas that tempt, excite, and enthrall us with the darker side of romance.

Though Ms. Walker’s writing has been classified as a paranormal romance sub-genre, her works often contains an interesting array of suspense, fantasy, and erotica, rising above just one categorization. Her often broken characters work their way into our hearts and souls, making us feel the depth and scope of their stories.

While her heroes and heroines who don’t always make the right decisions, they  often end up in a better place, told through realistic settings and dialogue. Here are some highlights from Walker’s books:

The Ash Trilogy (Romantic Suspense)
In addition to the perfect blend of romance and suspense, the books’ abrupt endings follow a serial story format where you’re not given any clues to what will happen next to the main characters. You, like the characters, have to wait for the next installment.

If You Hear Her
Lena Riddle, who’s blind, is convinced the scream she heard in the middle of the night was that of someone in trouble, but the police don’t take her claims seriously. Sexy cop Ezra King is in town on leave from the force and has a feeling that the scream Lena heard is just the beginning—something evil is preying on the women of Ash. Including Lena

He combed a hand through her hair, angled her head, and brushed her mouth with his. “I may not know everything there is to know about you, Lena, but I do know I’d like to spend my life learning the things I don’t know.”

If You See Her by Shiloh WalkerIf You See Her (release date Jan 31, 2012)
Hope Carson came to Ash to escape a terrible, abusive ex husband. She survives a vicious attack only to wake up and realize that she is the main suspect in the attack and a murder. Remy Jennings, the DA, knows Hope may be guilty, but can’t shake the feeling that she’s been set up. When more women turn up dead, Remy must learn to trust his instincts before Hope becomes the next victim.

Instead he whispered against her lips, “I’ve wanted to do that from the first second I laid eyes on you.”

If You Know Her (Set to release March 2012)
Nia Hollister came to Ash to identify and bury her young cousin Jolie. What she doesn’t expect is to be so attracted to author Law Reilly. As time begins to run out, Law, Nia, and a devious sadistic serial killer will play a dangerous game of cat and mouse that can only end in death.

FBI Psychics (Romantic Suspense)
The Missing was the first Shiloh Walker story I read. That story turned me into a total fangirl, and I bought up her entire backlist. The FBI Psychics is a dark and somber paranormal romantic suspense series. It’s based on a special FBI task force that recruits psychics to help solve missing children crimes. Each story is focuses on a separate couple and mystery, and the stories are character-driven. They can each be read as a standalone, but there is an extended arc that continues throughout the series.

The Missing by Shiloh WalkerThe Missing
Taige Branch has always had a special gift—the ability to foresee the future. When her gift fails, her boyfriend brutally casts her out of his life. Years later, Taige is shocked to find him at her door, begging her to use her gift to find the one person who means the world to him. Cullen never stopped loving Taige and regrets what he did 12 years ago. Now he has the chance to make it up to her and convince her that they are meant to be together forever. But someone doesn’t want Taige with Cullen. Someone doesn’t want Taige alive at all.

“I will never let you go, Taige. You are mine now.”

The Departed (Jan. 2012)
Desiree Lincoln has the rare ability to communicate with the dead. She uses her gift to help them find peace and salvation. When she is almost killed on a mission, her boss Taylor Jones, insists she takes time off to “recover.” Dez knows Taylor is only pushing her away because of the one night they caved to their passions for one another, so Dez quits the force and goes her own way. One year later they met again in Taylor’s hometown—and Taylor wants Dez to help solve a mystery that’s haunted him his whole life.

The Reunited (release date unknown)

Grimm’s Circle (Paranormal Romance)
Fairy tales take a decidedly “grimm” and sensual turn when Shiloh Walker weaves her magic into the stories we all grew up with.

Candy Houses by Shiloh WalkerCandy Houses
Greta didn’t get the happily ever after she wanted, so when a love from the past comes back into her life, she’s determined not to make the same mistake twice.

“I think part of me was born loving you.”

No Prince Charming
Elle spent years getting over her not-so Prince Charming, but circumstances have brought him back in her life and he’s determined to make up for the past. Or die trying.

“What do you choose…live for her? Or would you rather die?”

Crazed Hearts
Ren has always danced between the lines of sane and crazy as he strives to isolate himself from people because of his empath powers. When Aileas, a mortal, invades his home and brings a cursed book and demons with her, Ren may get his happily ever after—whether he wants it or not.

He sucked in a breath as the punch of hunger hit him hard and fast. Hunger, need, something too intense for him to describe.

I Thought It Was You (novella)
Tarnished Knight
Locked in Silence

The Hunters (Erotic Paranormal Romance)
The Hunters series (all 17 of them!) is an erotic paranormal series filled with vampires, shapeshifters, magic, and plenty of hot, steamy romance. Each book revovles around one couple who battle against unbeatable odds to triumph in both love and life. They are loosely tied together with recurring characters, but can be read comfortably as stand alones.

The Hunters: Declan and Tori by Shiloh WalkerThe Hunters #1—Declan and Tori
(This is actually a continuation from a previously printed novella)
While on a job as a PI, Tori is bitten by a vampire and left for dead. She appeals to her friend and cop Declan for help. Declan has some secrets of his own and enlists the help of his friend and a very old vampire—Eli. When the vampire that bite Tori comes back to finish the job, Declan and Eli must use all their combined “persuasion” to keep Tori’s attention on them to break the vampire’s connection with her.

The Hunters #2: Eli & Saral
We first meet Eli in The Hunters #1. After three centuries, Eli is ready to find his mate—or end his existence. His obsession for his best friend’s wife is eating away at his heart. Saral is a wild witch whose thirst for misguided justice is willing to give Eli exactly what he wants.

The Hunters #3: Bryron & Kit
Byron made a promise to take care of his friend The Inherent’s daughter. The child has grown up to be an amazing woman. Byron never expected her to take on the duties of helping to run his territory, and he certainly never expected to ache with desire for her.

The Hunters #4: Jonathan & Lori
When Lori gave her heart to the dark, brooding Hunter, she never imagined the heartbreak or rage she would suffer watching him with other women. Though the need for her burns in his very soul, Jonathan refuses to accept Lori, the enclave’s Healer. He fears his darkness will destroy them both. When Jonathan is injured, they are thrown together and Jonathan will have to acknowledge that what he sees is not always what is. If he cannot, he will lose everything.

The Hunters #5: Ben & Shadoe
The Hunters: Rafe and Sheila by Shiloh Walker
The Hunters #6: Rafe & Shelia
From here on the numbering gets confusing, as some of the books combined with the standalones are listed in the same spot. So here’s the rest of the books from the series, but leaving it up to you which order you choose to read in.

I’ll Be Hunting You
Hunting The Hunter
Hunter’s Salvation

The Huntress

Hunter’s Pride
Hunter’s Edge
Hunter’s Mercy
Hunter’s Choice

Hunter’s Need
Hunter’s Fall

The Rafferty Brothers (Romantic Suspense)
The Rafferty brothers have had their share of heartache and sorrow but when they find their soulmates, they will do anything to protect the ones who have stolen their hearts.

Fragile by Shiloh WalkerFragile
Luke Rafferty thought the tragedy of the war was behind him when he traded in his fatigues for scrubs, but the heartbreak he sees everyday in the eyes of the children brought to him by social worker Devon Manning breaks his heart every time. Devon Manning had a hard childhood, but loving foster parents helped her change her life, and now she fights for children everyday. Lucas knows Devon is the one for him, and now he must convince Devon that he is worth dropping her emotional barricade for.

He was mouth-watering. Six feet, lean and sexy, sleekly muscled, like a panther. Heavy lidded gray eyes and closely cropped wheat blond hair. He kept it almost brutally short. But she thought it might curl if he let it grow long enough.

When Luke lifted his head to look at her, there was a faint smile on his mouth. His very, very sexy mouth. Devon could picture herself kissing it. She could picture herself moving to him and pressing against him, rising up on her toes and covering that mouth with hers and kissing that sardonic smile away.

Quinn Rafferty is a bounty hunter. His new neighbor, Sarah McElyea, catches his eye, but he knows that no one lives in his neighborhood unless they are hiding something or from someone. Quinn realizes how close he is to the truth when he recognizes her as his new case. Sarah and Quinn will have to be honest with themselves and each other if they are to survive .

Raking his teeth over the soft skin of her wrist, he said gruffly, “You really shouldn’t look at me like that in a public place, Sarah.”

“Look at you how?” she asked, her voice almost as hoarse as his own. She blinked at him, looking a little dazed.

The Dragon’s Warrior
The Dragon’s Woman

Veil Series (Paranormal Romance)
Set in an alternative modern Earth with a “veil” that separates our world from theirs, the men and women of this world fight against the demons that seek to rule all those that live here.

Through the Veil
Lena was found as a child and raised by the state when no one came forward to claim her. All her life, she has been plagued by dreams of a smoldering sexy man whom she fights side by side against monsters with. And each morning she awakes with the bruises to prove it. Kalen knows the time has come to reveal to Lena who and what she is. A war is brewing in his world and she is the only one who may offer him and his people the chance to survive it.

Veil of Shadows by Shiloh WalkerVeil of Shadows
The demons are slowly winning the war against the humans, and the survivors are slowly coming out of hiding to help the rebels drive them back. When a warrior appears in camp, Captain Laisyn Caar begins to have hope that they may have a chance. Laisyn is amazed at the desire that races through her when she sees him but he has a secret agenda for being there. An agenda that may spell death for all of them.

Not a series fan? Not to worry. Below you will find a list of Ms. Walker’s stand alone novels and novellas. Many of them fall under light and HOT erotic romance.

Beg Me
Tempt Me
A Forever Kind of Love
Good Girls Don’t
Her Wildest Dreams
One of the Guys
Playing for Keeps
One Night With You
No Longer Mine
Whipped Cream & Handcuffs
Silk Scarves & Seduction
Drastic Measures
Her Best Friend’s Lover
Mythe: Satyr from Mythe & Magick
Mythe: Vampire
Once Upon A Midnight Blue
My Lady
The Dragon’s Warrior
Touch Of Gypsy Fire
The Dragon’s Woman
A Stroke of Dumb Luck
Always Yours
His Every Desire
For The Love of Jazz
Coming In Last
Telling Tales
Beautiful Girl

With all this backlist, writing in a variety of genres, it seems impossible that a romance fan couldn’t find something to love. Have you read Walker? Which of her books are your favorite?

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