Dec 24 2011 11:00am

H&H Bloggers Pick the Best of 2011: Natasha Carty, Regina Thorne, and Anna Bowling

Spellcast by Barb AshfordWant to know what books your favorite bloggers most enjoyed in 2011? Be sure to check out each post in the Best of 2011 series!

SpellcastBarb Ashford

Spellcast was one of those books I had to tell everyone I know to read. Its drama, fantasy, romance and comedy all rolled into one of my favorite books of all time, never mind just 2011.

EnclaveAnn Aguirre

My favorite YA of the year. I’m not a huge fan of dystopia but they way Ann tells a story had me in love with the genre.

Haunted LilySidney Fox

Visually, the most stunning small press book I have ever read! It captured my attention from the first page and haunted me for days.

So Much Pretty by Cara HoffmanREGINA THORNE
Kate Atkinson, Started Early, Took My Dog (I love the whole Jackson Brodie series, and this was a fine entry!)

Cara Hoffman, So Much Pretty (another mystery/thriller set in upstate NY which I loved for the atmosphere)

Tina Fey, Bossypants—because Tina is really, really funny!

The Black Hawk by Joanna Bourne:  I’d been wanting Hawker (he’ll always be Hawker to me) to have his turn in the spotlight ever since I first read The Forbidden Rose (I’m persnickety about reading in order), and The Black Hawk doesn’t disappoint. Justine is a strong enough heroine to be Hawker’s match and the fact that their story spans years instead of weeks or months makes my saga-loving heart skip a beat. It’s a convoluted path to their HEA that’s worth every single step.

Scandalous Desires by Elizabeth HoytScandalous Desires by Elizabeth Hoyt: Social reform and the criminal underworld entwine in this Georgian tale, but it’s Silence and the appropriately named Charming Mickey who are the stars here. River pirate Mickey is a wonderful tortured hero and Silence retains her integrity if not her reputation when she proves exactly how far she is willing to go for what—and who—is most important to her.

The King’s Courtesan by Judith James: A hero with a very black and white sense of morality, paired with a heroine who will do what she must to survive, set in the glittering court of Charles II, written with deep emotion and immersed in a rich and vibrant historical atmosphere.

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