Dec 9 2011 9:10am

Do You Have A Reading Twin?

Twin of Ice by Jude Deveraux

Is there someone whose reading taste is almost exactly like yours? Someone whose recommendation will have you immediately running to get the book? Chances are you do—seems like many of us have a reading twin, at least from anecdotal experience.

And is there anything better than finding out someone else likes what you like, is vetting stuff so you don’t have to, sharing what you love, and each of you being so grateful for the other’s excellent taste?

That’s a perfect gift for a reader, and so rare to find.

So—do you have a reading twin? If you do, have you ever disagreed on a book, and if so, what was it?

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Natasha Carty
1. WickedLilPixie
Without a doubt it's Pam. She's only steered me wrong once, and that was a YA (Pam doesn't read YA much). So I can't fault her on that. But I love being able to read together via emails full of "OMG, NO!"
2. BrainyBlonde
My reading twin is my friend Line. We met a few years ago on a Georgette Heyer message board and connected instantly. It's so much fun to find a literary kindred spirit! Line and I discuss everything we read and we know each other's tastes so well that we know exactly what the other one will like (and hate.) I poke fun at her for being the Anachronism Police (she cannot abide authors who drop modern slang or behavior into a historical novel) and she teases me about my pet peeves (gratuitous sex, passive heroines, language errors.) Having Line to talk about books with has really enhanced my reading experience and I'm grateful to have met her on my internet travels.
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
Ooh, @BrainyBlonde, that's exactly what happened to me! I met Robin Bradford on Twitter, and we slowly discovered we shared taste in books, and now have come to realize we are similar in so many other ways, too. That's the best feeling (and why I wrote this post!)
Myretta Robens
4. Myretta
I do. Cheryl Sneed has long been my reading twin. We started reading Romance together and she has never steered me wrong (not sure I've done the same for her - will have to ask). She introduced me to J. D. Robb and hooked me instantly. Except for the J.D. Robb, however, Cheryl has stuck with Historical Romance and I have expanded into some Contemporary, Women's Fiction and the occasional YA. So far, Cheryl refuses to follow me. Help me, readers. What should I do? Lately I've been feeling that I might have found another twin in Janga.
5. Janga
Myretta, I've noticed how similar our reading tastes are too--and our preference in heroes. :)

I don't have a reading twin, but I have several close sisters. Manda Collins and I have been raving and ranting about books together since the early days of Squawk Radio, but she reads far more romantic suspense than I do. I read a lot more women's fiction than she does. PJ and I have stopped listing the recommendations from one another that have added to our auto-buy lists, although I thank her every time I read a Meredith Duran book. My friend Irish and I are convinced our reading similarities can be explained only by some mutual ancestor in Ireland, but we do ocassionally disagree. All three are friends I met in online communities. Nearly all of my RL friends and family think reading romance fiction is aberrant behavior.
Robin Bradford
6. RobinBradford
*waves to Megan* I don't know what I would do without my twin. I have been introduced to so many great new (to me) authors, thanks to her. And what fun it is to talk about books with someone who shares many of your views! I love it.
7. kreads4fun
My mother-in-law is my reading twin. She talked me into reading my first romance 25 years ago, and we've shared thousands of books since. For the first dozen or so years, I read whatever she bought. Now, I do the shopping, or library wait lists. I've moved on to a little fantasy and a lot of mysteries (which my father-in-law and I share), but my husband's mother still reads about 60% of my choices. She introduced me to all the greats, Nora Roberts, Elizabeth Lowell, Linda Howard, Mary Balogh, Stephanie Laurens, Barbara Delinski, Jayne Ann Krentz, etc., and I introduced her to Robyn Carr, Loretta Chase, Suzanne Ennoch, Lisa Kleypas, Liz Carlyle. She doesn't do vampires or those nasty ones (you know), but she's game for anything else.
8. jkap
My reading twin is my friend Anna. If she recommends a book I buy it immediately!.. we usually agree but there was one time that we didnt. It was over a steampunk themed romance novel that i found predictable and she totally ate it up! We had a few laughs on what we agreed and disagreed on. :-)
Susan M
9. MomBlogger
So Jealous, no reading twin. :( I want one too! lol
Glad you all have someone to share your love of reading with. The genres I read are quite a variety, to find someone who likes almost all the same genres and books would be amazing! I'd love to have someone to share my opinions and swap new books/old books/ new authors and more with!
10. BrooklynShoeBabe
I don't have a reading twin, which bums me out a little bit because I get so excited over the books I read and I want to share my enthusiasm with everyone! Well, at least I have a TV twin. :-(
Toni Mac
11. NoCigar
I don't have a reading twin either. Which is a bummer because I would LOVE to have someone to talk about the books and shorts I read. Oh well. Maybe I will find my twin one day. At least I have my sisters for TV twins. (:
12. DianeN
My reading twin is an unusual one--it's my 32-year-old son. We've always loved all of the same television shows and movies, so once he was legally adult I began introducing him to some of my favorite romances as well. Unlike me, he's not much into historicals, but he likes paranormals and romantic suspense. We really bonded over Suzanne Brockmann's SEAL books, and he's still reading J.R. Ward even though I gave up on her several books ago. He's now attempting to nudge me toward George R. R. Martin, but wow, those books are long and daunting!
13. smmoe1997
I have two reading twins...One who recommends books to me and the other one is a guy at work who reads a lot of the same books and authors. He's he told me that so far I haven't steered him wrong. Although he was rather horrified when he realized I had started giving him romance novels to read (Sherrilyn Kenyon, specifically). My recommendation twin is actually a Pam as well. She runs a used bookstore near where I live and even if she doesn't have the books in stock she'll give me authors to try. She's the one who started me on Nalini Singh and several others.
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