Dec 13 2011 9:34am

In Case of Emergency, Read Book

Emergency KitDo you have books you’ve squirreled away that you haven’t read yet because you’re saving them for an emergency?

What kind of emergency, you might ask? Well, perhaps you are going through a really stressful time, or just read a horrible book that left a bad taste in your mouth, or you don’t want to have to take a chance on a new author or genre. So you have an author whose work you adore, but you haven’t read her whole oeuvre yet because you’re saving some out for just that kind of emergency. It helps if the author is prolific, and also relatively predictable.

This kind of emergency differs from Rereading: The Comfort of an Old Friend because the story is new, even if the author is familiar.

So—do you have emergency reads? Who’s your emergency read author?

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1. wsl0612
I don't have any squirreled away at this time, but I would consider any book by Julia Quinn to be in this category.
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
My emergency author is Anne Stuart, who has well over 60 books, I think, many of them category--so they're short, predictable, delicious, and serve the purpose for sure. I also have at least one Carla Kelly I haven't read yet, but I'm saving that for a real emergency.
4. BrooklynShoeBabe
My favorite reread is the memoir "An Italian Affair." Whenever I feel like I need to reinvent myself because of some self-perceived flaw, I read this book and learn to love me.

I also like to reread portions of Jane Eyre (when Mr. Rochester proposes to Jane); The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton; and Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie.
7. SansFoster
Alissa Johnson, Jodi Thomas, and Catherine Anderson are my "break glass in emergency" authors.

I've also got several old favourites I run back to for a re-read. In addition to the authors I mentioned above, there is J.R. Ward, Patricia Briggs' Alpha & Omega books, Abigail Reynolds and Kristin Cashore.
S Tieh
8. infinitieh
The Jeeves stories by P. G. Wodehouse. Practically any of the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett. Some Jennifer Crusies. Yes, when in doubt, I go for the funny.
9. Aryn
Some Jennifer Crusies (especially Maybe This Time and Agnes and the Hit Man--which took a few readings to really appreciate), Patricia Briggs's The Hob's Bargain (for me, I have problems with the continuity issues in her series books), Nick and Nora's Infinite Play List (not strictly romance, but still...) , and SEP's Natural Born Charmer (and I freely admit I skip over parts.) Pretty much, with the exception of Hob's Bargain, I, too, need humor.
10. Beryl Thompson
I have 3 emergency books that I read over and over again. Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas Married by Morning - Lisa Kleypas Born in Ice - Nora Roberts
marion bergner
11. ducky
I like to reread certain Lisa Kleypas and Jennifer Crusie books for comfort, also "Lightening That Lingers" by Sharon and Tom Curtis.
denise fyfe
12. aussiegirl
OMG ducky, I haven't heard Sharon & Tom Curtis referred to in years! Remember Windflower? Now that was an amazing emergency read.
Lori Hanson
13. LoriHanson62
I reread Johanna Lindsey's "Defy Not the Heart." It is my all-time fav! Although there are times when only Teresa Medeiros's "Heather and Velvet" will do.
15. Jersey Lou
Since I'm happy to re-read good books, I don't feel I need to 'save' some books undread for an emergency. But, I feel that I can always count on Julia Quinn, Nora Roberts, Mary Balogh and Jennifer Crusie (more her older stuff). Kristan Higgins is getting there for me, too!
Marian DeVol
16. ladyengineer
I don't intentially save books as I have no problem rereading favorites:

anything by Georgette Heyer (I've read pretty much everything - at least all of the historical romances)

anything by Mary Balogh, Lisa Kleypas, or Mercedes Lackey (Misty Lackey is more SF/Fantasy, but has a fairy tale series going which is a lot of fun - she has been VERY prolific).
17. rdsangel127117
My emergency re-reads are anything by Lisa Kleypas, The Outlaw Hearts by Rebecca Brandewyne, The Touch of Fire by Linda Howard, The Darkest Heart by Brenda Joyce, The Eagle's Song by Marylyle Rogers and I too love Lightning That Lingers by Tom & Sharon Curtis Aussiegirl.
18. rdsangel127117
Oops I forgot one! Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I'd read this book even if there wasn't an emergency!
Alie V
19. ophelial
I agree with Julia Quinn, Nora Roberts and also Julie Garwood for me. I really love Perfect and Paradise by Judith McNaught.
Megan Frampton
20. MFrampton
Thanks for weighing in, all! I think I need to do a post that covers rereads, and see who tops the list.
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