Dec 6 2011 8:03am

“A” is for “Alpha” and “Aggressive” and “A Lot of Money”

The Alpha Hero; he’s demanding, autocratic, ruthless, often condescending, and for many readers, totally hot.

He also makes more money than the Beta guys, science finds. So that old chestnut “Nice guys finish last” can be amended by, “...and make less money.”

What the less than nice guys have in common is that “They are willing to ’aggressively advocate for their position during conflicts.’” Research says that men who ’aggressively advocate’ are advanced in their professions more rapidly than men who don’t.

So when our heroine wonders why the billionaire she’s interested in isn’t always kind, we can point to science for why that is; if he were kinder, he wouldn’t be a billionaire.

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Darlene Marshall
1. DarleneMarshall
I'm always intrigued by the studies that ask if we're hardwired to respond to certain factors, and this would be one: Aggressive -> successful ->good provider for offspring. Thanks for sharing this.
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