Dec 14 2011 9:30am

Louisa Edwards Picks Her Hottest Top Chefs

Louisa Edwards is no stranger to the kitchen; her Recipe For Love series features heroes and heroines who stir things up in both the kitchen and the bedroom. Her latest, Some Like It Hot, has just been released.

Louisa shares her list of the hottest top chefs—guys you’d want to cook things up with yourself.

Eric RipertEric Ripert (aka The Silver Fox, aka My One True Chef)
No list of hottest chefs  would ever be complete without Eric. The dreamy French accent alone would put him over the top—no-one gives critique on Top Chef like Ripert: “It was, for me, not so good…”—but then there’s the perfectly wavy, prematurely silver locks, the piercing blue-gray eyes, the wide, lush mouth, and oh yeah, the fact that he cooks like a dream. His restaurant, Le Bernardin, has been one of New York City’s top-rated places for years.

Seriously, Eric is the total package, you guys. But don’t get too attached—he’s MINE.

Vikas KhannaVikas Khanna
I first saw Vikas on an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, where Gordo brought him in as a consultant on a particularly tricky Indian restaurant rehabilitation. I was very struck by Vikas’s serene, but sharply intelligent, recommendations for how to improve the menu, as well as by his gorgeous accent and his shockingly perfect bone structure and sparkling smile.

Since then, he’s opened a place called Junoon, where I hear the food is almost as beautiful as he is!

Tyler FlorenceTyler Florence
This Food Network cutie is on the list of almost every woman I ever ask about her kitchen crush. There’s just something so warm and appealing about him, an almost casual hotness with a slight hint of mischief, as if he’s always inviting you to share a secret joke. I love his grin, his devilish eyebrows, and his easygoing attitude.

Doesn’t hurt that he cooks the kind of comfort food you can imagine sitting down to very happily every night for the rest of your life!

Marcus Samuelsson


Marcus Samuelsson
Oh, Marcus. Marcus, Marcus, Marcus. Who didn’t fall in love with this guy and his amazing talent when he won the second season of Top Chef Masters? Okay, yes, he’s maybe a little competitive…but his drive to succeed gives him a very sexy edge to balance out his liquid brown eyes, gentle speaking voice, and effortless air of coolness. And okay, I’m a sucker for a man who’s passionate about his beliefs—like Marcus’s dedication to bringing the cuisines he loves (his native Ethiopian and the Swedish of his adopted homeland) to larger audiences.

From all accounts, his newest venture in Harlem, Red Rooster, is a triumph on all counts—proving that a little cockiness never hurt anyone.

Johnny IuzziniJohnny Iuzzini
Johnny has a special place in my heart, because he’s the guy that proved to me that pastry chefs could be incredibly alpha and sexy! I didn’t base my pastry chef hero, Danny Lunden in Some Like it Hot, on Johnny directly—but the fact that Johnny exists definitely empowered me. With his rock-star style, Elvis hair, colorful tattoos and unapologetic swagger, Johnny works for me in a big, bad way.

I’m not going to say he’s the only reason I tune into Top Chef: Just Desserts…but he might be the main reason. Seriously, what’s better than a guy who can jump out of bed and whip up a perfect chocolate ganache?


Louisa Edwards grew up in Virginia before moving to Manhattan to work with some of the biggest names in book publishing. She later moved to Ohio, where she worked as a restaurant reviewer. She decided to bring her love of romance and cooking together by writing the Recipe for Love and Rising Star Chef series.

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Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
Yum! Excellent choices, Louisa. I'd also add Jamie Oliver to the list--I'm a sucker for British accents.

@VictoriaJanssen -- SUCH an attractive quality in a man, isn't it?
4. ChrissieMarvellous
You clearly forgot Jamie Oliver. He's such a cutie. And he has an swoonworthy british accent.
5. Kimberly Kincaid
Oh, Johnny I, how I dig that man! Great list. A man in the kitchen is a powerful, sexy thing...
6. Valoree
What about the host of Top Chef? Tom Colicchio's bald head just begs for naughty things to be done to it....

And then there's Robert Irvine... google him, you'll thank me!
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