Dec 12 2011 10:22am

Once Upon A Time Episode 7: Killing the Yummy?!?

Graham kisses Emma in Once Upon a Time********SPOILERS********

Last night’s episode started out with a dart; okay, so Sheriff Hottie Pants was throwing darts in a bar. Emma comes into the bar and totally ignores him, so he throws a dart that lands shockingly close to her face. Graham says Emma’s been avoiding him because of his sneaky sneak out of the Mayors house. Emma assures him that’s not the case and it’s really none of her business. That’s when he lays a big honking hiss on her (swoon). Said kiss triggers a flashback, but when he comes back to reality, he tells Emma he just wanted to feel something. Make that two of us.

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He ends up going to Regina’s house and kisses her too (the dirty dog!).

In the past, Snow is putting roses on her father’s casket when Evil Queen (EQ) comes into the room, they hug and EQ tells Snow she is so sorry—that it’s hard to lose her husband, but even harder for Snow to lose her father.  SAY WHAT? Turns out EQ is Snow’s Evil Step Monster!

EQ is in her chambers talking to her mirror and admits she killed her husband (good thing a mirror can’t testify in court!). She also says she should have killed Snow, but the townspeople love her so much she couldn’t do it herself. She decides she needs Huntsman to pick  Snow off.

We then see the Huntsman out killing a deer, he sits beside the deer and says he is sorry for killing him and thanks it for its sacrifice to feed him and his wolf.

Graham remembers his life as the huntsmanThat’s when Graham wakes up in bed with Regina; it was all a dream, but he tells her it felt like a memory. Regina tells him to go back to sleep. Instead of doing that, he gets up and leaves. When he gets out to his cop car, he sees the wolf from his dream with two different colored eyes—the David Bowie of wolves, apparently.

At Mary Margaret’s, Emma finds a bouquet of flowers on the table and throws them in the garbage. Mary Margaret tells her the flowers were for her, from the skanky doctor from the hospital. Turns out Mary Margaret got her one night stand on with him after all the issues with David and the doctor is sending her flowers. Emma congratulates her on this because she only has those kinds of relationships. Mary Margret tells her Emma only has those relationships because she has a wall around her heart to protect herself.

Back to Graham, he’s running through the forest trying to find the wolf when he runs into Mr. Gold. He asks him if he saw the wolf, then goes on to explain his dream. Mr. Gold, while holding a shovel, says dreams are memories of another life and not to rule anything out.

In another flashback, the Huntsman and the wolf enter a bar (this is not the start of a joke, promise!). Other patrons are making fun of him because they’ve heard that he cries over what he kills. Huntsman says that animals are pure of heart, unlike humans (AGREE). The drunks start harassing him with a vengeance and he ends up attacking them (thus proving his own point!). EQ hears about this and asks that the Huntsman is brought to her; he’d be perfect to kill Snow.

Graham in the present ends up finding the wolf, but again it takes off. He ends up going to school to talk to Mary Margaret. He tells her that he thinks they knew each other in another life.

Back to another flashback, the Huntsman is at EQ’s castle. Turns out his parents abandoned him and he was raised by wolves. She tells him his lack of compassion is why she brought him to her; she wants him to kill Snow. She’ll give him anything he asks for, and he asks to make the hunting of wolves illegal. She agrees, of course.

Back at the school, Graham asks Mary Margaret when they met. She says she has no memory of meeting anyone in the town, it just always has been. Then Graham asks if she believes in past lives, to which she immediately says “you’ve been talking to Henry.” She tells him Henry’s theory, but says Graham has a fever and should go get some sleep. Graham ends up going to pay Henry a visit.

Flashback time! Snow and Huntsman are walking in the woods and she offers him an apple, which he refuses. She tells him that she knows he isn’t one of her father’s regular soldiers because he hasn’t offered his condolences like the rest of them have. She realizes he is there to kill her, so she hits him and takes off.

Back to the present, Emma is in her office and Regina walks in. She says that they need to talk about their respective relationships with Graham and that Emma must stay away from him, that she is leading him on a path of self-destruction.

Again with the flashbacks, Snow is sitting on a stump in the woods writing a letter. Huntsman comes up and she explains that he knows the woods and he’d catch her anyway. She has one request before he kills her, that he give the letter she was writing to the Queen. Huntsman reads the letter and starts to cry (Mr. SobbyPants!), and then pulls out a dagger. He lunges at Snow, but ends up using the knife to make a wooden whistle. He tells her to blow it if she needs help.

Back at Henry’s, Graham is reading the fairy tale book with Henry. Henry tells him that Mary Margaret is Snow White and that he is the Huntsmen. He asks about the flashbacks, why they’re happening now, and Henry explains it has something to do with Emma. Henry also tells him that the Queen took his heart so he couldn’t feel again and that’s what the symbol is, it’s on a vault.

Graham in his Sheriff’s car in Once Upon a TimeGraham ends up running into Emma outside, and he explains what’s been happening and about the wolf. Emma says he does have a heart (this part was so cheese) and feels his chest. Guess who turns up? Yep, the wolf, so off they go chasing after the wolf. The wolf leads them to the vault and Emma kicks the door down. Can’t the girl be quiet? She’ll wake up the dead! Yeah, bad joke, but I had to lighten up the mood and make sure you’re still paying attention!

In yet another flashback, Huntsman is outside the vault with EQ and he says he has the heart for her, but first she must read the letter from Snow. Snow says she hopes that her death allows EQ’s vengeance to be satisfied and that she will do her best for the people she rules.  She also says she’s sorry, which sets EQ off and she throws the letter into the fire. Huntsman asks why EQ wanted Snow dead, turns out EQ shared a secret with Snow, but Snow didn’t keep it. He then hands her the heart, and she enters the vault. The vault is keyed to open for Snow’s heart and when it doesn’t open, EQ asks what he has done.

Back and forth we go to the present, Graham and Emma are searching the vault when Regina shows up, saying she is there every Wednesday to lay flowers on her father’s grave. She tries to drag Graham home but he refuses to leave and says things need to change. Turns out he doesn’t feel because Regina is so unfeeling, that it’s all her and he needs to break things off. Regina, of course, blames Emma, though Emma says she’s not the problem that everyone around Regina is leaving, so she’s obviously the issue. Then we go into the girl fight scene, Emma unleashes some whoop ass on Regina and makes her bleed. You go girl, I have your back! If I could smack a bitch through a TV screen, I’d be all up in that fight. Emma says it’s not worth it and walks away, and Graham leaves with her.

At the station, Graham is icing Emma’s head and he says he doesn’t understand what is wrong with him.  He doesn’t know what he ever saw in Regina, and Emma makes a comment about Regina being “safe.” Say WHAT? 

Back at the crypt, Regina leaves flowers, then pushes the crypt aside and enters a hidden staircase.

Flashback! The Huntsman tells the Queen that Snow doesn’t deserve to die, which sets her off. She ends up cutting out his heart and kisses him, declaring him her pet and his heart is now in a cage. If he runs away, she’ll squeeze his heart which will kill him, meaning his life is now in her hands. She calls the guards and asks that he be taken to her bed chambers.

In the present, Regina opens the box that contains the Huntsman’s heart and takes it out.

At the station, Graham finishes fixing Emma’s cuts and she kisses him again, triggering the flashback scene. Then he falls to the desk.

Regina holds the heart tighter.

Graham says to Emma that he remembers and starts to cry.

Regina squeezes the heart and it turns to dust.

Graham falls on the floor and dies. Emma screams and starts crying. End of the show.

Wait WHAT? They so did not kill the yummy, they can’t!  

I have a ton of questions for you all today! What do you think? Do you think he is gone for good? Is this some kind of dream episode and he’ll be fine next week? Will you still watch if he’s gone?


Natasha Carty reviews Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy on her website Wicked Little Pixie and lives in Toronto, Canada, with her cat, Seamus.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I haven't seen all the episodes straight through yet, but I watched last night's and almost fell out of my chair when Graham had the heart attack in the end. I could NOT believe they went there! I mean, how could they? He's the hottest guy on the show!

But it is Storybrooke, so I'm hoping he comes back somehow, someday. His was such a juicy story.

ETA: Though I feel I should clarify that I do think it's all kinds of awesome from a storytelling perspective that they killed off Graham and wouldn't be super upset if he didn't come back just because it was done so well. His story came full circle, and that was lovely.
Darlene Marshall
2. DarleneMarshall
Ha! I knew Graham was the Huntsman! It's wonderful being right.

Anyway, 1. I'm sorry they stopped the action after Evil Queen says to take him to her bedchamber now that he's her slave. Dang, but I would have liked to see some of that!

2. I doubt very much that he's dead because that show needed some hotness and not everybody likes skeezy Mr. Gold as much as I do. But the previews for the upcoming episodes show Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold playing a stronger role, so we'll see.
Natasha Carty
3. WickedLilPixie
@ Heather - I went NOOOO and scared the hell out of the fiance who was on his phone beside me! LOL

@Darlene - They can't kill him! But I am still wondering what Mr Gold was doing in the woods with a shovel.
Stephanie Treanor
6. Streanor
Well said redline! I can only accept this if they bring someone of equal or surpassing hotness.
Jay Ringelspaugh
7. jpwire
He isn't gone for good. There is just NO WAY! But I think we will have to wait for his return.

@darlene, When the Queen had her slave removed to her bed chamber is the Only time I have ever wanted to be her!
Natasha Carty
8. WickedLilPixie
@STreanor - Prince Charming just doesn't have that rugged sexy appeal, should have killed him off

@JP - I so hope he isn't.
Lynn MacDonald
9. Lynn MacDonald
I couldn't believe they killed him off although my husband wasn't surprised. He was so cute. What was really interesting is that apparently the mayor knows about the "Fairy Tale" world. REALLY KNOWS!
Lynn MacDonald
10. BrainyBlonde
I was mad at Hottie Sheriff for weeks over him sleeping with that evil witch Regina, but now I see that he had no choice and I just feel really badly for him. Poor guy. He got Boone'd! (Lost reference since this show was created and written by two of the guys from that show.) I'm sorry to say that I think Graham is well and truly dead, which is horrible because I think the character had so much potential. At least, I still have Charming who I adore, but it was nice to have double the man candy every week.

So much hate for Regina. I am now officially on Team Rumple and I hope that he finds some way to grind her into the ground. She really needs to pay for all of the horrible things she's done.

I was not happy about Mary Margaret having a one-night stand with Dr. Whale. That just seems so out of character for her and it's not like Dr. Whale is nice or cares about her at all. He's just some jerk who was eyeballing other women on their first date. MM deserves so much better. I know that her heart was broken over David returning to his wife, but I hate to see her devaluing herself by hooking up with that sleaze.
Lynn MacDonald
11. EC Spurlock
As soon as Graham started regaining his memory and asking questions all over town, DH and I looked at each other and said, "Now she's going to have to kill him or he will ruin her whole curse schtick." And lo and behold. AlthoughI will admit I didn't expect her to be that quick about it, I expected it to take a couple of episodes. Frankly, knowing the team behind this show I will not be surprised to see the bodies start piling up as EQ frantically tries to consolidate her power again.

@Wicked Lil Pixie, Yes that was an interesting getup Mr Gold was wearing out there in the woods. Somebody was doing some spur-of-the-moment burying. Or digging up.

@BrainyBlonde, you KNOW she had to make some kind of deal with Rumple to make this whole curse thing work. And you KNOW how Rumple's deals usually go. That was DH's other comment from this episode: "I would love to see Rumplestiltskin go up against Ben Linus and see who outsneaks who."

Next week's episode looks interesting...
Jessica Novak
12. jessn1017
My first reaction at the end of the episode:
"NNNOOOOOOOooooooo! He's too HOT to die! Plus, he speaks with an Irish accent!"

Don't get me wrong, I love Charming, but the Sheriff was just sooo... rugged and yummy!

I loved the episode, loved how he was starting to remember, obviously focused around his kiss with Emma, but am very upset they killed him. I am hoping that since it is a fairy tale, that there will be some way to bring him back. I think he and Emma should end up getting together in the series finale (hopefully several years down the road). However, I do appreciate that they killed him at the same time, because it shows just how ruthless the EQ is and how no one is safe!

But, yeah, if they have definitely and finally killed him off, they do need to bring in an infusion of equally rugged sexiness.

Also upset that Mary Margaret had a one night stand with oogie doctor guy. He's so not worth it, and it just doesn't feel right with her character. Wondering how the doctors backstory will fit in with everything. I've been pretty easily able to see who the rest of the characters who are emphasized are within the fairy tale, but haven't been able to figure his role out yet.
Natasha Carty
13. WickedLilPixie
@ Lynn - Here's hoping it was all a dream sequence!
@ Brainy - I know! Lucky damn Regina! Even if it's a TV show, damnit!
@ EC - At least your hubby watches, my fiance didn't look up from his Blackberry the entire show! And yes, I'm sure Gold was burying something or someone.
@Jess - They must replace him with someone just as hot or hotter! lol
I hate to say it, but I think Graham is really dead. Then again, because it's a world of magic and fairy tales, maybe someone could re-assemble the heart, à la Humpty Dumpty perhaps? That seems a stretch though.

Because of the way they are portraying Emma, I think it would be great if he came back, to mix up her emotions a bit and add more 'real life' into the fairy tale. The preview for the next episode will keep me watching to see what happens. More from Rumple will determine if I like the way things are headed in the long run, I think.
Lynn MacDonald
15. The Book Vixen
He's a goner. He remembered too much and that's a HUGE liability for the EQ.

Hopefully I'm wrong and there's a 'fairy tale' way to bring him back.
16. EvangelineHolland
I'm sad the Sheriff is dead, but I never paid too much attention to him before now, lol.

And Emma's wardrobe kills me. I get that she's all about the basics, but could her jeans be any tighter? Does she have more than two leather jackets? Can she wear something other than a tank? Because despite Regina's utter evilness, the woman has amazing style.
Patricia Paton
17. ppaton
I couldn't believe it either. I will not watch the show any more after this.
Lynn MacDonald
18. Lege Artis
Oh, no... The yummy sheriff with his sexy akcent...:( There really aren't any more happy endings in Storybrook...
Lynn MacDonald
19. Tikiipo
Even though Graham died, the Huntsman didn't! The huntsman will be back at least in flashbacks!
Lynn MacDonald
20. Pinkie
I was very sad to see the drool worthy sheriff die! Please let it be a dream. I love Charming but not very happy with him right now either. I haven't decided what to think about Gold. Sunday needs to hurry up and get here!!
Lynn MacDonald
21. SemiFabGab
I really am gonna miss Graham. I feel even worse for Emma because she never got to taste any of his sweet lovin'. And knowing the writers of Lost it's a toss-up whether they're gonna bring him back or keep hime dead. I just wanna hear his sexy voice again!!! Besides, it's not like Charming/David is that fine. He's missing the I wanna drop my panites ruggedness that Graham just oozed. I'm crossing my fingers on this one.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gold is definitely up to something. Who the hell gardens in the middle of the night, in a forest, in an apron, fisher boots, and a 3-piece suit? No one up to good, I'll tell you that. I'm literally on pins and needles for Sunday's episode.

@EvangelineHolland I totally agree about Emma's wardrobe. MM couldn't look more like her character from Big Love and Emma couldn't look more like a female construction worker. Someone smack wardrobe.

Here's to hoping that Emma gets to fully and truly beat up Regina this episode or something equally good.
Lynn MacDonald
22. Dasie
No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Graham shouldn't have been killed off because he was too hot and his accent was so swoonworthy. It should have been Regina that died. Oh, well, at least she'll get her just desserts on this Sunday's episode.
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