Dec 21 2011 5:11pm

Favorite Debut Author of 2011?

First Grave on the Right by Darynda JonesLast week, Natasha Carty, our Facebook liaison, asked our Facebook friends “Who has been your favorite debut author of 2011?” (even though she wrote “favourite,” because she’s Canadian).

And our Facebook friends replied! See what they said, and agree or add yours in comments:

Thea Harrison
E.L. James
Darynda Jones
Alma Katsu
Kristen Painter. Her House of Comarre series is made of awesome.
Kevin Hearne. Nice guy in person, too.
Alexandra Hawkins and Beverley Kendall
Heather Lynn Rigaud & Gabrielle Zevin.
Lia Habel. She wrote Dearly, Departed. Its a lovely steampunk, zombie, young adult romance. Might sound like too much, but it really is just right.
Grace Burrowes

Do you like any of these? Who’s on your list?

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Arlene Hittle
1. Arlene Hittle
I loved Darynda Jones' first novel (and her second is on my TBR pile). I also enjoyed the debut novel of her Ruby Slippered Sister Anne Marie Becker (Only Fear, romantic suspense).
Arlene Hittle
2. John (Dreaming in Books)
If you are talking about the same Gabrielle Zevin, then she's not a debut author. Her book All These Things I've Done DID come out this year, but in actuality she's had two books published beforehand (Elsewhere and Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac.)

On a different note: Thea Harrison is a treasure and writes just the best paranormal I've read in a long time.

YA authors like Veronica Roth (Divergent) and Rae Carson (Girl of Fire and Thorns) have really blew me away this year as well. I've been meaning to try a few of the authors on the list so far, too, so it's good to know people enjoy them. :)
Arlene Hittle
3. mar sommerville
Grace Burrowes rocked, lots of new to me authors, but having a menopause brain freeze moment.
Sooo when it floats back to me I'll post.
Carmen Pinzon
4. bungluna
I loved Thea Harrison, and liked Darynda Jones and Kevin Hearne. I also discovered Gini Koch, Deborah Coonts and several other authors that may not be new this year but are new-to-me.
Arlene Hittle
5. Lege Artis
My favorite debute author is Jenn Bennett (''Kindling the Moon''). I was blown away with her characters...
Lynne Connolly
6. Lynne Connolly
Very few of those authors are debut authors for 2011. Thea Harrison has been writing since the '90's, for instance. (as Amanda Carpenter).
Kristen Painter has been writing for at least 10 years, as have Alexandra Hawkins and Beverley Kendall. Some of the authors have changed genre, pen name or publisher, so maybe that's where the debut bit comes in. I'm not being fussy, honest, but some of the authors listed above have been around an awful long time to be considered debut!
So maybe you mean new to the reader authors?
My favorite new-to-me of 2011 was Miranda Neville, but of course she's been writing for a few years now, as well.
Arlene Hittle
7. Aestas
E.L. James is by FAR my favourite of this year - I honestly don't think any book character will ever ever top Fifty!!
Louise Partain
8. Louise321
Loved Darynda Jones. A heroine who wears fuzzy slippers for a midnight jaunt to a haunted coffee shop? Priceless.
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