Dec 16 2011 9:07am

Happy Birthday, Jane! Jane Austen’s 236th Birthday

Worst proposal ever? But never mind that; today is Jane Austen’s birthday, and we want to take a moment here to thank her for all she has contributed to romance novels, and fiction in general.

Without Jane’s work, the romance novel would have taken a very different path. We would not be nearly as entranced by the Regency period, be as cognizant of station, and birth, and class, and the importance of wealth (or lack of it) in marriage. She gave us bickering, and Big Misunderstandings, and wit, and charm, and heroines who weren’t perfect, but were pretty darn great.

Thank you, Jane. Happy Birthday!

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I know this isn't most people's favorite Pride and Prejudice, but I really love that scene.

Happy birthday, Jane!
Lori Dibert
3. Sonata917
I have enjoyed all the movie versions of Pride and Prejudice.

Happy Birthday Jane! :)
Myretta Robens
4. Myretta
I have definitely celebrated Jane Austen's birthday. But I think I might have slept through that proposal scene. This is how it's done:
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