Dec 8 2011 9:06am

Confidence is All, Science Finds

Lara Croft, Tomb RaiderYou know how you’ve always assumed you’re bad at math, or you can’t read a map, or your packing skills leave a lot to be desired? Or, worse yet, others have assumed that about you?

Might be just because you’re female. Namely, a female—who isn’t confident in her spatial skills. A new study titled “Confidence Mediates the Sex Difference in Mental Rotation Performance” published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior says that the difference between men and women in terms of completing such tasks has to do with the belief that you can actually do the tasks—confidence.

So will a mere display of confidence be what keeps you from getting hopelessly lost the next time you travel?

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1. TracyS
I wish it were only a confidence thing, but I really, truly do suck at spatial skills. LOL
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