Dec 22 2011 8:41am

Not On Your Holiday List: Books!

The Huffington Post has a story about People’s Favorite Book Gifts, with suggestions of the best books to buy as gifts.

To which we say: NO. Because if you’re a voracious reader, the last thing you want is yet another book to languish on the TBR (To Be Read) pile, mocking you for your lack of time.

Plus, if you’re a voracious reader, chances are good that the person giving the book will choose wrong. Especially if you’re a voracious genre reader (now, if someone could gift time to read all your books, that’d be a present worth swooning about).

Unless, of course, the book is something as off-the-wall strange as this one, featured today at Awful Library Books. Plus, as a romance reader, chances are good you can add to the veritable fount of ideas on how to Be Bold with Bananas.

What’s the worst book gift you’ve ever received?

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
I would have to say, however, that gift cards to your favorite book store ARE ENTIRELY WELCOME.
Natasha Carty
2. WickedLilPixie
Lolita at age 14, from another 14 year old. No wonder I didn't look at older men until I was in my late 20's. *shudder*
Seleste deLaney
3. Seleste deLaney
One year I asked my mom for the new Anne Rice book. Apparently at the bookstore, mom decided that I must not want that drivel about vampires and witches and MUST have meant Anne Rule. So she bought me her newest true crime book. Uh... yeah. I don't read that. The funny part is, she was mad at me because I didn't *love* the book I didn't ask for and wanted to exchange for the one I did.
Seleste deLaney
4. Beth Cato
I have an Amazon wishlist and tell close family to buy books off of that; some of the titles have been languishing there for years. I do know I am getting at least two B&N gift cards for Christmas, and those are a very welcome gift!
Seleste deLaney
5. CdnMrs
I am actually an offender in this case. For Father's Day I bought my husband Five Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth by The Oatmeal and Matthew Inman. It's all these comics and graphics and stuff from I thought this book was hilarious. I was reading it in the book store laughing so hard I nearly wet myself.Husband has looked at it once. Apparently the man has zero sense of humour *shrugs*
Seleste deLaney
6. rissatoo
From my mother, I received three What Not To Wear books (UK version). Um, Mom? What are you trying to tell me? :p
Also, for my birthday this year, she gave me The Dummie's Guide To Home Repair.
She now has a standing order for book GIFT CARDS, so I can pick out the books I actually want & will read. :)
Seleste deLaney
7. Barb in Maryland
I had the opposite end of the story--family and friends that wouldn't buy me books because I worked at a bookstore and (obviously) could get anything I might like before they were even aware that it was out. I finally convinced them that bookstore gift cards were greatly desired. The family(book lovers all) could take pleasure is 'buying' me books and I could get the books that I wanted. Win-win (but it took years to get to that point!)
Seleste deLaney
8. samicami
Well, I don't want to say it was the worst book present, cause it was actually kind of sweet (even though I never read it), but I remember one time i had mentioned to my dad that my favorite queen was Elizabeth I. Some time later he gives me the autobioghraphy of Elizabeth Taylor, because he remembered that I said I liked "Elizabeth." The reason I though this was sweet was because my dad can never remember anything, and I mean anything... he couldn't remember a conversation from the day before to save his life...So I took it and kept it cause I didn't have the heart to tell him it was the wrong one. :-)
Robin Bradford
9. RobinBradford
I can't think of a truly horrible book gift, but my mom bought me a boxed set of three Barbara Taylor Bradford books when I was about 13 or 14. Clearly, this was because she thought it was cool we all had the same last name. She was such a conservative mom that I'm sure she would have thought theybwere too old for me. And they were, but not for that reason. :-) I just didn't have an interest. I was much more interested in SF/F at the time.
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